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Country Critter Sitters

  • November 28 & 29, 2020 - A weekend of fun and some sun

    Saturday was on and off showery drizzle but we didn't let that stop us from enjoying the arrival of Hunter, Parker and Karter who will be overnight guests and Angel, Jake and Ollie who will spend the day with us. With everyone arriving this morning, it was busy while we all got introduced and then we got to meet a new friend, Chase. He is a shiny, black Labradoodle, just seven months old and very enthusiastic about joining our pack and playing. He was not the least bit shy so we expect he'll be back soon and perhaps he will have to learn the hard way about respecting boundaries. 

    After Chase departed, we did get to enjoy a beach trip with Kelsea and lots of swimming was the activity of the day. 



    There was lots to do when we returned from the beach like hanging around outside the barn door while Kelsea was cleaning up after the horse and keeping Kelsea and Mary company while they had lunch.  Angel went home in the early afternoon , followed by Jake and the rain became a little more persistent, so we headed inside to enjoy a nap until it was time for dinner. After dinner, Ollie was beckoned to the gate where his human was waiting to take him home. He was a very tired boy! 

    Sunday, we awoke to a lovely display of sunshine and blue sky and the most important event, Kelsea's arrival, after which we had our breakfast. Stephanie showed up with a large box of dog biscuits and some floodlight bulbs and then she got the horse saddled up to go for a ride. While we were waiting for the arrival of our Chocolate Pal, Teddy, we did a thorough Poop Patrol and once Teddy was through the gate, we were rewarded with a race to the beach where we had loads of fun. Teddy was the first one in the water and she is quite a surfer gal, as she rolls into shore with each wave that breaks. 


    After we were all well-soaked, we sedately walked up the hill and before long Stephanie returned from her ride. Tallen got turned out in one of his fields and we enjoyed a rest on the sunny veranda.  In the afternoon we were very busy supervising the continuing drama of Christmas Lights On Display with the first task being trying to find the mini-lite that is not working. Fortunately, it was after testing only seven or eight bulbs, that we were able to find the bad actor and get most of the lights in the group working again. 

    Parker and Hunter were not the least bit interested in the Chirstmas Light job so they kept themselves busy trying to find their squirrel friend and playing with one of Arthur's fetch toys.     


    After the mini-light problems were straightened out, the next job was to jig around with the floodlights which turned out to be a much colder job as the wind had picked up from the North. While all this was going on, Charlie was reunited with his humans and then Hunter was also headed home and Mary and Kelsea packed up their tools and agreed to return to the Lights on a warmer day.  Caper's human arrived to pick him up and left an early and sweet Christmas gift for Mary, Stephanie and Kelsea, promsing, as well, to return with Caper real soon for another sleep-over. Parker was the last departure of the day and then we ate and settled down for our after-dinner naps.

    Stephanie, took a photo of the house lights so Mary could figure out some further adjustments but it was the full Beaver Moon that really put on a great show of light in the Eastern sky.    


  • November 27, 2020 - Welcome back Caper, a proud Labradogian.

    Hi, I'm Caper  and it's been a while since I was last here for a visit and I'm very excited to be back amongst my pals. Arthur and Owen got a good laugh out of my silly, puppy zooms as I raced in to see them as soon as I got here this morning and then raced back outside to greet LaVie , who is just as lovely as ever and she introduced me to her little sister, Ocean  who is also a fox. I had met Baxter  , a jolly fellow and Nala Sr.  , a sweetie who likes everyone, on a previous visit but Nala Jr.   and Charlie, the Golden Boy , are new acquaintances and both of them are friendly and , as a bonus, they like to play with sticks and balls. Also, new to me, were Marlea and Mylea , two sharp Russian gals, who didn't appreciate my suave and debonair act when I tried to charm them. I remember Nikku from previous visits and he's just as vocal as ever and of course, Chloe   is just as cranky as she ever was so I gave her a wide berth.

    As you can see, we headed to the beach as quickly as possible so I wouldn't deafen everyone with my vocal encouragement and it was just as much fun as I remembered. I swear, there's nothing more fun than playing in the ocean surf with a bunch of mates.  


    It did start to rain while we were at the shore, but that didn't dampen our fun and when we returned to the house, we got dried off and Mary dried my ears for me. It didn't rain for long and a nap seemed like a good idea, although I wasn't about to let Stephanie out of my sight for too long, just in case she decided to go to the beach and leave me behind.  After lunch,  there was some more Christmas light decor to work on and none of us were of much help so we pretty much amused ourselves. By the time it started to get dark, this is what the front veranda looked like,  but there's still more to be done, so sayeth Mary. I wonder if she plans to use these bright red berries  , since they do look very festive. The day-visiting gang departed as well as Nala Jr. and I waited patiently for my dinner, which surprised Stephanie, since I am usually pretty noisy. Once the dinner dishes were washed and put away, Stephanie headed home with Ellie, and I was able to lie down and have a real nap. Boy, am I exhausted!  

