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  • August 24 & 25, 2019 - How to make manure tea and a meeting of the Oodle Club.

    Saturday was just a beautiful summer day when we woke up. The humidity had disappeared overnight and there was a wonderful wind from the North which kept it cool and crisp. Kelsea arrived early to get our breakfast and we were all looking forward to getting down to the beach as soon as possible. 

    But first, we had to wait until Tilley, the Doodle, to arrive and we gave him our usual noisy welcome. Tilley was pleased to find two other Doodles, Luna and Hali as well as a close cousin, Archie the Poodle.  The four of them immediately went off and had a secret Oodle meeting discussing goodness knows what but you can be sure the rest of us would not be invited to contribute. 

    Mary went to pick up Joe, the Handyman, and he got busy doing some fence repairs since Tallen was flexing his neck muscles and reaching across the top rail. When that thousand pounds of prime horseflesh leans on those rails you know what's going to give, hence more work for Joe. Kelsea took us down to the beach later in the morning and we had loads of fun swimming and fetching. Charlie, Auggie and Baby hardly returned to the shore while we were down there, preferring to swim back and forth in the surf, picking up the odd ball that floated by. 

    While we were gone, joe moved from fence repairs to the job of making manure tea for the vegetable garden which all the fertilizer needed according to Mary and Joe. If you ask us,  this is about the only thing of value that the horse has to contribute to this operation. Mary picked some tomatoes, cukes, green and yellow beans as well as a few early carrots so she could enjoy them for dinner tonight. If anyone is interested, the recipe for manure tea ( or dung tea as Joe refers to it) is as follows. 

    Fill a large utility tub with water, placing it close to the where the veggies are growing. This is important as you don't want to be hauling this fragrant stuff a long distance once it is steeped. Gather a wheelbarrow load of fresh horse manure and then put four large helpings into a net bag and lower it into the tub of water. Let it sit in the hot sun for a day or two and then remove the net bag and start filling the garden jugs with the 'tea'. Give all of the vegetables a big drink of tea and then stand back and watch them grow.     

    When we returned from the beach, Kelsea had her lunch and Thunder was picked up by his human and Mary returned Joe to his own garden just before Rocky, the Black Lab puppy, was dropped off for an overnight stay. This was a good reason to start some games of chase as Charlie and Rocky are both about the same age and when they were not chasing one another, they were wrestling. A little later, Kelsea made anther trip down to the beach, this time with Felim, Maya and Nikku and they all stayed in the water the whole time, enjoying the cool salt surf. 

    Marlea and Hubble were both picked up by their humans and then it was just a short wait till dinner and our long after-dinner naps. 

    Sunday was just as great as Saturday, with lots of sun and cool north winds so Stephanie arrived early and saddled up the hay-burner and took him for some beach exercise.  Rocky got picked up by his human before breakfast  and after we ate, another Doodle arrival, this time Rusty, brought the Oodle club number up to five.  Mary was getting a little confused trying to figure out who was who. Here they are refusing to pose for their club photo. The rest of us were watching from the sunroom and we all had a good laugh when Auggie said that it was like trying to watch someone herd a bunch of cats.


    Well, three out of five wasn't bad. 

    We were also pleased to see our old pal, Nash, the Golden Lab, arrive for a short vacation and he was real excited to be back, particularly when he heard we were going to the beach. Kelsea escorted us down to the beach later after Stephanie returned and then the day moved along at a fast clip as our numbers began to be reduced by the departures. Wujek, Luna, Auggie, Tillie, Marley and Baby all returned to their families so that tonight we are a smaller group that how we started out the day. But, we did get one more arrival after dinner, Nick, the Yellow Lab.      


  • August 23, 2019 - Friday, hot day and lots of action at the gate.

    Yes, we are still dealing with this heat and high humidity but we're blessed because we have the beach where we can cool off and have lots of fun. The more the merrier is our motto and today we had five day visitors, Baxter and Nala, Shelby, Daisy and Finnigan followed by our little buddy Tommy and our big buddy, Charlie Mac. So much tail wagging and bum sniffing that it took a while for everyone to get acquainted. We had to stop and say goodbye to our two little buddies, Jet and Jada, as they raced to see their human and climb into their big truck. 

    Now it was our special time and we were pumped to get down to the beach, particularly Tommy and Charlie, who both enjoy the beach in their own way. 


    Stephanie's daughter, Ellie, was with us today and she's like us, wanting to be in the water as soon as she gets to the shore.  Finnigan isn't a swimmer but he manages to get good and wet chasing us up and down the water's edge.


