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    September 9, 2019 - Back to the beach to check out what Dorian left behind.

    Yes, here we are on Monday and still no electricity so that generator is getting a good workout. There are about four hundred thousand people without electricity in Nova Scotia which is almost half the population. In addition to the loss of power, the cell phone service is failing as well as the land lines and of course, there is no Internet access for a lot of people. Listening on a battery radio, it is really getting under people's skin to hear the power company spokesperson,  tell them to either phone their call centre or logon to their web site. There they can report their household power outage and get an estimate for when power will be restored. Oh, what irony. 

    None of that matters to us as we are getting our meals and pats and walks and most important of all, we get the beach. Kelsea and Angel were working today and we didn't have any day-care buddies arrive, so we left for the beach after Stephanie rode down on the horse to see if there were any washed up things that might get us into trouble. The only thing she reported when she got back were two deceased seagulls so Kelsea took two bags with her to gather up the remains before we made a meal of them. 

    So off we went, Benson, Pinot, Roxy, Kali, Lupin, LaVie, Owen and Arthur. The beach was totally rearranged with tons of sand and seaweed thrown up on the shore by the big waves along with driftwood and the deceased birds. We enjoyed checking out all the new stuff and having our swims and once we got tired of trying to run in that deep sand, we headed back to the house. We then got to meet a new friend by the name of Mac, a two year old Yellow Lab,  who would like to come and stay with us for a few days. Mac was lots of fun and he really enjoyed playing chase with Roxy and it looks like he'll be back. It was just after this that Hali's human came to pick her up and she was whisked away to her grooming salon for the full treatment.  

    The afternoon was quiet except that Angel did take Winston and Maya down to the shore for some fun while Kelsea kept the rest of us distracted so we wouldn't think we were making a second trip today. Dinner time rolled around and still no power except what comes from the red Honda parked out back and Mary is down to her last can of gas until tomorrow. We went for our late walk under a bright moon and then, once the generator was turned off, we relished the sudden quiet and fell fast asleep.        


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