• December 4, 2021 and December 5, 2021 - Was it a late Summer or early Winter weekend?

    It's late on Sunday night and we're feeling kind of lazy so photos will have to tell the tale for this weekend. 

    Saturday at the beach with Kelsea enjoying the sun and surf. 



    Maya and her little sidekick, Bailey, who also enjoyed a romp with Tilley. 


    Sunday morning was a Winter scene and the snow was exciting for Bailey but a 'been there, done that'  reaction for Nikku and Baxter. 


    The McGuinea family were not happy about the white stuff but they gave in eventually so they could follow Tallen around. 


    As the day progressed, the snow started to disappear  but it really liked sticking to Bailey. 



    The beautiful skies are a daily event, ever-changing .  



  • December 3, 2021 - A sunny day after a week of rain but that didn't stop a few showers from falling.

    Our usual roster of Friday day-visitors started arriving shortly after seven in the morning and our great friend  Hercules,  , arrived later to spend ten days with us. Hercules will celebrate his twelfth birthday this month and he's still the jolly guy he's always been but he does get tired more readily these days. He loves to be outside, lying on the grass or the veranda and watching all the action but a good ear-scratch is one of his favorite things. Later, the two Charleys were dropped off. Charlee T, who runs like the wind, loves to play with Swanson and go to the beach and Charlie Macn, who also loves the beach trips and being Mary's Mush Puppy. 

    The three family members, Obi , Opal  and Oak   were a good part of the morning's entertainment as they flew around checking out everything but not stopping long enough to even say hello to their fellow guests.  At one point, Opal spotted the McGuinea  family and this was one bunch of critters that she wanted to get closer to but the fence got in her way. Usually, the McGuinea family are the noisiest bunch when they're on the move, but Opal out-howled them with gusto. 

    There was a beach trip for some of guests that can be trusted not to run off and that was full of all the usual games and fun. 



    Kelsea brought her three Black Labs with her today and they agreed to pose for a photo with Lucy R and Swanson. 

    Here, from left to right,  are LaVie,  Ocean, Maple, Lucy R and Swanson. 


    The late afternoon was winding down and Mary was preparing the ingredients for a Chicken Penne Casserole while we waited from some of the humans to pick up their critters. The recipe called for boneless, skinless Chicken Thighs but all she had were thighs with bones and skin so she started taking the bones out and removing the skin and chopping the meat up for the casserole. Everything was proceeding as planned until the driveway alarm sounded and Mary made a ten second trip to look out the front door and see who was here. 

    I guess you know where this is going, Arthur took full advantage of that ten second lapse and he moved in to snatch all of the cut-up chicken thighs off the plate and return to his bed, where he was the picture of innosence. So, bottom line, no Chicken Penne Casserole tonight . Without thinking about it for too long, Mary hopped in the car and drove half an hour to her favorite Pizza joint with her pizza pan and arrived home with her medium pizza, works and extra cheese ready to be cooked in her oven. After dinner, the extra crusts were placed in Owen's breakfast dish while Arthur watched, no doubt wondering which he would have enjoyed more, the chicken thighs or the pizza crusts and not able to see the direct link between his theft and the pizza's appearance. Owen, on the other hand, could see that his reward was the linear result of Arthur's thievery and he intended to enjoy every crust.  


  • December 2, 2021 - A busy date with lots of friends and it's a palindrome and ambigram.

    Today's date  is unusual in that it is a palindrome and ambigram. This means it can be read from left to right, right to left, and upside down. Neat, eh! 

    May be an image of text

    It became obvious very early today that we had to divide up into smaller groups so that Kelsea, Stephanie and Mary could more readily manage us. Our collective energy level was explosive and none of us were listening real well when we were being given directions. When this happens, the best thing is to divide us up, resulting in three groups - Big Ones, Little Ones and The Mavericks. 

    Big Ones included, 

    Bella and Harry   

    Nala and Remy 

    Oliver and Drake 

    and Nikku .