    We rolled in the sand, went for swims, and Oscar seemed to have something important he wanted to say to Stephanie. Hubble and Thunder had Luna on the run and then switched to trying to catch Nala.  



    Two cool customers ! 


    The rest of the day was quiet and restful and we played when we wanted to or just slept until it was time to say goodbye to Shelby and hello to Baby, who arrived later and wanted to run and play. Auggie, Charlie and Daisy took turns racing around the yards with her until it was the magic hour of four o'clock when our day visitors were picked up and we then waited for our dinner. When we took our last walk later in the evening the temperature was still in the mid-twenties but the forecast says it's going to cool down overnight.   



  • August 22, 2019 - The heat goes on.

    Thursday was another hot and humid day but we're prepared to make the best of it. The first thing we had to do was say goodbye to Babi as her humans arrived to pick her up as soon as breakfast was done. Then the wait was on for Felim and Jora to get here since we wanted Felim to go to the beach with us. But first, Gracie was reunited with her human and looking forward to getting home. A nice bag of chocolate treats was left for Mary and Stephanie to enjoy but first things first. Let's hit the beach. 




    I'll bet you can tell how nice it felt to float around in the cool surf just by the expressions on our faces. 

    When we returned to the house, we relaxed in the shade and enjoyed what little breeze there was and Stephanie kept the camera on us. Our little buddy, Archie, the Poodle, was soon at the gate and looking to be introduced to everyone and he had his photo taken as well. 



    Mary got Arthur's new soccer ball and tossed it out for us to enjoy but it didn't last very long after Felim got hold of it. 


    It's a good thing Arthur wasn't around to see the joy Felim took in flattening that ball within a minute or so. Well, that was pretty much the highlights of our day except for our delicious dinner and then the long nap that we all enjoy so much. 

  • August 21, 2019 - Nobody puts Babi in a corner.

    Yes, Babi   arrived in the middle of breakfast this morning but Mary and Stephanie managed to keep everyone focused on their food. She's a five month old Pyrenees/Poodle mix and she's an interesting mixture of shy puppy and silly adolescent. 

    Hunter was here for the day and he was joined by Parker and Mika. Angel, the human, and Kelsea were both on duty today so they were able to get Babi introduced to the other dogs and make her feel comfortable. We were also pleased to see two old friends arrive later in the morning. Oscar   and Reggie were dropped off for their late summer vacations and as soon as Angel, the dog, arrived,  Kelsea got us ready for a trip down to the beach. As usual we had loads of fun and the cool surf helped offset the hot sun but the flies were still being nasty, landing on our noses and taking big bites. We returned to the house tired, hot and thirsty and settled in at the cabana were Stephanie was keeping Hunter and Parker entertained.


    The already hot and humid afternoon just kept getting more so and none of us had much energy to do more than sleep so we did just that until it was time for Mika, Angel, the dog, and Parker to hop in their respective vehicles and head home. After dinner, Hunter departed as well and the evening heat settled around us without a breath of wind to cool things down.            

  • August 20, 2019 - Arthur gives himself a dye job.

    Tuesday was a real doozy of a day with lots of coming and going and our regular schedule get upended. Things started out pretty much as expected with our day visitors arriving, first Baxter R, then after breakfast Oliver, Drake, Kali, Baxter W and Nala. Benny had to stay home cause he had a sore paw. 

    Then Mary and Stephanie had to get Owen and Arthur loaded in the car so they could get to their grooming appointment at Scruff To Fluff. It was timely as Arthur went for a roll in the patch of Turk's Cap Lilies and his head and back were recoloured a bright orange so a bath and a clip was the only way to get rid of the dye job. 


    When asked why he did such a crazy thing he admitted that he always wondered how he would have looked if he had been born an Orange Belton, like Owen,  rather than a Blue Belton.

    So off they went to spend the next four hours being bathed and clipped and the rest of us hung out with Kelsea while Angel did some house cleaning. We watched as Alice and then Lupin departed with their humans and the morning kept getting hotter by the minute. The cabana is a cool oasis for us when the morning sun is beating down so we hung out there until it was time for Hubble to arrive. 

    Mary and Stephanie arrived back after doing some errands and we were green with envy when we got a peek at the new soccer ball Mary bought for Owen and Arthur. We did form a pool to see who would be able to guess the number of minutes that the soccer ball would remain inflated. Arthur takes a great deal of pride in deflating them so it remained to be seen just how long this one would last. 