  • November 26, 2020 - Warm weather is back again.

    Thursday was a busy day in Seaforth as we all arrived around the same time wanting to play, play, play. Sophie, Sam and Joey raced through the gate and got busy playing little dog games while Nala and Bella were happy to see Charlie since he was more their size range. Stephanie suggested that we get down to the beach before it rained since that was what was forecast for today. We were all in favour of this idea, so off we raced to enjoy the wet sand, piles of seaweed and lots of tide pools. 




    In the afternoon, we assisted Mary and Stephanie with the job of putting up the red and green floodlights on the front veranda, eleven in total. Stephanie had to climb up and down the ladder so many times she was beat by the time the job was finished. Ellie helped out, after she got home from school, by playing with us so we wouldn't be in the way. She gave some great back scratches as well as taking us for walks and pretending she wanted to take the sticks we found which lead to some good chases. The first pick-ups were Sophie and Sam and then Joey and later Bella, so tonight we are down to just two guests, Charlie and Nikku. It is getting close to our late walk and it's raining, so Mary's going to have a hard time getting us off our beds and out the door.   


  • November 25, 2020 - No wind on Wednesday, thank goodness!

    It was a lovely still morning, in spite of the cold, and we were excited to have Harry back for the day. He didn't have to wait long before he had some company, as Oliver and Drake, came dashing through the gate and they joined Harry on a tour of inspection. The nine o'clock crowd arrived and our day got underway as Baxter, Nala, Parker and Kali joined the group and Kali discovered that it was a lot of fun to play with a five-month-old Newfoundland puppy. She hasn't had this much fun for a long time and the best part was being able to outrun him and show off just how agile she could be. Nikku watched from the sidelines until he thought it was necessary to police their games but they pretty much just ignored him.   


    Our trip to the beach was scheduled for eleven o'clock to catch the low tide so we waited patiently for Luke to arrive and then Charlie, the Golden Boy. While we waited, Stephanie and Mary made a few adjustments to the mini-lights on the sun-room windows and the time passed quickly so we were all ready to go as soon as Charlie was dropped off. We had a real horserace down the hill as soon as Stephanie opened the gate and right at the front of the pack, leading the way was Luke. The beach was a wide-open playground for us to race around on and the water was hard to resist, so Harry and Charlie dove right in. 


    Baxter and Nala found a big pile of kelp and claimed it as their own.   




    Eventually, we had used up all our excess energy so we returned to the house and hung around outside the barn while Stephanie cleaned up after the horse. The sunroom was warm so we gladly curled up to have a rest while lunch was served and the afternoon was spent relaxing and playing and following Stephanie around, in case she wanted to take more pictures of us. The departures of the day-visitors started at four o'clock and after they were gone, we had dinner and wanted nothing more than to settle down for our evening naps.

  • November 24, 2020 - Reminder that winter is on the way.

    When we woke up this morning the wind was blowing hard from the North and it was bitter cold. There was even a couple of snow squalls that kicked up before breakfast and Mary had to bundle up to walk to the gate to welcome Georgia and Sadie Bea, who will spend her first full day with us. Stephanie arrived soon with Bella and there was lots of sniffing and running around to keep warm while breakfast was prepared. Nine o'clock brought Odin, Ollie and Benny and Stephanie bundled up to take the gang down to the beach because they were all acting like fools with the wind adding to the frenzy. 

    Sadie Bea stayed at the house with Mary along with Rusty but for different reasons. Sadie Bea is still a little nervous and needs to be a little more comfortable with our company and Rusty is just lazy. Quiver was dropped off to spend the day with us and he seems to mind the cold, not wanting to stay outside but preferring to be inside on his favorite dog bed. 

    Those that were at the beach had lots of fun and most of them even went in for a swim, in spite of the cold, but that long stem of seaweed proved to be a valuable trophy, coveted by Bella and Georgia. 



    Once everyone was back at the house and warming up in  the sunroom, Stephanie made a trip into the city to get some groceries and we hung out with Mary. The sun, when it was shining helped to warm things up and Mary opened the door on the east side of the sunroom so we could go outside and play when we wanted some distraction. Later, after Stephanie returned, she took us for another long walk and got some photos of Sadie learning how to play with all her new friends. 