    They were the first group to be escorted down to the beach so they could let off some steam on the newly rearranged landscape. The Canadian Navy kept a patrol vessel just off shore in case Kelsea needed help after hearing rumours of a possible mutiny and some Big Ones going AWOL.  


    While they were gone, Stephanie kept the Little Ones busy and invited The Mavericks to join in, which they did, up to a point. The Little Ones included 


    Molly, Joey and Tali   

    Jake and Bailey 

    Mylea, Marlea and Benson 

    The Mavericks -  Juno, Marley and Maya  

    After lunch, the Littles Ones were excited at the prospect of getting to the beach without any Big Ones there to try and boss them around and hog the balls. The Mavericks refused to conform and they stayed put but that was no big surprise. Free spirits, that's them. There was one late arrival, Chase  , who likely would have ended up with the Big Ones if he had been here in the morning but, he really wanted to go to the beach so he had to pretend to be a Little One. He tried to hog the ball but he gave into peer pressure in order to play the part of a Little One with some conviction. 



    As you can see, the key to keeping control and not letting things 'go to the dogs'  is rigorous supervision and lots of dog biscuits. At the end of the day, all critters were dog-tired and ready to snooze.  

  • December 1, 2021 - A little snow looks festive and a BIG birthday party for ODIN,

    When we awoke this morning, everything was white with a dusting of snow and we all dashed outside like we had never seen snow before. As the day-visitors began to arrive, they joined in the fun  and Sophie had to show off her Christmas sweater to Maya.  


    The BIG reason for festivities today was Odin's Birthday and he really appreciated the chance to party with so many of his good friends.


    Later, the party moved to the beach where we had a wonderful time inspecting all of the sand hills that the Big Yellow Digger made yesterday.  In addition to the tall hills of sand, there is a big sand flat stretching out to the ocean and we enjoyed racing on that, as well. 



    As the day warmed up, the sun came out and all the snow disappeared while we wandered around and had our pictures taken until it was time to go home.   





  • November 30, 2021 - Our race with the Big Yellow Digger.

    Top priority for Tuesday was to get down to the beach after missing it for a few days because of the weather and rough seas. So, when Kelsea spied the Big Yellow Digger being unloaded down at the Community Hall, she came running in to tell Mary. This machine comes to our beach several times a year when the water level in the pond gets so high that it threatens to flood the road in Grand Desert and with all the heavy rains we've had recently, it was due to appear. 

    When the Big Yellow Digger comes, it usually is on the beach the whole day which puts the kibosh on any chance of our being there. Mary and Kelsea don't think the guy who drives the Big Yellow Digger would be watching out for us while he is at work. His job is to dig a channel from the pond across the beach to the ocean so the pond can drain and lower the water level. Effectively, he will divide the beach in half and create a channel about twenty-feet wide with fast running water. 


    We coordinated our efforts with Mary's monitoring of the Big Yellow Digger's drive, from the  highway and along the barrier beach. We were able to get underway, once Molly arrived, and race down the hill to get to the beach before the machine and enjoy all of our usual activities while Mary gave us updates on the machine's progress on the phone. The machine took longer than expected to reach its destination because the barrier beach had suffered quite a lot of erosion, from the recent storms and the big surf, so it had to stop and rebuild some of the low spots along the way. 

    Meanwhile we were having loads of fun racing and splashing and digging in the wet sand. 



    Eventually, Kelsea spotted the machine bearing down on us and she gathered us together for the trip back to the house but we felt like we had won the race and we returned with tales of our close call with the Big Yellow Digger.


  • November 27, November 28 and November 29, 2021- Sorry to fall so far behind with the DogBlog..

    Saturday was a busy day here with lots of critters coming and going so we spent lots of time sniffing bums and being properly introduced. In the morning we met a new Golden Girl by the name of Pearl and she will be staying with us in December. A few hours later we got introduced to another Golden, this time a boy called George  but he's much too busy to sit still and write a DogBlog so we'll just move on and talk about how much fun it was to play and run and find great sticks. The wind on the top of this hill can be wicked and today was no exception although some of the occasional showers presented good rainbow opportunities. 




    The surf was much too rough and the tide too high for us to get to the beach today but we had lots of fun with our new buddy, George. 

