• January 28, 2023 - some old friends drop by for the day.

    It was a lovely day, with lots of sunshine and our friends Job and Millie were dropped off to spend the day with us. Job   was grinning from ear to ear when he came through the gate looking very sporty in his fleece-lined denim jacket  and Millie   couldn't stop running and howling her delight in being back. 

    The excitement reached a fever pitch when everyone found out we were going down to the beach and once there, Millie was ready to play with everyone.  Job, on the other hand, was content to reach the beach and then he turned around and went back to the house   and Mary met him at the gate having just taken Pepper  , the Pointer, from her human in the driveway. She's another one with an extensive wardrobe and today she was decked out in her faux leopard skin and ruby-red ensemble with the cowl-neck. Very chic!    

    The rest of us enjoyed our beach time and because there were only six of us, we had to whoop it up even more than usual. It's not very often that Stephanie has so few critters to keep track of and she found she was always checking and counting to be sure no one was missing.  


    When we get back to the house, we give Pepper a big welcome and take her into the East Pasture to race around   but we don't have any hope of catching that one, she can outrun all of us.  A neighbour puppy, Ellie  , comes by to meet us and she is just a sweetie with a very big fur coat. She and Millie hit it off right away, both of them being Labradoodles    and they wrestle with one another, taking a break only to get a drink of water. 

    Another one of our old friends, Briar is dropped off for an overnight visit and she finds it strange that this Woolly Bear Caterpillar is out for a walk in January. 




  • January 27, 2023 - Taking photos of lots of happy faces is a great way to pass the time.

    After yesterday's soaking, it was a real treat to have the sun shining this morning particularly since there was still a big wave show and the early morning sun was backlighting the surf and creating a beautiful display. 

    We had a large group of day visitors today and this included a contingent of Brittany Spaniels, starting with Hunter who was joined by the Grimes Gang. 


    A little later, when Porter, the Springer Spaniel, arrived we thought he would want to join up with the Brittany bunch but instead Chloe got him hooked on the McGuinea Family and they spent a lot of time watching those birds and their every move.



    Here is a group photo of most of the beach walking bunch enjoying the sun and surf. Not everyone was watching the birdy but a nice photo, none the less. 


    We had lots of time to explore the beach and see what the big waves had left behind while Stephanie kept snapping more photos.  





  • January 26, 2023 - Another major rain and wind storm keeps us confined.

    Only four of our regular Thursday guests braved the bad weather and six stayed home and Tali did  join the pack for an overnight stay but when she saw the wild surf she knew there would be no beach walk today. The winds were over one hundred km/h and at times it looked like some trees might topple but they remained standing to fight another day.

    We followed Stephanie into the basement of the house and watched while she tried to bring some order to the chaos but there were some brief excursions outside into the drenching rain.  

    Here some photos and you can see that Henry   was not a happy camper getting drenched every time he stepped outside. The pouring rain cut down on the visibility and the huge surf pounded the shore.  


    Some of us tried to pretend we were enjoying the bad weather but we were not very convincing. 


    Just as it was getting near time for the day guests to go home the rain lost some of its intensity and the winds began to subside and now, we'll just have to hope that tomorrow the sun will shine. 




  • January 25, 2023 - Another busy day with lots of sunshine and a beach walk.

    We were all thrilled to finally be back at the beach after a week of bad weather kept us from enjoying our favorite pastime. 

    There were thirteen day-visitors with us as well as Tilly who is going to be here for a couple of nights. 

    We didn't have to wait too long and, as soon as Joey and Tilley got here, we were off racing down the hill like the devil was after us. There was lots to explore and the surf was still high so a couple of waves caught us off guard and Stephanie had to move fast to keep from getting her boots swamped. 





    After returning to the house, we continued our explorations in the East pasture which sees a lot of wildlife traffic when we're not around . The deer, pheasants, rabbits and lots of smaller critters leave their sent trails everywhere. When we get bored with our big game hunting, we like to perch on the picnic table over by the cabana and watch the world go by while we hope the McGuinea family will stop by for a chat.