    Mid-afternoon found us saying goodbye to Packer, Benny, Lucy and Rusty and them more playtime and a Poop Patrol before we had to send Ollie, Odin and Sadie Bea on their way. It kept getting colder and windier, so we were happy to head back into the house and wait for dinner and after we ate Georgia, Bella and Quiver went home with their humans. None of us are looking forward to taking that late walk in the cold but Mary will chase us outside before letting us go to bed for the night.  

  • November 23, 2020 - Thunder storm tonight.

    9:40 pm - I was just going to start the DogBlog when a thunder and lightning storm popped up over the water and now the dogs are getting very restless. By the looks of the radar map,  this might go on for a while so I'll just switch off this device and wait for a bit. 

    11:20 pm - Still raining hard and we just got in from our walk so we are all wet. The radar shows another band of thunder storms headed our way so I will just show you some photos from today's beach trip and other outdoor activity in the battering winds. 




    Karter went home today and Packer arrived for an overnight stay while Gracie and Stanley were picked up after dinner. 


  • November 21-22, 2020 - Heart's Ease, Christmas Lights and Banana Jam.

    Saturday was a summer day in late November as the temperature soared to eighteen degrees and the sun was out all day heating everything including these Johnny Jump-Ups, or Heart's Ease as they are sometimes called.    They refuse to quit this year. Goodness knows, the human hearts could use a little ease, so we say stick around as long as you want. 

    Parker, Karter and Gracie and Stanley all arrived in the morning and Kelsea raced them down to the beach early so they could get back to meet another new friend, Sadie Bea.



    Their return from the beach coincided with Sadie Bea's arrival and she was very excited to meet everyone. She has come to live in the house that Lola C used to live in and she is a fun-filled gal with a soft, shiny black coat. She wants to come and play with us so we will begin seeing her on a regular basis soon. 

    After Sadie departed, there was more Christmas lights to be hung on the house and lots of time had to be spent finding the little bulbs that were burnt out and in need of replacement. We watched as Mary and Kelsea made numerous trips to the basement or the barn in search of extension cords and other needed paraphernalia to get the job finished. While all this was going on, we had to say goodbye to Murphy, Hubble and then Tali and finally they called a halt to the decorating so we could have our dinner. Now the south end of the house is displaying six nets of mini lights, each with one hundred bulbs so the work continues to bring some Christmas cheer to Seaforth. 

    After spending the day outside and, all the trips back and forth looking for tools and other stuff, we were very tired and so was Mary so the evening passed without a lot of activity. When it was time to take our late walk, the moon was bright in the Western sky and the temperature had begun to fall so, it's a good bet that our summer-like weather will have disappeared by morning. 

    Sunday dawned sunny and there was a frost overnight but that didn't deter us from dashing outside and checking out all the smells that were left behind by the night-time visitors. Both Kelsea and Stephanie arrived and after we had breakfast , we watched Stephanie ride Tallen down to the beach so he could get some exercise on the sandy expanse of beach. Kelsea spent most of the morning doing some house-cleaning while Mary making a prosthetic leg for the computer desk. For years, the desk has been sagging in the middle so finally Mary was inspired to add a supporting leg to fix this annoying feature. 

    After lunch, Mary and Kelsea, satisfied another itch by cooking some Banana Jam. Last week they did some investigation and found some recipes for this jam so, Kelsea brought the bananas and they set out to try their hand at this new recipe. It was just a small batch, four bottles, and it will be interesting to see if there's a reason this jam has never caught on.

    Once the Jam was done, we accompanied Kelsea to the beach once more but little Stanley wasn't keen on that long walk so he waited until his girlfriends, LaVie and Ocean, got back and then posed for some photos wearing his dashing blue necktie. 

    There were a few last-minute tweaks to the six-hundred light display, then Parker was picked up and we had our dinner. Mary took a quick drive down the road so she could see how the lights looked before coming back and turning them off, for now. She is determined to not do the full evening display until the first of December so goodness knows what she has in store for the coming week. 

  • November 20, 2020 - Meet Jasmine, our new gal pal from Texas.

    This is Jasmine  , a very playful and fast moving, gal from Texas. She came by this morning with her human to see if she would be happy playing with us. Based on the three hours she was here, we all agreed that she had no trouble fitting in and will be a great asset.


    Before Jasmine dropped by, the regular Friday crowd checked in for a day of fun including Ollie, Quiver, Baxter, Nala, Marlea, Mylea, Luke and Joey. Two overnight guests also hopped out of their vehicles at the gate, Hubble and Tali and it was agreed that a trip to the beach might be a good idea for burning off some excess energy. So, they went with Stephanie to check out the shoreline and try to outrun one another. 