    Sunday was another sunny day but still very windy and the surf continued to be quite rough. Baxter and Nala arrived to spend the day followed by our Chocolate Lab friend, Rooney, who is going to spend the night. Rooney and Stella, being two followers of the Labradogian Doctrine, hit it off right away and became good friends.    Stephanie , her husband Christopher and daughter Ellie dropped by to help with some of the chores and Stephanie took the time to get some great photos.




    At noon, Kali was picked  up by her human and another car drove up to drop off Maya, who  is going to spend a week and a half with us. Maya is one of our senior guests who has been coming here to stay since May, 2009. She is going to celebrate her fourteenth birthday in December so we're hoping we can have a birthday celebration for her before she returns home.

    Later in the afternoon, our numbers were reduced by the departure of Stella, George, Parker, Baxter, Nala and Lucy  so that at bedtime there were only  five overnight guests remaining and no-one wanted to stay up late to do the DogBlog. We all swore that we would get up early on Monday morning and collaborate on it. 

    Well, it's now Monday night and we're all sound asleep and Mary is doing her level best to get this report up to date. 

    The sunrise this morning was intensely colourful, according to Mary, who was out back, taking pictures of it, before the rest of us were even out of bed. 

    Kelsea arrived and she worked all day to keep us busy which was not easy given the weather. Can you guess what it was like here all day after looking at this photo of Remy?


    If you said raining, that would be an understatement. 

    We still managed to do some fun stuff but getting soaked repeatedly soon became pretty tiresome so we would come inside and had long naps. 



    Guess what Mary and Kelsea did for excitement while we were napping? They cleaned the fridge,  did some maintenance on the de-humidifier and changed the water filter on the south well.  Real glamorous jobs, eh? 

  • November 26, 2021 - STELL-AH, where's the laptop?

    Well, here it is Saturday afternoon and the DogBlog for Friday is just getting updated. Remy , the Keeshond, was the last guy to arrive yesterday so Stella was supposed to hand over the laptop to him but she forgot because she was much too busy trying to impress the nine, new friends that arrived in the morning. In point of fact, she couldn't even remember where she left the laptop so, Remy had to go looking for it in addition to trying to gather some details about what has been going on before he arrived. He searched until dark and then resumed his efforts Saturday morning while Stella was busy making a new bunch of friends. Remy eventually found the machine stashed under the sofa and, after reviewing his notes, he was ready to record Friday's DogBlog. Here are his thoughts. 

    Stella is a lovely gal and much more sociable than me but she has many of the Labradogian  characteristics, as described by our former Blogger and Boss Dog, Cocoa, who had little patience with Labrador Retrievers.  

    Here's how Cocoa described the Labradogian behavior, back in February 2015. 

    Labradogian (comparative more Labradogian, superlative most Labradogian)

    Of or relating to the foolish, goofy and inexplicable behavior of a Labrador Retriever as evidenced by, but not limited to any or all of the following:

    • a madly wagging tail,
    • a madly wiggling rear end,
    • a long, wet, pink tongue with associated flying saliva,
    • a cold, wet nose,
    • eyes that are just about to pop out of their orbits,
    • wet, shedding fur,
    • muddy paws that can't get a grip on the floor as they skid around corners trying to be first to the food dish,
    • scarfing down their food so fast they choke on it and spit it out all over the floor,
    • stealing the food from another dog, even though there is still some left in their own dish ( or on the floor) and
    • dashing out the door, barking madly at the imagined monsters that lurk outside.

    Sound like anyone you know?  I was just thinking that I could handle one Lab in residence when I discovered that Georgia was also here for the day and, they look so much alike, I was having trouble telling them apart. 

    See if you can tell which is which? 


    These photos were taken by Kelsea down at the beach Friday morning along with the following.  While most of these critters were new acquaintances for Stella, I was happy to see many of my buddies from previous stays and they gave me a warm welcome including Lucy S, Eli and Lola and Marley who don't have their photos  here.   

