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    September 10, 2019 - Day Four, Post Dorian

    Now we know what you’re all thinking, why would it make any difference to a bunch of dogs if we do or don’t have power. Well how in heck do you propose we write the DOGBLOG and then post it to the website without electrical stuff? Mary is fortunate to have a generator to keep the important things running but on top of the power lines being down, the internet and phone lines keep going out, so it’s been a rather frustrating time for the humans.

    It was a cool, sunny morning but we could tell by the intensity of the sun, it would warm up a lot by the afternoon. We had the early arrival of our Brittany buddy, Remington, and Hunter was very happy to see one of his kin. Stephanie, Ellie ( school still closed) and their dog Chloe got here and hot on their trail was Baxter R. Soon after breakfast was served and as usual Hunter was first in line, but since the number of overnight guests is so low right now, we all got to eat together. When we finished eating we went outside to wait for our daycare friends, Shelby, Oliver, Drake, Baxter W and Nala to get here.

    Mary sure has been getting a work-out the last few days going up and down the basement stairs to fill the generator with gas, and turn it off and on throughout the day. Today she got one of her neighbours, an electrician, to come over and install a new breaker on the generator panel and rewire the hot water heater so it can run on generator power. He didn’t have the exact breaker, so Mary had to make a dash to the local hardware store. They just had their power restored this morning and as long as you had cash , they were in business. It wasn’t long before she was back with the breaker, it was installed and Mary didn’t have to keep boiling large pots of water on the propane cooker to wash the dishes. Best of all, she could finally get a hot shower.

    We had our beach walk in the morning and Ellie just couldn’t resist the surf so she ended up swimming with all her clothes on. The rest of us had a great time chasing the balls Angel threw for us and investigating all the new seaweed and other beach renovations Dorian did on Saturday. There were lots of interesting birds we had never seen there before, along with our friend the Great Blue Heron.







    When we got back to the house Angel took all of us over to the cabana and Stephanie started lunch preparations, which she delivered to Angel over at the cabana. We all had relaxing afternoon and Stephanie and Ellie decided to do a second beach trip with Maya, Winston and Arthur. They got back just in time for Stephanie to send all our daycare friends home. That was pretty much it for today, other than when Christopher, Stephanie’s husband, arrived at the gate with four, full, gas cans for the generator. It would be nice if she didn’t need to use it all, but the estimated restoration time is Thursday at 11 pm, so she will probably need them filled once more before the power is restored.


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