    There was even a competition to see who could hold the best portrait pose for Stephanie. You can be the judge but I expect it will be a draw with each one getting at least one vote.  




    We spent the afternoon relaxing and even taking a few naps and then some of us had the fun of a second trip to the beach. By the time four o'clock rolled round, we were a very tired bunch of critters and happy to rejoin our humans and head home for dinner. It was fun to have Tali and Hubble staying overnight and everyone is looking forward to tomorrow when we will get to see more old friends and meet another new one from Northern Manitoba. 

  • November 19, 2020 - Bigs and Littles having fun.

    Today was a wild and crazy time with two distinct packs, the Littles and the Bigs. 

    The Bigs started off the day with Nikku, Bella, the St. Bernard, and she was joined by Clover, Oliver, Drake and Nala Jr. 



    The Littles outnumbered the Bigs and they included Kali, Benson, Sophie, Sam, Jake, Job and Murphy. Murphy was much too busy racing around with his pals and trying to impress Sophie to give a thought to his career as a blogger.  



    Sophie and her brother Sam were dropped off, both wearing their football jerseys and, once everyone was introduced, the playing began which was a lot of fun to watch. Stephanie took a bunch down to the beach where they enjoyed the fetching and the swimming while Mary enjoyed playing with the rest in the North field.  



    The beach goers arrived back at the house wet and tired and because the temperature was getting close to freezing, they all came into the sunroom and let the solar heat warm them up. After lunch, Stephanie departed to pick up her daughter Ellie and drive her into the city so she could have a sleep-over with her cousins since they don't have any school tomorrow. Sophie and Sam were the first departures of the day, followed by the pick-up of Jake by his humans so the three Havanese boys hung out together and there was a lot of good-natured jesting, with a liberal number of Spanish phrases being tossed around. 

    bolsa de pulgas ............... ladrano tonto .................. perrito faldero

    As the afternoon wound down, the remaining day-visitors as well as Job were picked up and dinner was served. Tonight, the only two guests remaining are Murphy and Nikku and we are all dog tired after a busy day.  We had better get to bed early since there is another busy day tomorrow. 

  • November 18, 2020 - Murphy just won't quit and some Spanish phrases are being tossed around. .

    Hi! It's me, Murphy  back on the job for the second day in a row . I got so many compliments on the DogBlog post I did yesterday, I thought I would share my talent with all of you again today. 

    I had a real surprise at seven-thirty this morning when my buddy Job  , another Havanese, was dropped off for a two day stay. He's like a Mini-Me with a whole lot of attitude and the neatest buzz cut. I wish I could get my hair cut like his and look cool like he does in that slick vest. But most of all, I wish I could be as gutsy and assured as he is. He stands up to all of the bigger dogs as soon as he meets them and lets them know he's not going to be intimidated.  Mary says he reminds her of some tough guy movie actor named James Cagney. 


    So, the daily routine was pretty much the same as yesterday. After we had our breakfast, Baxter and Nala and Hunter and Parker arrived to spend the day and we all followed Stephanie around while she did the Poop Patrol and took our photos.


    About mid-morning another one of my buddies, Jake  , was driven up to the gate so he could spend a couple of days here as well. I introduced Job to him and the three of us went on an adventure checking out all the hotspots and pee-mail. 

    Mary and Stephanie had some work to do in the barn, making it ready for the winter weather, so we all waited patiently (not) outside the door hoping that a beach walk would soon be organized.  We got our wish after lunch and there was a great deal of excitement as we all dashed down the hill but I was very disappointed when Job turned tail and ran back to the house. I enjoyed myself with Jake whose enthusiasm more than made up for Job's defection, and we played chase and sniffed in the big piles of kelp but, all the while, I was wondering why Job didn't want to join in the fun. 


    When we returned to the house, Job was comfortably ensconced on one of the more comfortable dog beds and he said he didn't feel like making that long trip back and forth to the beach, getting his feet wet and sand between his toes. Oh well, he's a guy who knows his own mind so I wasn't about to try to talk him round. The four-o'clock bell sounded and we said good-bye to Baxter and Nala as well as Parker before having dinner with Hunter, who was picked up a little later. 

    Tonight, I am very tired and I think these busy days and all this DogBlog responsibility is beginning to catch up with me. I'm looking forward to seeing little Sophie tomorrow and I know she will enjoy playing with Job, Jake and me and now I've just learned that we will have Benson, another Havanese, joining us for the day. Just imagine three casanovas from Havana trying to impress that little Shih Tzu gal. 

    Santo Dios, las malas palabras en español volarán por aquí mañana.

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