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Country Critter Sitters


    February 7, 2019 - A busy Thursday but lots of fun.

    We woke up to a bit of snow this morning but it didn't stay around very long as the temperature moved up throughout the morning. We had Shelby join us for the day and later in the morning Willie and Haylee, two Goldens, arrived for short stays.  After some morning errands and lunch, we were very excited to hear that we would be heading for the beach with Stephanie and Kelsea. Stephanie's camera was all charged so she got lots of photos of us doing our beach thing. 





    Just by looking at these pics, you can see that we have so much fun running, splashing, fetching and swimming, it's difficult to put it into words. 

    Later, back at the house, we all slurped up a big pile of fresh water and then stretched out for a pre-dinner nap until it was time for Benson and Shelby to go home which was the signal to start the evening meal. After Stephanie and Kelsea left for the day, we welcomed our friends, Charlie and Luna, and they are just going to stay for a couple of nights. After such a busy day we did go out to give them a big welcome but we were all so tired, we didn't leave our beds for too long. Charlie and Luna enjoyed roaming around the fields for a while and soon were at the door, wanting to rejoin the rest of us.   


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