• July 15, 2021 - Meet Luna, a new friend for Tuesdays.

    It was a somewhat quiet day today and that was a good thing because our new friend, Luna, arrived to meet us and she was a bit shy. She is a Black Lab mix and she reminded Mary and Stephanie of Sadie Bea in her looks as well as her personality. 

    As it turned out, she was reluctant to have Mary or Stephanie get too close at first, but she loved playing with all of us once she got to know the lay of the land.  We were all very well behaved and didn't try to intimidate her so we all spent the two-hour visit, racing around with her. 



    Luna told us she wanted to come back again to play next week so her human said she would bring her again next Tuesday to spend the day. After Luna departed, Mary sent Joe and Alton on their way after the last fence work was completed and then she had to go to see the dentist. We hung out with Stephanie and but the rain showers started so we had kind of a quiet time until we departed for home.  During the evening and throughout the night, we could hear the heavy downpours as thunder showers came suddenly and stopped suddenly, as well.    



  • June 14, 2021- Hola, Argos

    The plan was to enjoy a quiet day but, as usual, things don't always go according to plan. Sadie Bea and Nala Jr. arrived within minutes of each other and they started their usual games of chase and wrestle until Stephanie got here to give us our grub.

    After we ate and Tallen was turned out in his pasture, we welcomed Baxter and Nala Sr., then Parker and finally Joey for a day of fun.  Hall-E went home mid morning and shortly after that another puppy, from down the road by the name of Argos   , showed up to spend some time with us and play. He is a four-month-old Maremma, owned by a family who speaks Spanish, so he only knows Spanish words. They left a sheet with the translation of the more common commands but it was interesting to watch Mary and Stephanie struggle to remember, when they wanted Argos to come (ven), or to stop (para), especially when Argos found Hunter's newly dug-up flower bed. 

    Joe and Alton ( or Mutt and Jeff as Mary calls them) were also here today doing some work on gate supports to keep them from dragging on the ground when the posts shift. Mary has to be very patient because Joe is hard of hearing and Alton is very soft-spoken so pretty much all of their conversations go like this one.

    Alton: "Hold the post there."

    Joe: "What?"

    Alton: "That's good. Right there"

    Joe: "Right here?"

    Alton: "Don't move, ready?"

    Joe: "I'm holding it steady." 

    Alton: "I got to dip the bolt in oil."

    Joe: "Did you ever use grease instead?"

    Alton: "The old timers used to use soap." 

    Joe: "Remember when we used to look for bricks down there on the beach?" 

    Alton: "Yes, good days." 

    Joe: "I never got paid. Did you get paid ?"

    You get the idea! 

    Here you see Argos making new friends. 




    Hunter was keen to show off his hole-digging skills to Parker and Sadie and then he had a case of the zoomies with Shelby.







    In other news, the Barn Swallows have laid two eggs  so far, the McGuinea keets have moved out of their cramped, brooder box and now have free run of the coop.  They have been demonstrating their eagerness to fly by jumping up and perching on anything off the ground. Millie went out in her yard to have a break while all the renovations were going on.  It should be lots of fun to clean their coop when they do start to fly.




    Later in the day we said so long to Karter and then adios to Argos, who’s white coat was not quite as pristine as it was on arrival. Next, Joey was through the gate and then Nala Jr, Baxter and Nala Sr., followed by Parker, vacated the premises just in time for Stephanie to get our dinner ready. After dinner, Hunter went home as well as Sadie Bea, both of them tired from trying to outdo that puppy. 

    After all that mud wrestling, puppy training and gate fixing we were all tired out, so we napped the evening away until it was time for our late-night walk in the fog. It’s always fun to see who can get the most June bugs caught in their fur as we dash out the door.

  • June 12-13, 2021 - Hall-E discovers the surf and she loves it. Bye, bye Roxy and bon voyage. .

    It was a great, early-summer weekend and Saturday was a busy day. One of the first things we did was go to the beach with Kelsea after Luke, Chase and Karter arrived. It was fun to watch Hall-E race into the surf with her big buddies and enjoy the ocean waters. 



    Later, we got to meet two new Doodle friends, Ellie and Gracie. We raced around with them for a while and after they left, we settled down for a mid-day nap. Our Golden Girl, Lily, was dropped off for an overnight stay and she wanted us to give her a full update on what's been happening around here. She was sorry to her that she missed the morning beach walk but she'll be happy to go tomorrow. Mary kept us busy in the afternoon so we wouldn't be under Kelsea's feet while she was trying to get some house cleaning done and soon it was time for Luke and Chase to go home. 

