• May 19, 2022 - Three old friends back for a visit .

    Today three old friends arrived for the holiday weekend and we were pleased to catch up with their news. Gracie  and Stanley    were dropped off and they are both looking forward to having some fun. Gracie is particularly keen to hit the beach while Stanley is happy to just have a comfy bed to nap on although he does consider himself to be a lady's man and will fall in love many times over the next few days. 

    A short while later, Scout   drove up to the gate with a big grin and a madly wagging tail at the prospect of hitting the beach. The weather forecast for the next few days is sunny so we should be able to give Gracie and Scout some fun times to remember. 

    The morning beach hike took place before these old friends arrived because the tide would have been much too high if we waited. As it was, we still could not cross the channel as it was deep and wide and running fast as the tide had turned and started coming up around six in the morning. 


    Millie wanted to show of her aquatic skills, so she did some very athletic leaps and posed like she was going to impress anyone who watched. 


    Luke, Remi and Harley were making the most of their Thursday visit while Karter glided through the surf . 


    Owen changed his mind at the last minute and didn't get wet and Arthur was busy with his own agenda. 






  • May 18, 2022 - Seaforth, a fun place when the sun shines on the senior pack members. .

    All of the usual Wednesday gang were here today along with the fence builder, Alton who is getting the fence on the south-west side of the driveway rebuilt. We had a busy day with Stephanie and Mary as so many of the Spring jobs need to be done and there is always a need to do a clean up, both in the house as well as the cabana. Mostly we played with one another and learned how to get along as members of the pack, finding our proper place in the hierarchy. Sometimes this can take a while, and often it changes from day to day, depending on which critters are on hand. 

    Size isn't always a guarantee of a higher rank in the order, just ask Lucy  . She's very comfortable holding a place in the middle of the rank where she doesn't have to give any orders but she commands a lot of respect.

    Tonique  , the smallest guy in the pack,  likes to think he's the big boss of everyone  but in reality the others get out of his way when they see him coming because of his favorite pastime. He likes to collect hair samples. He says it's for DNA analysis and he doesn't ask permission, he just grabs what he can and makes a run for it.  

    The hair sample-taking occurs whenever a new arrival gets here and it sometimes takes these newcomers a while to catch on to the source of the hair-pulling as they get introduced into the bunch of new friends and say hello to some old ones. 

    Today the  new arrivals included Molly and Griffin  , two young Golden Retrievers, who look a lot alike. So much alike, I'm not sure which is which, but I think that might be Griffin on the left and Molly on the right. They struck up a friendship almost immediately and found lots of fun things to do together. They eventually extended their play to include the Wednesday Doodles, Gulliver, Rolo, Snickers and Stanley.



    Porter is another busy guy who doesn't  waste a minute of his play time while he is here. He has a tremendous capacity for making new friends and finding perfect sticks.  


    Mary had to go into Dartmouth in the afternoon but she made a concerted effort to get back as quickly as she could because Karter was expected to arrive and Stephanie was busy keeping track of all the other pack members.  Before the day was done, eleven day-visitors were escorted through the gate and handed over to their humans and after dinner, we said goodbye to the matriarch, Lumie  , told us we better be ready to celebrate her seventeenth birthday, the next time she sees us. That's seventeen human years and, somewhere in the vicinity of, one hundred and twenty dog years.  

  • May 17, 2022 - A day of sudden downpours but the sun eventually returned.

    We were no sooner out the door this morning when one of the day's many downpours started and we got drenched before we had our breakfast. We also had many of the regular Tuesday crowd arrive and only a couple got rained out.  Kelsea and Mary got busy as soon as breakfast was done with a jam and jelly making project. There were a lot of Red Currants, Blackberries and Strawberries in the freezer and they needed to be used up before this year's crop are ready to pick. 

    Most of the fur bearing critters went over to the cabana with Stephanie  so we wouldn't get underfoot and we enjoyed roaming around in between the showers and then relaxing while we listened to the radio. 

    Our buddy, Nikku  , arrived for his Sheriff rotation and we gave him his first big job since he left three weeks ago. He had to keep order among the Brat Pack of Rosie, Molly and Bailey who love to make him work for his supper.  