    Benny and Joey                                      Baxter, Briar Rose and Swanson                             Maggie 


    Karter                                             Nala Sr.                                                  Nala Jr. 


    Well, that's all I'm going to write about for Friday and, now, I'm going to hand over the laptop to George  , who was the last to arrive today, Saturday. I explained to him that he would have to write the DogBlog report and he gave me a typical Golden Retriever grin and ran off to find a stick or a ball.  

  • November 25, 2021 - Stella spills the beans.

    Hi, my name is Stella  and I just arrived today for my first visit and if you're wondering why my ears look wonky, it's because the wind up here on top of this hill blows everything, in every direction. 

    When I first arrived, I was a little nervous and I wondered where my human had gone but, after about ten minutes, I decided that he would be coming back to get me, so I should just enjoy myself. I was introduced to a bunch of critters, most of whom had been down to the beach with Kelsea, earlier. Here are some photos that Kelsea made with her phone and as you can see the wind was just as wild down at the shore.

    Benson, the Havanese                                      Sophie, the Shih Tzu                                        Mylea and Marlea, the Russian Spaniels 


    Bella, the St Bernard and Drake, the Lab               Nala, the Golden Retriever                       Lucy R, the Doodle


    Juno, the Eurasian                                             Oliver, the Portuguese Water Dog         Lucy S, the Newfoundland 


    Lola and Eli, German Shepherds                     Karter, a Kelpie                                                  Marly, another German Shepherd 


    Quite an international group of new friends to meet on my first day, what? Makes me feel quite cosmopolitan.  Some of them wanted to play with me but others were more senior and preferred to stay inside sleeping on their beds. At four o'clock many cars started to drive up to the gate and a lot of my new friends left  to go home with their humans but I was told that there would be a whole new bunch arriving tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to that and tonight I am enjoying the company of the other overnight guests  as well as Arthur and Owen, the host dogs. I sure hope we go to bed soon cause I'm plum tuckered out. 



  • November 24, 2021 - White stuff covered the ground this morning.

     A light dusting of snow was on the ground this morning when the two of us, Eli and Lola   , went outside this morning but we've seen the first snow many times over the years so we don't get excited about it anymore. Swanson was dropped off early and after we had breakfast, the rest of the regular Wednesday crowd got here along with Lucy S  who will stay for a few days. Both Lucy R  and Rolo  showed some excitement about the cold, white stuff on the ground  but it melted very soon after they arrived so they started some games of chase with Snickers  .

    Mary went to Porters Lake with her two buddies, Mike and Joe, who no longer have a transit bus to get there, and after dropping Joe off to get his semi-annual haircut and beard trim, Mary and Mike returned to the shopping centre to do some errands. Back to pick up Joe, a stop at the doctors office to book an appointment  for Joe and then a drive to Musquodoboit Harbour so Mike would check in with his doctor. Once they were back in Porters Lake there was some grocery shopping to do before returning home. All that activity made the morning go by very fast. 

    Meanwhile, we were all busy outside watching for Mary's return while Kelsea was inside doing some house cleaning.  After lunch she took us down to the beach where the surf was still pretty riled up but we all enjoyed the brisk wind and flying spray from the waves crashing onshore. 





  • November 23, 2021 - The day after the big blow.

    Well, when we awoke for the second time, there was still no power and it was no longer blowing a gale but it was still raining. After checking the power company estimate for the outage length of time (six more hours), Mary went into the basement and cranked up the generator so she could make a cup of tea and have some running water. Kelsea arrived and got our breakfast underway and there were four cancelled day-visitors. That left just Maggie, Molly and Bella and they managed to have some fun in spite of the lousy weather. 

    Here they are in the East pasture with Kelsea since the surf at the beach was much too rough for us to venture down there. 



    The weather improved somewhat during the day as the rain ceased but the temperature took a big drop late in the afternoon and there are snow flurries forecast for tonight. After the three day-visitors and Marley went home, the place seemed empty as there were a lot of empty dog beds staring back at us. Eli and Lola kept testing them out to see which one was the most comfortable and when bedtime rolled around, they did the same thing to the beds upstairs.  

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