• September 22, 2021 - The good weather brings out a great selection of critters in all sizes.

    There were twelve day-visitors arriving this morning   so the driveway gate got lots of action starting at seven in the morning. Including the overnight guests, there were a broad range of sizes to choose from, starting with the XXL size.

    There's Bronco  , Merle   and Maybelle .

    For those who are looking for the L size, you could have your choice of  Lucy G  ,

    Baxter , Nala , Charlee ,

    M'Gosh  Nikku  or Stanley    .

    I wasn't sure how to categorize these two but they did invite themselves along for the beach fun .  We asked them for their names and all we got was 

    Arf   and Arf Arf   . 

    The M size included Snickers   and his baby brother Rolo   

    and in the S size range you would have your pick from the following, 

    Finnigan  ,  Sam  , Lucy E  ,  

    Coco , and Hali .   

    As you can see, we had a very lively day of chasing, fetching and splashing and swimming in every size category. 



  • September 21, 2021 - We bid a fond farewell to Miss Perfect Toller today.

    Tuesday morning featured the full moon setting in the West while that lucky old sun was lighting up the East. We all dashed outside at seven o'clock to greet Stephanie as she arrived with Bella and Georgia was also an early arrival.  After breakfast there were more arrivals including Maggie, Hunter, Kali and Rosie and the conversation soon turned to a beach walk which had to happen before little Miss Perfection ( aka Nokia) was to be picked up. Her report about yesterday's activities was a bit pretentious and somewhat supercilious in our view and some of her words like 'grumpy old lady, gasbag, princess and uppity' cut close to the bone but we soon forgot and went back to drooling and enjoying our carefree recreation. 

    After the tide had fallen to give us more room to run, Stephanie took us to the beach and we had lots of adventures as we raced through the surf, chased a few balls and forgot all about good manners. 



    Later, we bid a fond farewell to Nokia  as Hunter showed her to the gate. We welcomed our little pal, Coco , who is going to stay a few days and is very excited to be back with her pals.  She and Rosie hit it off right away and they posed for a photo  while Georgia   and Hunter  looked on. 

    The lawn mowing crew were back today to cut the grass and whip the weeds so we relaxed in the house away from the noise and commotion until they were done and then it ws just about time for some day visitors to go home. 

  • September 20, 2021 - Tell us what you're really thinking, Nokia.

    Greetings! I'm Nokia   and apparently, since I was the last dog to arrive today, I get the dubious honour of writing the update for today's DogBlog. When I arrived this morning, there were already a noisy bunch of critters here and they wanted to sniff my bum and drool over me as soon as I came through the gate. Perhaps I should write up a directive on proper manners. This was my trial by fire and after giving many of them a steely look and planting my bum firmly on the ground, they had to make proper overtures before I would budge. 

    Some of them I knew from previous visits like Arthur, Owen, Chloe, Nikku and Hali but Chloe's  quarrelsome, old lady act hasn't changed, Nikku's    gasbag, swashbuckler approach doesn't impress me and Hali's    high and mighty , princess routine doesn't endear her to me. I would have liked to have  Arthur   and Owen  pay me some attention, but they're too uppity to talk to little ol' me. I suppose they get bored with playing the handsome hosts every day.  

    So, my pool of potential playmates included M'Gosh  , a nice enough fellow but I wish he would get his bangs  trimmed. Then there was, Charlee , a fun-loving Golden but she was much too busy with Sadie Bea  . Since they were both still youngsters, they didn't want to hang out with a more mature gal like me, so I moved on to the rest of the pack. There were two giant-size boys , Harry and Odin  , but I had to rule them out because they both slobbered a lot and I can't abide all that slime in my hair. Let's see, whose next? I had met Nala Sr  and Baxter   before, but they are both very serious and reflective, wanting to discuss Plato, who said "A dog has the soul of a philosopher." Nala Sr. thought that Diogenes said it best when he opined "Dogs and philosophers do the greatest good and get the fewest rewards." I did ask them what rewards they would like to get and they looked at me as though I were from another planet. In unison they both replied "Liver treats, of course."