    Stephanie did get us to the beach in spite of the thick fog and a very high tide and a very wide channel. 





    Kelsea and Mary finally finished their Jam and Jelly making just as we were about to start our dinner. They were satisfied with the effort, happy that these Currants and Blackberries, picked right here on the property last summer, ended up in jars and not in the compost bin.

    Unfortunately, there was a sad tone to the end of the day as it was Kelsea's last day of work before she starts her new job tomorrow. Sad, for all of us who will miss seeing her regularly but also celebratory for Kelsea as she will, at long last, be putting the skills she learned at Welding School to work. Best of luck to you, Kelsea.    

  • May 16, 2022 - Winter continues and Rocky shares his thoughts.

    Thank goodness we have a happy bunch of Monday visitors to liven up this otherwise dull and cold day. Did I mention it also rained a lot.

    I'm Rocky   and I've been here for a long weekend which has been, for the most part, a good time but I'm missing my family and looking forward to seeing them tomorrow. While we waited for an improvement in the weather, we hung out with Stephanie while she did a Poop Patrol and laundered some of our dog bed covers. 

    I do enjoy meeting such a variety of critters even if they make fun of my Aussie ways. I really wish they would stop calling me 'mate'. Today I told them one of my best dog Jokes and Stephanie took their pictures.

    Rocky:  "I went to the zoo last week and I wanted to see lots of animals but they only had one small dog. It was a Shih-Tzu."

    Gracie, Nala and Lucy got a real kick out of that one. 


    We had a good time at the beach but the channel had deepened again and Stephanie had to carry Hali across while keeping a close watch on Jake so he didn't get carried off by the fast moving water. Of course, the Labs,, Sadie and Ollie, had no problem crossing on their own. 


    Here I am having a seaweed wrap. Feels great!  

    More Daffodil portraits!





  • May 14, 2022 & May 15, 2022 - Saturday was summer, Sunday was winter.

    We're going to try and catch up so this will be a Reader's Digest Condensed version of the DogBlog for the weekend. 

    Saturday was busy. While four of the guests departed, four arrived to take their place, so it was a long wait for dinner if you didn't get to the front of the line early. Kelsea did the beach thing with us and it was good to be able to cool off because the temperature in the afternoon was twenty-eight degrees.  



    Sunday, big dip in the temperature overnight, dropping twenty degrees by morning. It was also raining. There were eleven of our fellow guests leaving today and two new arrivals so the line up at dinner time was much easier to take.  Stephanie took lots of photos and she also took us to the beach in the late afternoon. 




    That's all folks ! 


  • May 13, 2022 - We're experiencing Triskaidekaphobia or it could be Lackadaisicalness .

    Tiskaidekaphobia, pronounced TRIS-kye-DEK-a-FOH-bee-a is the fear of Friday, the Thirteenth. We held a vote and it was unanimous that we should not tempt our luck by recounting what happened today. There was one incident that The Old Wise One, Lumie  , declared to be a forerunner when we told her about it. We were returning from the beach and when we looked up the beach path, out of the fog appeared a coyote, who turned and looked at us in a very disdainful way before slipping back into the Alder bushes on the other side. We all agreed to just keep marching back to the house and not stop and sniff or invite him or her to join our pack.  

    Or, it could be that we're just too lazy to bother trying to remember what happened on this, Friday the thirteenth. That's got a long name too! It's called Lackadaisicalness. You can decide for yourselves. 

    Here are some photos but there aren't any of the coyote, in case you wanted confirmation of our story. 


    Once we had returned to the house, we played a lot of our regular games and the fog drifted in and out of Seaforth all day. 





  • May 12, 2022 - The Barn Swallows are busy with their home renovations.

    Thursday provided us with lots of sun and hot temperatures and a good bunch of day-visitors to add some extra flavour to our long-term group of overnight guests. Many of them have been here more than a week and they are beginning to show signs of burn-out. When they first arrived, they were usually up and running as soon as Stephanie, Kelsea or Mary suggested a walk but now it's a different story. They will often feign sleep and not lift their head or open their eyes, in the hopes they will be 'overlooked'. Some of them will sleep on the dog beds that are behind the sofa and hope that no-one will come looking for them. 