    Roxy's departure, early on Sunday, had us all out of bed and ready to start the day but first we had to say our goodbyes since it may be a long time before we see Roxy, the Whoodle, again. She and her family are leaving today to drive to British Columbia so she is looking forward to a ten-or-eleven-day trip where she will get to see a lot of the country. We asked her to make sure that she joins the West Coast Fan Club and sends us regular updates on her new life so we can post them on the DogBlog.

    We had fun greeting Honey   when she arrived to spend the day with us. She likes to pretend she's shy when her humans are here but once they departed, she let her hair down and partied hard with all of us. 

    Tallen   was knee deep in timothy and doing his favorite thing, eating, when Stephanie gathered us for a beach hike.  It was a glorious day to be a dog and have a beach all to ourselves. 




    Our Brittany Boy, Hunter, also got dropped off for an overnight stay and he had a great time sniffing out all the spots where pheasants had visited. The afternoon was spent playing and following Mary around as she did some vegetable gardening. The McGuinea family were busy making their little pen very dirty so that needed a clean up while Mother Millie went out in the big yard to have a dust bath after laying another egg. As four o'clock drew nigh, Honey's humans arrived to pick her up after an enjoyable bike ride and Stephanie arrived to get our dinner and help fold the laundry that was ready to come out of the dryer. The lawn mower guy arrived after dinner to cut the fast-growing grass and two and a half hours later, he was finally finished. Lily's human drove up a short while later to take her home and Mary closed up the gate, sure that there would not be any further visitors tonight. 

  • June 11, 2021 - The sun shone on a big bunch of critters today.

    It was one of those days where Kelsea was going to take a bunch of us to the beach and Stephanie would then take another group of quieter and smaller guests. 

    The first walk got underway as soon as Kelsea could get her bag packed with all the essentials. Balls, dog treats and an extra leash or two, just in case. With military precision, the first group were assembled and this included Oliver, Drake, Dodge, Baxter, Nala Sr., Jasper, Nala Jr., Gracie,  Jasmine, Owen and Arthur. The excitement was contagious and they raced down the hill as though they were being  pursued by the Animal Control Officer for HRM.  

    Kelsea snapped a couple of group shots showing the gang enjoying the sparkling ocean waters. 


    Group Two were all ready to go with Stephanie as soon as Kelsea got back with her charges. The second wild bunch raced for the water including Maggie, Joey, Marlea, Mylea, Hall-E and Gracie, who knew there was a second trip so she hid in the bushes and got to join them for some added fun. 

    Stephanie got some great shots of Hall-E's first beach walk with her pack and she was very impressed with how well behaved she was for a five and a half month-old puppy. Of course, she also captured the fun that some of the others enjoyed as they raced after their balls and managed to get good and wet. 




    When the second group got back, Kelsea departed for the day and Stephanie went to her Physio appointment, so we kept Mary company as she tried to keep up with the e-mails and phone calls, that have started to grow in number, as people begin to think about making plans for a summer vacation.

    The afternoon was spent relaxing in the sunshine and having a few games of chase until it was time for the day-visitors to head home.    


  • June 10, 2021 -Meet Millie, a devoted Mother Hen.

    This morning was nice and sunny but a bit cool. 

    Our dear friend Lucy G,   one of the sweetest Golden Retrievers we know, came to see us this morning. Her housemate Abby died last month, and Lucy has been very lost with out her, so she thought a change of scenery and a few friends to play with might cheer her up.  Lucy’s human also had a small pet carrier with her and she and Mary headed over to the barn with its contents.

    Stephanie was here getting our breakfast ready and keeping Lucy entertained, so she didn’t fret when her human left. Mary came over from the barn and finally told us what was going on over there!

    This is Millie.   She is a hen who wants nothing more than to be a mother and, her humans don’t really want any more chicks right now so, they offered Millie to become a foster mom to the McGinuea family. In theory, if the baby Guineas, or keets, bond with her they will be less likely to stray too far from the coop and it will be easier to train them. Plus, they get a nice plump, feathered body to keep them warm instead of a heat lamp. Millie was keen to have this job. The keets took to her pretty much right away and all scurried in under her. She does have a 'tough love' approach though, as she pecks them on the head to keep them in line, but I guess that’s what they need.

    Once Mary was sure Millie and her new brood were going to get along, she had to take off into town to finally get some new tires put her car at the dealership. It’s a long story. She was also supposed to have some recall work done after receiving a notice and making an appointment. After two and a half hours of waiting, she asked how much longer they expected it to take and they informed her they didn’t actually have the part to do the recall work.

    Back at the old homestead, Stephanie was having a nice day with our day pals Lucy G, Lucy E, Hall-E, Parker, Finnigan, Juno and our old friend Sam, who we hadn’t seen for a while. Of course, we can’t forget to mention Shelby and Dodge, who is by the way, the other Sweetest Golden Retriever we know, who are still staying with us as they wait for their new digs to be built.