    Marley  , the German Shepherd gal, was dropped off for her late summer vacation and since she's so shy, we just let her hang out until she was ready to make some friends. 

    We got excited about the possibility of a trip to the beach which we were sure would help cool us off.



    While the water was a blessing, the trip back and forth was very tiring and buggy so we were happy to relax in the cabana after getting a long cold drink. The car trip was then made to pick up Owen and Arthur and Arthur's dye job was just a passing fad so he kicked the new soccer ball around a few times, Owen seemed to be more excited about playing with it. 


    So, no one scored big on the pool and after a few more minutes of play, the soccer ball was put away to live another day. Stephanie got the camera out and took a few photos of our recent arrivals, Jet  , Jada   , Hubble  , Wujek , and Thunder   .  

    The afternoon was racing by and it was soon time for Oliver, Drake, Kali, Baxter W and Nala  to all depart for their respective homes. Baxter R, Clover and Sammy all stayed for dinner and then they, too, got loaded into their vehicles and said goodbye. Even after the sun went down the air didn't cool off so it was another hot night for sleeping without our usual cool breeze.        

  • August 19, 2019 - Foggy Monday.

    Yes, it was a foggy day and that didn't mean it was cool cause it was still hot and humid. Daisy arrived early and after breakfast, Wujek, Clover and Gracie were all dropped off which meant that there had to be some bum sniffing and other introductions. We spent the morning over at the cabana so that Angel, the human, could get the house cleaning started by vacuuming and washing the floors.  

    We wanted to wait for Angel, the critter, to get here before we ventured down to the beach and once we got there we had a lot of fun and cooled off in the surf but the bugs were ravenous.


    Soon we had to move back up the hill to escape the biting and stinging and to get some lunch for Kelsea and Angel. While we were gone, little Holly was picked up by her humans and she was quite happy to go home with them so she could have some peace and quiet. 

    Gracie and Luke went home and after dinner, Daisy and Angel also departed. Later, a couple we haven't seen for a while drove up to the gate and hopped out. It was Jet, a mini Schnauzer and Jada, his Shih Tzu/Cairn sister.  They are going to stay for a few days and they immediately started their inspection to check out what changes there had been since their last visit, Even after the sun had been set for a few hours the heat didn't give up and we all went to bed hoping it would cool off overnight.    

  • August 18, 2019 - Luna's back for her annual vacation.

    When we got up this morning it appeared that it would be a cloudy day but the sun just couldn't stay behind those clouds so it turned out to be another hot and sunny day. No wind again today so we are being pestered by mosquitos particularly at the beach. The early morning arrivals included Luke and Marlea and once they had arrived, Kelsea took us down to the beach for some swims and the usual games, 

    While we were gone, Luna, the Doodle, was dropped off for her annual vacation and as usual, she acted like a drama queen when her human got ready to depart. But like every year, within the first ten minutes of her arrival, she always begins to enjoy the comradeship and fun that the other critters provide. Once the beach gang got back and were saying hello to her, she began to enjoy herself and was soon one of the gang.  Jasper was pleased to see his human at the gate shorty after this and they headed home  then the afternoon stretched ahead of us as Mary and Kelsea did some garden work and we played or just relaxed as they moved from one project to the next. Kelsea rounded all of us up and into the front yard or house so she could get some grass cutting done and Mary cleaned up a bunch of the veggies she had picked from her raised garden beds, picking out the best yellow and green beans for dinner tonight. The watering of the vegetables has become a major effort as there has only been about fifteen percent of the normal rain activity in the past month or so and the hot sun dries up the overnight dew in short order.    

    Max and Maggey got pretty excited when they saw their humans come to get them and with a chocolate treat for Mary and Kelsea to enjoy. The next departure was Price who wanted to take his log with him when he went to get in the truck  but his human made him leave it behind. It wasn't long before dinner was on the agenda and with our reduced complement, we didn't have a long wait. Later, Tali was picked up and Thunder was dropped off for a week's stay and Mary sat down to enjoy her dinner while we napped.  


  • August 17, 2019 - Another hot and busy Saturday in Seaforth.

    Saying goodbye to some new and old friends today as Maudie and Briar, Sammy MC and Riley were all reunited with their humans and made their  way home. We also welcomed back LaVie and Tali. Once our departures were done, Tali started making noises about heading down to the beach. Just one more beach goer to wait for and that was Stephanie's daughter, Ellie, who grabbed her boogie board and accompanied us to the shore. 