    So, moving along, I introduced myself to Nala Jr.   who was very busy trying to get all of Stephanie's attention which I remarked was a futile endeavor since she had to make sure she didn't show favoritism. She told me to go soak my head and walked off in a huff. That left just one possible playmate, Gracie  , the Border Collie, and as it turned our we both had a common interest and a singular focus. Fetching  was an activity  that we both could enjoy and excel at, so I celebrated by letting down my hair and having a good roll in the sand.   

    So there's my report on the day's activities and as you can see, I managed to incorporate the enjoyment of the beach walk along with my personal observations. At the end of the day, I would have to say that in spite of their idiosyncrasies, they are an okay bunch and I think I my have to learn how to be more tolerant. I just hope they haven't taken any offence and decide to short-sheet my bed tonight. 

  • September 18 & 19, 2021 - Saturday was blazing hot, then rain at night and a cool, sunny Sunday.

    The weather this weekend was very directly the result of Tropical Depression, Odette, just offshore on its way to Newfoundland. The only direct effects for Seaforth were big swells and crashing surf on Sunday and high winds which brought us cooler temperatures. 

    Saturday, as Odette approached, we had high temperatures and humidity, so it felt like thirty degrees. It was a relief to get to the beach in the afternoon with Kelsea and her two Labs, LaVie and Ocean. 


    Because of the refreshing change in the weather, lots of jobs that had been waiting to be done, got some attention on Sunday including taking a few photos of us as we helped out.



    A quick tour around the gardens led to the shots of the bright yellow Jerusalem Artichoke towering over everything  and the high water levels in the pond have just about swamped the fountain spray but the water lilies appear to be thriving. 


    With the arrival of Odette's big surf, we didn't venture down to the beach but Mary caught a few images of the ocean spray being blown off the waves.  


    There is a big, bright moon tonight and tomorrow it will be a full Harvest Moon to accompany the collection and counting of all those votes that will result from all the fertilization and nurturing by the politician planters across this great country of ours. Let's hope we'll be satisfied when we reap what they have sown. 

    Just to get the record straight, the preceding paragraph, was not thought up and written by any of us critters. Mary may have had a hand in this. We really don't give a 'you-know-what' when it comes to the politics of our humans even when presented in such an allegorical way.  We have always followed this rule about handling most human concerns. If you can't eat it or play with it, pee on it and walk away. 


  • September 17, 2021 - Falling behind with the DogBlog, again.

    It's Sunday night and we finally stopped pointing the paws at one another and ask your pardon for not getting the DogBlog updated for Friday. Of course, with our short-term memory deficit, none of us could remember what happened on Friday so we agreed that we would put the photos on-line in the hopes it would trigger some recollections.  

    We did remember that Stephanie took the day off and Kelsea arrived back from her little vacation and took over for the day. 



    Based on the photos, it was a lovely sunny day and by the looks of the big grin on Drake's face, he was having a great time. 

  • September 16, 2021 - Bailey, the wild fur-child, arrives.

    We waited for Bailey, the sweet little Havanese puppy, to get here before we started out for the beach walk as we knew she would want to go with us. She quite the social butterfly and with a handsome Havanese guy, like Benson, waiting for her along with Marlea, Mylea and Joey, we knew she would be totally captivated by all these little ones about her size.  Boy, did  we get that wrong!   


    She raced down the hill with Bella, the St.Bernard and played with her most of the time and, she was in the water, putting on quite a show for the camera. 


    The rest of us were amazed at how wild she was, racing from one end of the beach to the other and barely stopping to say hello. At one point Bella lost sight of her and went looking under water but she was chasing a piece of seaweed down the beach.  


    All in all, it was a very entertaining beach walk and we wondered whether she would ever slow down but we soon knew that she wanted to get every minute of fun out of her  visit to the seaside. 



    While all that was going on, Arthur, Owen and Molly had picked up the scent of something that they found quite intriguing around the pond and they started to wander a bit too far so Stephanie had to call them back and leash them for the trip back to the house.  Having those three in the woods trailing something would not be a good thing for Mary and Stephanie so they received a biscuit as a consolation prise. 