    Later in the day we welcomed Roxy   ,  the Whoodle, as she arrived for her last stay in Seaforth. She and her family are moving across the country, so we promised her a big Bon Voyage party.





    Mary returned home and, by this time, most of our guests were just about ready to head home for the day so she only got to spend a few mintes with them. Once they all departed, Stephanie got the remaining guests and the rest of us fed and refilled all the water buckets. Then, she brought Tallen into the barn after his day eating at the grass buffet in his favourite pasture overlooking the beach. Mary checked on Millie and the McGinueas and they were still doing fine so it will be interesting to see how they fare through the night. 

  • June 9, 2021 - Catching up on the DogBlog, again!

    Here a few photos to let you know what our Wednesday was like in Seaforth. It started off rainy and foggy and ended up sunny and warm. Kelsea, being a good sport, didn't let the wet morning deter her and she took a bunch of us down to the beach while Stephanie was at her Physio appointment.



    Later, as the weather improved, we had some fun games while Stephanie took our photos. Of course, some of us chose to stay inside, sharing the comfy cot-bed with a good buddy. 



    Mary and Stephanie had some mysterious job to do over at the barn involving cardboard boxes, tape and those McGuinea orphans   that arrived a few days ago. Since we are not allowed in the barn or anywhere near the little fowl, we don't know exactly what is being done but we overheard some talk about another fowl arriving tomorrow morning. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens after tomorrow's solar eclipse.   

  • June 8, 2021- A beach trip we were not expecting

    Today was pretty much the same as yesterday except we had a different bunch of friends join us. There was a nice cool breeze blowing again today, so we didn't suffer from the heat like everyone else in the province did. Stephanie always says we need our own meteorologist in Seaforth.


    Alton, the fence man, got here at 7am on the dot and started work on the fence over by the barn, then Stephanie got here to give us our breakfast.

    Maggie, Emma, Hunter, Parker, Benny and finally Juno all trickled in throughout the morning.  We had a pretty relaxing morning over all, besides Emma, Shelby, Juno and Maggie going for their zooms around the yard. Every now and then they would get a little carried away, so Dodge would run over and bark at them to chill out. Juno decided it would be fun to roll in some pheasant droppings, so Stephanie got the shampoo and gave her a wash, and warned the rest of us not to get any big ideas.



    After lunch the plumber and his apprentice had to make a visit to fix some pipes in the basement which had developed pinholes and were leaking. Maggie and Jake tried their best to warn them off, but they were real dog lovers, so they were not phased by their barks. Stephanie took us out side where we couldn’t see or hear them and we had a nap in the nice cool breeze.



    Next, Ellie arrived home from school and Stephanie gathered up a few easy-going beach lovers and started down the hill for the first time in one month.  Jake was super happy since he was leaving later in the day and didn’t think he would be getting a beach trip this visit.  Everyone else had a great time chasing a few balls and splashing in the water. Even Chloe insisted in accompanying Stephanie to the beach for the first time in many months.  Chloe had a nice time but it took her a very long time to get back up the hill, so she won’t be doing the beach too often.   Stephanie reported that her leg was ok as long as she could take her time, but wouldn’t be able to handle a wild crowd just yet. Luckily Kelsea is planning to stick to the Wednesday and Friday routine for a while yet…unless she gets a REAL job.




    The beach crowd got back just in time to send Benny and Parker on their way and we had quite a few dinner guests who then trickled out between five o’clock and six.

    The McGinuea family had two visitors today, Hunter’s humans both wanted to meet them and they thought they were pretty cute! If that keeps up, we may start charging admission.

  • June 7, 2021- Owen's had enough of the Wooly Bear look

    Monday, we woke up to a lovely sunny sky. There was talk on the radio of a heat warning for Nova Scotia. Well, we sure are glad we are up here on this hill in Seaforth, because we didn’t get that kind of heat. There was a strong breeze and the fog was hanging just off shore. Stephanie had to wear a light sweatshirt all day because of a slight chill in the air.

    We welcomed Sadie, Nala Jr, Baxter & Nala Sr, Joey and finally Jake throughout the morning.





    Alton was here working on more fencing of the front pasture, so we hung out in the back yard and in the house most of the day. Mid morning Stephanie went to get Joe and he helped Alton put the wire back up. Then Mary went to help them put a new gate up and that seemed to take a bit longer than it should have, with many trips back and forth to the barn

    The McGinuea family are still doing well and Motormouth isn’t quite as talkative as he/she was.  Tallen doesn’t seem to mind the new neighbours as he already shares the barn with the Swallows all summer, although he said he would really like to share the barn with another member of the equus ferus species or even C.aegagrus, but we don’t think he should hold his breath on that one.

