• September 22, 2022 and September 23, 2022 - Fiona has us in her embrace.

    It's  Friday evening and I thought I better get a DogBlog done before we lose our power. The lights have been flickering on and off for the past hour or so which is our early warning. 

    It's also raining a lot and the wind is really starting to build in intensity. We shouldn't have to worry because Mary and Stephanie put away anything that could become airborne or tied it to the house.  Nevertheless, none of us was too keen to go outside.  Millie is glued to the sofa and won't leave her spot and Lucy is in her favorite cubby hole in the mudroom. Parker and Nikku are pretending that they can't hear and Mary had decided that she will have to put on some foul-weather gear and go outside with us but we will be in the lee of the house so it shouldn't be too bad. 

    This is  a different storm because the wind is blowing from the North and these storms in the past have usually been blowing from the South or South East. Just in the sort amount of time that Mary has been keying the post for us, the wind has really started to shake the house so we will probably cut this short before the power goes out. There are seventeen of us to keep Mary company tonight and we will likely not bother going upstairs to sleep because it will be very noisy. We will sleep on the main floor or in the basement while Fiona tries to shake the house off the foundation. 

    Here's link to the satellite image of Fiona as she rages off shore and it looks like the worst of her wrath might be going to just stay away from Seaforth as the storm moves steadily North. We're going to sign off now before the power goes out and we'll see what the next few hours brings us. 

    Hurricane Fiona September 23 2022 at 10 pm AST

  • September 21, 2022 - Another day of waiting for Fiona to get here.

    Our regular Wednesday crowd of day visitors arrived without fail along with Stella  . From the sounds of it, there are some guests that won't be coming on Friday or Saturday because of the approaching storm so the schedule has a lot of changes but we will just do what we enjoy with whatever friends are here. 

    Of course, if the weather is too nasty, there won't be a beach hike so we'll take advantage of the good weather while we can.  Here's today's photo shoot amidst the piles of seaweed, kelp, etc. that is left behind on the beach by the big waves. Just like a big seafood buffet. 




    Later, back at the house, we had our first play session with the new Bulldog Gal, Felon (or Melon, as Mary calls her). She was in a playful mood and enjoyed a game of chase with Stella, Tommy, Gulliver, Rupert and Rolo in the yard. 


    There was still some work to do to secure items before the storm hits so there will be less damage from flying objects so we'll have to get busy and make sure the generator battery is fully charged. Stephanie is making sure that all of the gas cans are full so we will be able to have power. 

    Here is the comparision of the track of Fiona Wednesday night as compared to Thursday night. It would appear that we are her target and she doesn't plan to change course. 






  • September 20, 2022 - We finally get a rainy day and we begin the wait for Fiona.

    It's Tuesday, it's raining, and the local weather forecasters are having a grand time trying to outdo one another in their Hurricane Fiona predictions for Nova Scotia. So, there are some preparations that can be done like putting away any things that might get blown away or knocked over and picking a lot of the vegetables before the high winds damage them. All of this just goes on without our worrying about it and we are much too busy welcoming our Tuesday regular day visiting friends along with Millie     and Lucy    who will stay for a week or more. It was Nikku's regular return for his three-week shift as the Sheriff of Seaforth and we all promised him we would be on our best behavior. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more! 

    We did have a few perplexing moments due to a radical hair cut. Last week our Tuesday regular, Bailey, was here and the photo on the left was taken at the beach. The photo on the right shows what Bailey looked like today after her recent grooming appointment. You can't blame us for not recognizing her at first. 


    We enjoyed exploring even if it was raining and there were lots of tasty pieces of kelp to use as a  prized possession, coveted by our fellow guests. 


    Roxy, who arrived last evening, chummed around with Bella and checked out every bit of the beach while Molly kept buzzing around looking for a game of chase.  


    After we got thoroughly soaked, Stephanie took us back to the cabana where she did her best to dry us off before we settled down for a good nap.  Mary had gone to Porters Lake for an appointment and  the House Cleaning lady was busy cleaning up after us so we stayed clear of the house until she has it done and dusted. The rain stopped and it was a lovely evening to enjoy the colourful sunset before we took our late walk and then retired for the day. 

    Fiona's Track as of  9pm AST Wednesday  September 21st 

  • September 19, 2022 - Monday and the gangs all here.