    The rest of the afternoon sped by as we rested after our exertions and Stephanie was busy putting the new Power Washer together over at the barn.  That little dynamo, Bailey, was  still busy racing around with Juno and she didn't even stop long enough to say goodbye to her friends.   

  • September 15, 2021 - Where has all that gravel gone?

    The annual ritual of driveway renewal was on today's agenda and as usual Mary ponders the age old question - where does all that gravel go? Just in the last ten years alone, there have been approximately four hundred metric tons of gravel dumped on that driveway and moved around by big, noisy machines. That's about 40 tons per year, some years 30 tons, some years 50 tons. That equals about 400,000 kilograms of rocks and, today, another 32 tons were added to that. We think the gravel fairies take a lot of it away at night when we are sleeping. There's no other explanation. Here is a 16 ton pile with Juno perched on top. I ask you, what other explanation could there be? It has to the gravel fairies. 

    Stephanie took us down to the beach once the day-visitors were all here and Molly, who is staying for a few days. We enjoyed the water , the piles of kelp and the wet sand and even Stanley got brave enough to wade in up to his knees.  Way to go, Stanley! 





    Tallen was being shadowed by his feathered friends  and they were watching for us as we returned from the beach.


    Back at the house Lucy and Maybelle were keeping an eye on things, particularly the beautiful Monarch butterflies. 


    Bella, Sam and Merle posed for their portraits. 


    When it was time for the day visitors along with Bear and Rosie to go home, Mary drove them down to the bottom of the driveway to be picked up as the machines were still busy moving some of that 32 metric tons of gravel around. Stephanie had the rest of us fed by the time Mary got back and later Maybelle, Merle and Bronco were picked up. After such a busy day , we were all tired and we all fell asleep in front of the TV, with Mary,  not waking until the thunder and lightning woke us at 11:45 pm. That's when we dashed outside to get our late walk-a-bout while Mary fed the horse and made sure the McGuineas were all inside their coop. 

    As you have likely surmised, Wednesday's DogBlog had to wait until today to get written and published. So now, it's Thursday evening, we're all tired, after another busy day, but the DogBlog for today will have to wait till tomorrow. 

  • September 14, 2021 - A special Birthday today.

    A beautiful sunny day with a nip in the air this morning that soon disappeared as the sun warmed up the top of our hill. It was also a relatively quiet day with only three day-visitors , Sweet Maggie  ,  Go Girl Georgia  and Rockin Rosie.    all arriving around breakfast time. The action started early with Rosie and Georgia    as they zoomed around the yard while Maggie   watched from her favorite hideout, carefully disguised as a garden feature.

    Mary had an early dental appointment so we patiently waited for our one overnight guest, Cheerful Charlie  to get here and make us all laugh with his big goofy smile. He certainly didn't disappoint as he showed off his new hair cut and talked about how much fun he was going to have at the beach. 

    We followed Stephanie around as she took care of the morning chores paying special attention to the Poop Patrol as the lawn mowing folks would be coming later today. Finally, Mary arrived home with her new tooth installed and a new Power Washer to replace the recently deceased model. Just when we thought we would be heading to the beach, the lawn mower crew drove up, an hour earlier than expected, and today there were six of them to do the work. They spread out over the property, some with weed whackers, some with push mowers and one with the big zero-turn sixty-inch cutting deck. The only safe place for us was the house as the grass started flying in every direction and the noise from all those machines was deafening. An hour later, it was all done and they jumped in their trucks and departed  till the next visit. 

    Joe had arrived on the bus earlier and after he had finished his work, Stephanie took him home and it was now time to celebrate Stephanie's Birthday, somewhere around five or six in dog years. Here is a montage of the silly antics as Ellie, Mary and Stephanie tried to get us to pose with Birthday hats for a group photo. Fat Chance! 

    But we did want Stephanie to know that we wish her many more of these celebrations and we hope we can be here for all of them.  

    Happy Birthday, Girl ! 

  • September 13, 2021 - A touch of Autumn this morning.

    Another week gets underway here in Seaforth and this morning we are enjoying a cool and sunny environment along with our usual group of day-visitors. They all want to get down to the beach and check out the aging of the seaweed piles to determine whether they have reached the peak of stinkyness. Gracie is more interested in fetching the balls and getting photographed while the rest of us snuffle through the reduced piles of kelp and rockweed, testing the aroma. Meanwhile, the Canada Geese are practising for their upcoming migration. 