    Later in the afternoon, once Alton and Joe packed it in for the day, Stephanie and Mary took Owen over to the make shift grooming station in the barn and Stephanie got busy giving him a short summer haircut. He was booked in for his regular groomer in a few weeks, but he is so hot and uncomfortable lately, it’s making him very restless, especially at night, so he just couldn’t wait any longer. It only took about an hour and a half and once Stephanie got him back on the ground, he took off running around in circles and acting silly.  We think he liked his haircut!



    It was around this time that most of our daycare pals departed for the day, with just Sadie Bea staying for dinner. Once we had our dinner and a little walk, Sadie’s human came to collect her and we all found a comfy spot to nap for the evening.

  • June 5 & 6, 2021 - Say hello to the McGuinea kids.

    It was a lovely weekend and we enjoyed an early beach hike on Saturday with Kelsea while the fog lingered. Once Karter and Luke arrived, we enjoyed having the beach all to ourselves and Dodge enjoyed having his own ball to carry and fetch in the waves. 


    Luke managed to get full of sand and soaking wet at the same time and, as usual, he gave the camera his best pose. Kelsea's two critters, Ocean and LaVie, had loads of fun being the best swimmers in the group.  


    In the afternoon, Stephanie, her husband Chris and daughter Ellie, arrived at the gate carrying a carrier draped in a blanket and we were not allowed to go and see what they were delivering. They went right to the barn and there was a faint, but very new scent, following them that we found perplexing.  Later on, we heard from Tallen that they had six Guinea fowl keets (chicks), just one week old and they moved into the apartment next door. He managed to get us a grainy photo of the new bunch   under their heat lamp, in their brooder box. This development has us all intrigued but it seems we will have to wait a couple of months before we clap eyes on them. 

    Sunday was a hot and sunny day and quiet because there were no arrivals or departures. The heat hit us hard by late morning and we kept looking for a cool spot to lie down and nap. Mary had both ceiling fans rotating in a counter-clockwise spin to pull the cooler air down to floor level so these spots were very popular. There was lots of cold water in our buckets and it was kind of nice to just let the heat do its work which meant there wasn't any running around and playing, just chillin' with the gang. 

    Stephanie came to get our breakfast for us and then she and Mary disappeared over to the barn where those McGuineas' were complaining about the accommodations and wanting some changes made. There is one in particular that has a lot to say on the subject of their food. We decided he should be called Motormouth McGuinea (that's him, third from the left in the back row)  while the smallest of the bunch, who he pushes out of the way when he's at the food dish, we're calling Mini McGuinea (she's the one on the right, at the end of the row). 

     Eventually, they stopped squawking and Stephanie returned to her family and the day kind of drifted along in a haze of heat.

  • June 4, 2021 - Kelsea does the beach, Day 2.

    Wow, what a day! The action started at seven o'clock this morning when Stephanie arrived to get our breakfast ready and didn’t stop until lunch time when we all finally settled down for a nap. Today was the second day of the special mornings when Kelsea was here for a beach walk, so we got to see a few friends who hadn’t been here for a while.

    Time for proper introductions so you can put a face to a name.  

    Georgia  ,  Ollie  ,

    Jasper  , and Nala Jr. 

    Maggie  , and Emma  ,

    Oak   and Opal  ,

    Gracie   and  Jasmine 

    Nala Sr. and Baxter    and finally

    Joey  .

    Then Kelsea whisked all the beach players away while the non beach-goers, Parker, Emma, Opal, Oak, Owen, Hali, Chloe, Shelby and Dodge all stayed back at the house with Mary and Stephanie. Dodge has been afflicted with some awful hotspots since moving here from Alaska, so he had to stay back and get a trim  . Stephanie had a Physiotherapy appointment and, soon after our little buddies from down the road, Obi   and Chico   pulled up to the gate, and they were happy to see such a well-behaved bunch of critters. They did a patrol of the front yard while the house gang was introduced to them. Shelby and Emma played together non-stop for most of the morning and Opal joined in for some good games of Chase Me.


    When Kelsea got back from the beach, she took most of the rowdy gang over to the cabana since they were still high on life and the beach. After an hour or so they all settled and had a good rest.

    The afternoon saw the arrival of Lumier  , the Duchess of Dartmouth as we like to call her. She is currently the oldest guest still visiting Seaforth and she’ll be sixteen on her next birthday. She has been coming to say since she was just a youngster back in 2006  . She did her usual little meet and greet then she was ready to come in for a nap. Next, we all got excited and made a big deal over Ellie getting off the school bus and coming to see us.

    Then it was more naps until the day-visitors started going home. It’s a lot quieter around here this evening after that crowd was carried off in their cars. 

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