    A busy Monday with the day-visiting regulars arriving and they joined the thirteen overnight guest. Both groups wanted to get to the beach as soon as they could and the fuss was deafening but we had to wait until Joey arrived. Once he got here, there was a wild rush down the hill and the eagle reported that he saw airborne dogs on the beach. 


    The excitement continued as we raced around acting very silly and getting wet in the surf.




    Who could have foreseen that two of these snow-white Retrievers could change their image in a matter of minutes once we got back to the house.  


    Leroy and Molly wondered where those two managed to find so much dirt so Karter crawled under the Yew bushes to show them. 


    It was a a perfect way to enjoy the lovely weather before Summer officially ends on Thursday.





  • September 17, 2022 & September 18, 2022 - Another busy weekend on the road through Seaforth..

    After a two- year hiatus, the big Highway 207 yard sale got underway early Saturday morning and the road was filled with cars, driven by people looking for bargains. Kelsey managed to get here on time for our breakfast in spite of the stop and go traffic. After a thorough poop patrol, Kelsea took us to the beach   where we had a good time with her three Black Lab girls.  Back at the house, Mary re-united Archie with his human and there was a lot of squealing from both parties. 

    Benny and his friend Shadow enjoy the sand and surf.


    Later in the afternoon, our Black Lab friend, Dory, arrived for an overnight stay and she wanted a group photo with her three buddies but Kelty, Tommy and Hamish had to get into the frame. 

    It was an amusing afternoon watching the bargain hunters drive by and just hanging with our friends while Mary received regular updates from Stephanie regarding her the trip to New Brunswick to pick up a Felon.  We think that she better soon think of a new name for this cutie   before the citizens of Seaforth start hearing a rumour about an outlaw living in their midst. We did get a little rain in the afternoon but not nearly enough to relieve the stress on the trees or to keep the cukes and green peppers growing.  

    Sunday was another lovely day , blue skies and sunshine and just a little shower in the afternoon. Kelsea was back this morning and we had a great breakfast while we waited for Lucy R to get here for a day of play with us. Bailey was supposed to be heading home today but she got a call from her human who said she could stay an extra day so she took back possession of the red ball  and challenged all of us to try and get it from her. 

    Kelsea suggested a trip to the beach and we all agreed it was a fine idea so off we raced down the hill where Lucy   was busy looking for surprises in the little tide pools left behind by the ocean. Stephanie arrived just after we left with the new family member and she announced that henceforth she would be called Fallon although Mary calls her Melon. she is a little shy of all the commotion we make when we got back from the beach but a pleasant lady, none-the-less. We told her that we would look forward to playing with her tomorrow but she didn't seem to grasp the fact that this would be her new daily routine.  

    Another buddy arrived while we were having fun and this time it was Rupert  , who will be staying with us for a couple of weeks.  

    We spent a pleasant afternoon with Kelsea  while Mary disappeared into the city for a lunch with friends and we said goodbye to Dory, Benny, Pepper and Lucy and then had a lovely dinner after which the Golden Girl, Lily arrived for a short stay. Tonight, we are all tired and Mary votes for an early bedtime and Rupert dashes upstairs so he can grab his favorite sleeping spot, on the bed, which does not impress Owen. 

  • September 16, 2022 - Waiting to meet the newest family member.

    Friday was not the usual routine and our first clue was that Mary was feeding us breakfast. That is usually Stephanie job so we waited patiently to see if Mary could get it right while we speculated about Stephanie's whereabouts.

    We were satisfied with the morning meal and we welcomed two old friends, Benny and Leroy, both of whom arrived for a short stay as well as Nala who is going to stay for the day. 

    We soon figured out, after listening in on some phone conversations, that Stephanie went on a trip to pick up a felon. Now, you're probably wondering why she wanted a felon and so were we. After more snooping we discovered that this was Felon   , aka Champion Buladcious (spelling?)  Pelee Doing Time, a retired show dog. It seems that she has inherited the home and family that Chloe left behind after she passed on last year. So, she is on her way to her new home with Stephanie, Christopher and Ellie and we should be meeting her sometime this weekend. There was a general concensus here that she should get to change her name to something that won't bring the police to the door.

    There was some concern expressed that Felon might, because she's a champion show dog, be snooty and not like us simple critters but we all agreed that we would have to give her the benefit of the doubt and offer her the paws of friendship. 

    So, the day progressed with Mary in charge and we didn't do anything very strenuous except go for walks and nap. Our dinner took a little longer than usual to get served but we waited patiently and Mary promised us that tomorrow things would be better because Kelsea was coming to spend the day with her three girls, LaVie, Ocean and Maple and a trip to the beach was on the agenda. 


