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    September 12, 2019 - Lots of new critters to play with today.

    Okay, now we'll stop talking about Dorian and the aftermath and get back to our usual pastimes like the Thursday gang of day visitors, Baxter, Luke, Angel (the dog) and Finnigan. They arrived within minutes of Parker, who will stay overnight and Benny,  who usually only comes for day visits but this time he's going to stay for a few days.  

    Baxter's arrival meant that the Oodle club had a quorum so they arranged a secret meeting in the sunroom to talk about whatever it is that Doodles talk about.  Stephanie was able to get a photo of the meeting but none of them was happy about the breach of security.  Just for the record, from left to right, that's Baxter R, Roxy and Pinot. 


    Nokia, the Toller was dropped off for a short stay and Angel ( the human)  arrived to do the house cleaning so we cleared out and went to play in the cabana with Stephanie. Mary got a start on putting all of the extra emergency items away now that we have full power and we had a busy photo session with Stephanie while we were waiting for Ellie and Cricket to get here so they could go to the beach with us. 



    Kelsey reported for duty once her classes were done for the day and when Ellie ( the dog)  and Cricket got here off we went to enjoy the beach. Stephanie went to pick up her daughter Ellie at the bus stop since she had to return to school today and they came down to the beach to enjoy it along with the rest of us. Angel ( the human) got the house cleaning finished and she was ready to go and pick up her daughter from the school bus right around the time that Karter was dropped off for a weekend stay. 



    We had a great time chasing balls and swimming and when we started to get tired, we climbed back up the hill and enjoyed the fresh buckets of water while we waited for the daycare critters to get picked up. Once Luke and Finnigan departed, we had our dinner and then Baxter and Angel (the dog) were picked up and Stephanie, Ellie and Kelsea made their way home too.  The early evening brought Lily and Oliver for short stays and we had a quiet evening before retiring for the night. 



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