    There was just enough surf for Ellie to practise her strokes and LaVie was close by to give her some pointers while the rest of us chased balls and swam in the cool water enjoying every minute until it was time to head back to the house. Lupin seemed to be wondering if a boogie board would be a good way for him to stay afloat in the deeper water 








  • August 16, 2019 - The Price is right!

    Yes, it's me Price , the handsum Black Lab, and since I was the last arrival today and I don't have one of those Senior cards like Jasper, I have to do today's DogBlog. Since I wasn't here for most of the day I'm goin to have to rely on my buddies to give me the dope so here goes. Jordy was picked up by his human even before breakfast was served. 

    Baxter, Nala  and Shelby    were dropped off to spend the day and they got busy introducing themselves before big Sammy McN   arrived. Sammy McN usually only comes for the day but this time he's goin to spend the weekend with us and he's pretty pumped about that. My only concern to to be well out of range when he shakes his head so as not to get slobberd on. 

    Max   and Maggey    drove up to the gate on time and they hopped out ready for some fun with their friends. But first they started to get everyone excited by spreading a roomer that they were heading to the beach. Stephanie had to shush them up since the beach was still a ways off.  First, they had to wait for Shelby to go home and for Hali to get here. 

    Soon the favourite time of day rolled around, the beach hike, and off they went down the hill to enjoy the cool water. Even Hali couldn’t resist the water today.  That's her, the little brown speck, racing down the hill on her way to a cool dip. 


    The three Border Collies, Briar, Maudie and Auggie made sure Stephanie gave everyone a turn at fetching the balls.


    Even Owen tried, but with his malocclusion it’s almost impossible for him to grab a ball in the water, so he just kept swimming farther and farther from shore, pushing the ball even further out with every attempt. Stephanie called him back and Super Alice,  the Wonder Retriever,  went out and got the ball for him. Here she is showing off the fact that she can hold two balls in her mouth at once.

    The rest of the gang had loads of fun racing around and checking out all the interesting piles of seaweed or just rolling in the sand. I'm real sorry I had to miss it.  



    When they returned to the house, they were all very thirsty, hot and a bit weak from all the blood-sucking mosquitoes, so they flopped down in the shade and had a long rest.  So then Nala had a happy reunion with her human after her month long summer vacation, I arrived and Finnigan, Baxter and Nala went home. Tomorrow I'm looking forward to my race down to the beach.    

  • August 15, 2019 - Lots of paw pointing going on around here.

    Yes, it's Friday evening and suddenly we get a report that that yesterday's DogBlog wasn't posted and this has lead to a big flap. No one is accepting responsibility for this oversight preferring to point their paw at the next guy. Holly is insisting that it was Jasper's job since he was the latest arrival on Thursday but Jasper has a senior's pass-the-buck card and he insists that it should have been Finnigan's job since he arrived on Thursday and he's not a senior.

    Finnigan was upset and said that he had no idea he was supposed to do this and besides he doesn't know how to boot up the computer. He wanted to know if there was an App for this job. So here we are still arguing about who should do the post and Mary has had to step in and try to get yesterday's activities documented so our public will be informed. Alice was very helpful as she gave a report on the numerous morning departures that started right after the breakfast dishes were done. The rest of us agreed with her recollections and added a few comments of our own.  First there was the three Bassets clambering in their truck and heading home and the sudden quiet that descended on us. Things got even quieter once Benji hopped in his van and Daisy took her high-pitched squeals home with her a little later. Alice thought that it was much too quiet so she did her best to fill that void. 

    Naga said we completely forgot to mention that Baxter and Benson had arrived to spend the day along with Kelsea and her dog LaVie. Gracie piped up at this point and said that we had our beach walk after all that fuss was done and there were lots to write about. Here are some photos instead including a few that the nature lover, Annie, thought should be included. 






    So, lunch for Kelsea and Stephanie was next on the agenda once we returned to the house and while they were eating, we relaxed in the sunroom. Jasper was dropped off by his human along with a jar of homemade Plum Jam but he chose to remain on his own for a while. Riley did get a chance to say hello but he thought that Jasper was miffed about missing the beach walk since it is his favorite thing.  Soon Annie, who was nicknamed Miss Goody Four Paws by Nikku, had a boisterous reunion with her humans and Mary gave them a glowing report of Annie's stay with us. To hear Mary tell it, you would think that Annie should be nominated for the Top Dog Award. 

    So here we are still bickering over who should do Friday's DogBlog but, fortunately, Price arrived late this afternoon and being such a good guy, he has stepped up and said he would do the job as long as we don't make fun of his spelling and grammer, oops, grammar.              

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