    There's always lots to do around here as we follow Stephanie and Mary around and try to help but most of the time we just get in the way. Mary trimmed some of the 'Nasty Urchins'   that had become overgrown in the garden box by the house and Karter suggested that she should cut out a maze in the patch of Jerusalem Artichoke  and see if Ellie    could find her way     through like we do. They are over six-feet tall with their cheerful yellow tops and we really get a kick out of chasing one another through the patch.    

    From there we moved on to the barn area where Mary was hauling out the power washer so she could blast some of the floor mats from the house and rid them of some dirt and other stuff. She got about half-way through this job when the smell of a burning motor became so unmistakable, that she glanced at the machine and sure enough it was spewing smoke.  After a few choice words, the poor old machine was relegated to the roadside scavenger hunt and the search began for a new machine. 

    Well, that pretty much filled the time until dinner after which we all fell asleep. These busy days sure do a good job of tiring-out us, as well as Mary. She was going to watch a TV show and it was so riveting, she was sound asleep within ten minutes.    

  • September 11 & 12, 2021 -What to do with a bunch of Green Cherry Tomatoes and Scallions.

    Saturday was a lovely day after Hurricane Larry stirred things up on Thursday and Friday but the ocean was still rough and noisy. 


    We really wanted to go for our beach walk, after missing it for two days, so Stephanie took us after our breakfast had a chance to digest. The huge piles of kelp and seaweed on the beach were the result of the heavy seas having ripped a lot of these plants from their roots and deposited them on shore. It was interesting to dig through them and see if there were any hidden treasures and some of us enjoyed a sushi snack.  





    It sure was great to get back to our beach and have some fun with our friends but after we were good and wet and somewhat tired, we returned to the house and enjoyed some rest time. 

    Mary began her latest enterprise on Saturday afternoon which involved a bag of green tomatoes given to her by her niece, Sheila.  She began looking for a recipe and she figured that, if life gives you a big supply of green Cherry Tomatoes and you have a bumper crop of scallions in your garden , why not make Chow Chow. The tomatoes were sorted and the scallions dug up and then the slicer machine was called into service to prepare the veg so they could be salted and set aside overnight. 

    Sunday was another lovely day and we had a big surprise when Stephanie arrived earlier than usual and we were treated to a beach hike before breakfast since the tide was really low and the surf had calmed down quite a bit.  There's no doubt that the kelp and seaweed volume on shore was even greater than yesterday since the high tide overnight brought in lots of additional supply. 



    According to our calculations, given that we get lots of sunshine over the next week these piles of seaweed should be good and stinky by Thursday and perfect for us to roll in. Now, there's something to look forward to as long as we can avoid being bathed by those who don't appreciate the pungent combination of wet dog and rotting seaweed.



    We sure did have a good appetite when we returned and breakfast was served after which we were happy to see our buddy, Odin, back for a short visit. He sure was happy to see all of us and he wanted to sniff everything, as well as pee on it. 

    Now, Mary had to get back to her Chow Chow, while we enjoyed lazing around on the veranda with occasional bursts of energy to show Odin that we could still be entertaining. Marlea and Mylea were summoned to the gate mid-morning so they could return home and then at noon both Briar Rose and Odin were picked up by their humans. The house was full of the aroma of vinegar and spices as the Chow Chow simmered on the stove and Mary went to the basement to get her bin of preserving stuff, like bottles, lids, canning pot, etc. Once the Chow mixture was cooked, it was bottled and then processed in a boiling water bath to seal the jars. In the end, there were  eight jars of Chow Chow one of which Mary was going to sample with her dinner and Chase, the Doodle, thought his job was to guard them. 

    Rico and Kali were both met at the gate by their humans and they returned home while Stephanie arrived back shortly after this to get our dinner ready. After we ate Stephanie took us for a long walk and we were ready for our post-prandial naps. Oh, by the way, if anyone else has lots of green tomatoes and would like Mary's recipe, I'm sure she'd be happy to share it. 

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