  • January 24, 2023 - Lots of day-visitors arrived today and enjoyed the sunshine.

    After all that rain yesterday, we kind of overslept and Mary had to jump out of bed when she saw the time and knew she only had five minutes to get dressed and get out to the gate to meet Henry   who is never late. None of us had ever seen her move that fast before so we all hustled outside to see what all the excitement was about. We gave Henry a noisy welcome and then wished that we had just stayed in bed. 

    There were two more day-visitors arriving just after Henry, Griffin and Swanson, and then our two buddies, Charlie  and Luna   arrived for a four-day visit.  As nine o'clock approached, we began to see that this was going to be a golden day in more ways than one. We counted them as they arrived and seven more Golden Retrievers came through the gate within a space of a few minutes so when you added Griffin and Rosie, they the total Goldens on hand was nine.  They started running and chasing right away and we had a hard time figuring out who was who so we're not even going to try and label the photos with names.

    In the photos below you will find, Griffin, Rosie W, Baxter, Nala Sr., Levi, Sage, Rosie H, Gemma and Nala Jr.







    Joining them in their fun and games were Millie, the Pointer, Molly, the Duck Toller,  Bailey, the Aussie-Doodle,  Ciocia, the Lab and Nikku, the Sheriff Dog of Seaforth. 



    Mary and Stephanie concluded that it might be best to just let the youngsters run off some steam together in the back field and that's exactly what they did although they still seemed to have lots of zing when it came time to move to the cabana. 

    The overnight freeze-up made it pretty slippery underfoot on the hill and, combined with the unusually high tide and big surf, there wasn't going to be any beach walk today so there were lots of walks in the big fields instead.  


    At the end of the day, everyone agreed that they had loads of good sport and the day-visitors departed so we could have our dinner. 

  • January 23, 2023 - Oh Darn ! Our snow has gone !

    Yesterday                                                         Today 


    What a soaking we endured today, with pouring rain and the temperature just above freezing this morning. Stephanie's car wouldn't start so Mary went down to pick she and Ellie up so they wouldn't get soaked walking to work. 

    Knowing that it wouldn't stop all day, most of the day visiting dogs were contacted and given the option of staying home, so, in the end it was Oliver, Drake and Lucy who spent the day with us. Nikku arrived for his three-week stint as Sheriff of Seaforth and Karter went home. 




    Mary had to make a trip into the city so the vet clinic could check out little Robbie as he wasn't feeling the best and in the end he had to stay overnight for observation. Hopefully, he'll feel better tomorrow and be able to rejoin us although I expect he'll miss all our beautiful snow. We all agreed how odd it was that running around in the wet snow is heaps more fun than running around in the rain. In fact, running around in the rain is no fun at all. 

  • January 21, 2023 and January 22, 2023 - It looked a lot scarier in the dark of night.

    Saturday dawned bright and sunny and we were all keen to race outside and see if it was still there. Well, this is what had some of us so noisy last night in the middle of the big snowstorm. It was a giant size ball of snow and  we found out that Ellie had made it just before she went home last night. We're not sure if she intended it to be the start of a snowman but we still haven't figured out how she managed to roll it all by herself. Anni    posed in front of it just to demonstrate how big it was and she admitted that it was a lot less scary in the full light of day and Ciocia kept saying that it must have shrunk overnight, because it looked a lot more menacing last night. 

    It was mostly sunny all day and there was a lot of shoveling that needed doing. Stephanie's husband, Christopher, was kind enough to volunteer for the job so he worked on the snow clearing while Mary readied a hot lunch meal. His favorite was meat loaf so that was warmed up and accompanied by mashed potatoes, turnip and carrots. In the afternoon we played and ran through the deep snow till we were all worn out. 




    While it may be an inconvenience and makes extra work, it is beautiful to look at and a relief from all the fog, rain and mud. 

    Sunday was a sunny day but a little colder than yesterday and Harry arrived early so his family could do the hockey thing and he could stay with us for the day. 