    But in the end, some can't resist going with the pack expecting that they might miss some exciting event or the possibility of a dog biscuit being handed out. The late walk under the almost full moon is one that takes a lot of coaxing and rounding up but, once outside, they usually are glad that they joined in the fun. 

    We had a good time at the beach today with both Kelsea and Stephanie accompanying us so we put on a good show for the camera. 




    There was another overnight guest, Bailey  , who arrived while we were at the beach and there's nothing tired or burnt-out about her. She wanted to play non-stop and the new gal, Molly  , who is just here for the day, is happy to chase her and be chased by her.  

    Molly also made friends with Millie    and had her photo taken in front of the daffodil patch  .  

    We are watched pretty much the whole day by the barn swallows who sit on the power lines   and then fly their daring sorties, swooping close to our heads and then into the barn to work. 

    In the afternoon, we enjoyed hanging out with Kelsea and Mary while they did some clean-up in the barn and Stephanie kept an appointment. The sun was beating down on us and a siesta seemed like a good idea until it was time for the day-visitors to head home. 

  • May 11, 2022 - News from our favorite Beagle, Lucy.

    Wednesday was a grey and overcast day, with some drizzle, but the weather didn't deter anyone from coming to play. The regular Wednesday day-visitors, including three of our favorite Doodles, arrived, on schedule, along with Kelsea and two of her Black Lab girls so there were lots of introductions. 

    Right off the bat, we went to the beach so we could check out the sand re-arrangement after that rough surf of the past couple of days. The channel has just about disappeared because of all the sand being pushed back onto the beach which means that Stephanie won't get her feet wet crossing it when we want to go to the east side of the beach. she also won't have to carry Robbie across when he decided he doesn't want to get his belly wet. 




    Back at the house, there was fresh, cold water to drink and some encouragement to have a nap. Piper and Finn didn't need much persuasion. 

    That's when we heard about the e-mail from our little Beagle Buddy, Lucy who moved to Ontario in December of last year. Here is her update on the settling into her new home and neighbourhood. 

    There was more fun later in the afternoon before our day visiting friends departed and Drake just had to have the last word.  


    See ya on Friday! 


  • May 10, 2022 - Piper brings her new brother, Finn, for a visit.

    Another lovely day in Seaforth although ocean is all rough and choppy like in the summer when there is a hurricane off-shore. It's very noisy as the surf pounds on the shore and the wind off the water is cold, but that doesn't stop our intrepid band of beach hounds from enjoying our beach walk with Stephanie. 






    We all had a grand time and once we got back to the house, a good drink of cold water was just what we needed. We got to meet Piper's new brother, Finn  , and he's such a neat guy he made friends with everyone right away and found the best stick on the property which he was happy to share with his new buddies.    

    We spent pretty much the entire day outside playing with Finn so that by the late afternoon both he and Piper were ready for a nap   until they found out that dinner was being served. Like most Labs, they have good appetites and all that fresh air made them very hungry. 

    After the day-visitors departed and dinner was finished, we settled down to enjoy a quiet time and Millie    managed to snag the comfy, sunroom chair. 

  • May 9, 2022 - Just a regular Monday.

    A pleasant morning but there are reports of frost in some low-lying areas so the winter jacket is still a necessity. Alton arrived at seven o'clock, on the dot, to start work on the fence and the remaining four McGuinea family members accompanied him from their coop to the field. There was some early excitement when Alton glanced at the Guineas and there was Mr. Fox, sizing then up from about twenty feet away.  Alton ran toward the fox and hollered at him to change his plans and Mr. Fox drifted into the bushes. But, we're pretty sure he'll be back again. 

    Stephanie arrived to get our breakfast and the regular Monday day-visitors arrived to spend the day playing with us. As soon as the morning chores were taken care of, Stephanie took us on an early beach walk so we could work off some of that bottled-up exuberance. 





    The remainder of the day was spent relaxing, following Stephanie around while she looked for dog blossoms and playing our usual games of Chase Me and Get The Stick. We did all these things while we watched the sun move across the sky and lots of critters moving in the grass now that Spring has come to Seaforth.  Back ,even earlier than in past years, were the swallows that nest in the barn every year, swooping around our heads to let us know that they're here. 

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