  • September 15, 2022 - We're loving the cooler temperatures and our old friend, the westerly wind is back.

    Oh, how we missed our regular weather these past weeks and months. Today, it was like someone threw a switch and the temperature dropped ten degrees and the wind blew between 40 and 50 km/h all day. Just like old times so everyone spent a lot more time outside and we were all re-energized. It was also house cleaning day  and lawn mowing day, so the twenty-three guests plus Owen and Arthur,  needed to be kept out from underneath the house cleaner's feet and mop. 

    Off to the beach we went after breakfast and there was lots to see and enjoy. 





    There was still more fun back at the house as some portrait work was being done.





  • September 14, 2022 - Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

    Yes, it's another birthday today and this time it's a human one. Since Stephanie didn't do a selfie with a Birthday hat on, I put this photo of Kali  in because she's going to be six human-years old tomorrow and she loves a good Birthday Party. 

    We did get a five-minute rain shower overnight and this morning there was light drizzle and fog around but that didn't keep us from heading down to the beach after breakfast. We only got part-way there, when Stephanie spotted some walkers so we returned to the house until we figured they would have made their exit and then we proceeded to go and checkout who they might have been. 

    There were some very big piles of kelp and seaweed washed up on the shore so Remington   and Rooney took a therapeutic massage/roll to get good and smelly. 


    There were two new arrivals this morning, Lucy and Bailey, and they were very happy to get to the beach so quickly after being dropped off.   


    The rest of us enjoyed our usual games and did lots of exploring and the Doodles, Snickers, Rolo and Gulliver stuck close together in their little clique. 



    After the beach fun, we posed for some more photos for Stephanie as she did some work back at the house. 





    Eventually the sun made an appearance and  it got very hot so we chose to find some shade and enjoy a nap while Mary was busy making Meat Loaf and some Birthday Cupcakes. 

    There were several brief games of chase but mostly we just wanted to lie down on the veranda and  watch the activity going on around us. 


  • September 13, 2022 - The heat continues and the beach is a great way to beat it.

    Today, we got to meet the young guy who inherited the home and family of our old friend, Casey   , who left us back in 2020. This is Teddy , also a Chocolate Lab and he loves the water as much as Casey did and he's loads of fun. We waited until our little buddy Hamish got here  before heading down to the shore because Hamish, the Cairn Terror, is also a big fan of the beach. Stephanie gathered together the rest of the gang and off we raced down the hill with Teddy staying as close as he could to his twelve new friends. He didn't hesitate for a minute when he got to the water and he dove right in and showed us all what a great swimmer he was. 






    We headed back to the house and looked for some water and shade so we could nap for a while. That's when we discovered that our other Chocolate Lab friend, Rooney had arrived and he was busy saying hello to everyone and introducing himself to Teddy. The heat intensified during the afternoon and it was fun to cool our paws and bellies in the wading pool while we waited for the day-visitors to head home. At dinner time, the temperature was up to 29 degrees so none of us was feeing very much like staying outside when we could lay down under the ceiling fans and get a little breeze.     


  • September 12, 2022 - Another sunny day in Seaforth and a good crowd here to enjoy it.

    All of the usual Monday visitors arrived this morning including Stanley Z  , who we were pleased to see.  Stephanie kept us busy all morning so that we wouldn't get too impatient to get to the beach. As you can see, the weekend storm washed a lot of kelp and seaweed onto the beach so we had to wait until the tide was lower to have some sand on which to run and roll. 

    While we waited, the water in the wading pools got transferred to the vegetable garden and then a refill was done with fresh well water. Stephanie also got busy with the camera and took some great photos of Archie , Tommy , Pepper  , and The Hydrangeas 

    Archie arrived yesterday and he's having a lot of fun hanging out with the gang and checking out all the great sights and smells. 

    Finally, Hubble  got picked up and the tide fell enough that we could go to the beach after lunch and here we are enjoying some great rolls on the sand. It was contagious !



    There was also some swimming, some ball fetching, some racing on the sand and some sitting in the seaweed with your tongue sticking out.   



    After we returned from the beach, a soaking wet Price was picked up by his human and later Joey, Rosie and Bear went home, as well. What was left of the afternoon turned very hot so a nap seemed like the best idea until it was time for the rest of the day visitors to go home. 

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