    He was also surprised by the big snowball   but he said he wouldn't have been afraid of it, even in the dark. That's easy for him to say since he's the only one that could see over the top of it. Charlee got picked up by her humans just after breakfast and we'll miss that silly Golden Girl. 

    It was a quiet day otherwise so Stephanie headed home after breakfast so she could decorate Ellie's Birthday cake for her family Birthday party. It had been postponed from last Sunday due to the freezing rain storm so all of her kin will be there this afternoon. There was lots of racing in the snow and even a simple walk could turn into a wild case of the zooms and our big snowball started to shrink as the sun beat down on it all day. 

    After dinner Harry's humans came to pick him up and now there are just seven of us and we're all kind of worn out from all our snow play so naps seem like  good idea while Mary falls asleep in front of the TV.    



  • January 20, 2023 - First snow of the winter and it's a beauty.

    It started to snow right on cue at eight o'clock in the morning and the school boards cancelled classes in anticipation of a major snowfall. Ellie got to stay home with us for the day which made for lots of snow fun. Mary and Stephanie are okay for the day-to-day fun but Ellie is our go-to-gal when it's a whole day of snow. 

    Here's a collection of photos so you can see what we did throughout the day. 





    As you can see, it was very sticky snow and Robbie   always came in loaded down with a big collection of snowballs. This was how he looked early in the day and as  the snow got deeper, the balls got bigger and more numerous. Regardless, he had a grand time outside and Beinn   had no trouble keeping up with his own snowball collection.

    Our biggest adventure came when we took our late walk around eleven o'clock. The advance party, which included Rosie, Anni, Molly and Ciocia went out into the heavy snowfall where the visibility was only few feet in front of their noses. Suddenly, they all started barking quite fiercely but Mary couldn't see what they were so upset about. She hoped that it wasn't a porcupine or some other animal that was confused by all the snow so she kept the rest of us inside until the barking had subsided. When we did all venture out Mary saw what had started the big fuss but she only figured out what it was when she got up close. Don't forget to check out the next DogBlog if you want to know what had all of us so excited.  

  • January 19, 2023 - Getting ready for a big snow storm that's arriving tomorrow.

    With the predicted snow storm on its way, there are some things that need to be done today so Mary heads into the city to return Hali   to her family. She gets dropped off at the grooming place for a bath and trim and then Mary heads to downtown Halifax to pick up Robbie  and Beinn  . Just two other errands and they were back here before one o'clock. 

    It was busy around here while we waited for Mary to get back as the person who cleans the house was back to do more vacuum and floor washing tasks and the neighbour with the cattle and sheep, came to take three truckloads of old hay from the barn. We kept busy with our games and Lulu  had loads of fun playing with her new friends and exploring all of the corners of the yards and fields. 




    There were several snow-squalls throughout the afternoon, almost like a forerunner for what we might see tomorrow but it didn't stick to the ground. The day-visiting dogs were picked up and things settled down into a dull roar 


  • January 18, 2023 - We saw the sun today and it was good.

    It was a hopping-busy place today with fourteen day-visitors arriving between seven am. and ten am. and everyone excited because there was sunshine. As soon as the last arrival, Luke, got here, Stephanie got us organized for the beach and the excitement was palpable or maybe it was just Stanley's PSA  that made our ears ring. 

    Soon we were racing down the muddy path to enjoy our time exploring the beach and getting wet and sandy. 





    After our return to the house, we settled down for a good rest and to get dry and, while we were relaxing, our Golden Gal Rosie arrived to spend a week and she was very excited to be back with all her friends. We let her run around in the front yard while we watched from the sunroom until she started to run out of steam so she came in to get a good drink of water and we followed her outside to play to play. 

    Later, another Gal Pal, Ciocia (that's Polish for Auntie), was dropped off for a week of vacation and she had loads of fun racing around with Rosie and Charlee.  The rest of the afternoon sped by , interrupted only by the arrival of cars at the gate to pick up critters that were not going to be spending the night with us. Once all of them were gone, we had a lovely dinner and Ellie arrived to play with Nala Jr. in the North field until it started to get dark and we all settled down for a good rest. 

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