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    September 11, 2019 - Chilly Wednesday and still no power.

    Wow, where did summer go?

    Very suddenly it feels and smells like Fall. We don’t mind so much because that means those pesky mosquitoes will not be bothering us as much. Stephanie was excited to see a big crew from NSPower arrive this morning to fix the pole down on the road that snapped off during the Hurricane. Both she and Mary were cautiously optimistic about the power finally being restored today.


    We only had one daycare friend join us after breakfast, Marlea the Russian Spaniel. Once Stephanie and Ellie ( who got to miss out on yet another school day) got us all fed , we dashed over to the Cabana to hang out with Angel while the handyman, Randy was here again to chop down and chip up some more of the fallen trees. Today would normally be house cleaning day, but since the power still hadn’t been restored, Angel figured she couldn’t get much done without the vacuum so it was decided to postpone.

    We did get to meet a new friend, Sammie, who would like to come and stay for a few days. She is nine years old but you would never think it as she was very playful and full of beans and she ran circles around us.  This wild and crazy gal will really liven things up around here next week. Then we had a super long beach hike today. Remi, Kali, Marlea and LaVie were the champion ball fetchers, while Benson and Pinot chose to have a leisurely stroll instead. Ellie was keen to show Angel her new fort that the water had washed up on Saturday. It just looked like a bunch of driftwood , sand and trees to us, but she was going on about the front door and movie theatre and basement etc… what an imagination. On the way back LaVie and Benson just couldn’t resist a long exuberant roll in the now rotting kelp mounds that had also washed up with the storm waters. Stephanie added ‘baths for smelly dogs’ to her list of things to do upon their return to the house.

    Back at the house Mary had been busy preparing lunch, when her neighbour Michael came up the driveway and reported that according to the NSP supervisor down on the road, the power would in fact be back on in a few hours. Mary was happy to share the news with Stephanie and Angel, but everyone agreed the generator would stay outside for the day and Stephanie would still go fill up some gas cans for it, just in case that didn’t happen. The humans ate lunch while they listened to the smelly dogs complain about being left outside to air out and as soon as they were done eating, the bathing commenced. It was during this bath time that we noticed some lights were on, that hadn’t been on before and the fridge in the mudroom was running, how exciting…well that feeling only lasted about ten minutes when everything went off again, for about an hour. Then it all came back on again and Mary even got a call from NSPower to tell her the power had been restored. YAY!!

    Marlea went home just before Stephanie returned from the gas station and soon we were all fed and content. Since we are all such gentle and well-behaved dogs, Ellie took us for our after dinner walk-a-bout around the fields while Mary was very happy to sit and relax. It was a relief to not have to worry about going up and down those d$#& basement stairs so many times to refuel the generator or turn one breaker off while the pumps run and another on to heat the water. As convenient as it is to have a generator, it comes with its own load of extra work and strategic management.  

    After our busy  day we were very tired and, after our late walk, we all wanted to go right to bed, so we did and we all said a prayer that the clock radio would wake us in the morning telling us that the power was still on and things would soon be back to normal.     


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