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    May 14, 2019 - Not much going on today after the rain started..

    Tuesday started out very cloudy and the wind off the water was very cold. Despite the skies threatening rain or even snow, Stephanie still took us to the beach once all the day visitors, Benny, Daisy, Baxter W, Nala, Baxter R and Kali arrived.  Daisy, Nala and Marty all decided to stay back at the house with Mary where it was warm and comfortable.

    It was too dark and windy to take pictures since the camera kept jittering in the wind so there were no photos to go along with our story today. We had our usual good time exploring and checking out those piles of seaweed and kelp where we often find things tangled up that can be very tasty, like crabs and  sea urchins.  

    Half an hour after we returned to the house , the rain and hail started, so we were not to keen to do anymore outdoor activities for the rest of the day. We were all content to hunker down for a nap on a warm and cozy dog bed.  Shortly after our return, Rory’s human arrived to get her and since Rory was having so much fun, she wasn’t  keen to hop in the car. Her human, who was dressed in a smart grey business suit, had to lift his wet and sandy Chocolate lab into the car. We figure he had some choice words for Rory on the way home but she was likely sound asleep before they got to the end of the driveway.

    Meanwhile, Mary was busy preparing for a lunch visit from one of her life-long friends and her husband who had driven down from Truro. We were all on our best behaviour while they were here and Marty, the show off, spent the whole visit sitting pretty on his bum begging for a bit of lobster sandwich. Despite being so adorable, he didn’t score anything. 

    The heavy rain and high wind continued for the rest of the afternoon and evening, so our walks were not very long and once the day visitors left fand we had our dinner, all we did was sleep so there is really nothing else to tell. Hopefully we will have a more exciting read for you tomorrow.



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