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  • January 24, 2020 - Now there's a Brachy Bunch.

    Yes, you guessed it, with all of the noise about the Oodle Club and how exclusive it seemed to be, some other guests have petitioned to form a club of their own. They are a unique group, distinguishable by their facial structure. Here are some photos, including that well-known 'Brachy Blogger', the original Big Boss himself, Cocoa ( may he rest in peace ).

    Atticus and Chloe                                            Cocoa                                                             Duke


    Are you seeing it? Brachycephalic is the scientific word that vets use to describe short-nosed or flat-faced dogs. Duke, Atticus and Chloe have made it clear that their 'Brachy Bunch' will have an exclusive membership and they have reached out to some others who would be eligible, like Stanley  , the Brussels Griffon, Willis,  , the Boston Terrier, Finnigan , the French Bulldog , Rocky  , the Shih Tzu and Shelby  , the Valley Bull Dog. There was a comment from someone in the peanut gallery about eligibility being based upon the snoring talent of the member but this was dismissed as probably coming from a Brachy wannabe. Anyway, enough of that, back to our day. 

    It was another dramatic sunrise and the inland patches of fog made for some interesting photos. 


    Our Friday regulars arrived, Baxter, Nala and Shelby, who, as soon as she heard about the Brachy Bunch, wanted to join. We spent the day with Stephanie because Mary had to go into the city for another appointment and we played a lot while Stephanie got some chores done and took some photos. The coast guard vessel sat off the beach and a helicopter kept flying overhead and the ravens were watching us, hoping we might drop a dog biscuit and forget to come back for it. Ha! Fat chance that'll ever happen.  





    After Mary got back from the city, Stephanie took Owen, Baxter, Nala, Tessa and Shelby to the beach for a hike and the waves were a little bigger than they expected but that didn't keep the intrepid adventurers from dashing into the surf a few times. When that bunch got back, Kelsea had arrived and she gathered up Marcy, Tilley, Robbie and Duke and they got to race down the hill ahead of Arthur and Chloe while the first group enjoyed a rest in the sunroom.

    When the second group got back to the house, it was time for Tilley to be picked up and then Baxter, Nala and Shelby said goodbye till next week. Dinner was yummy and the naps after dinner resonated to the rumbling snores of, you guessed it, the Brachy Bunch.   

  • January 23, 2020 - Archie chimes in and gives us a great report.

    Hello there. My name is Archie  and I've offered to write the DogBlog report for today. First I wanted to show you the this morning’s sunrise which produced a very dramatic effect which Stephanie captured on her way to Ellie’s bus stop.

    We were all ‘ up and at em’  earlier than usual as we had a pre-breakfast arrival by the name of Marcy who has stayed with us many times so it didn't take her long to get settled. She had eaten her breakfast in the car on her way to see us so she got busy doing a perimeter check and waiting for Stephanie to arrive. Then we all heard a car climbing the driveway and we thought it was Stephanie trying to surprise Mary by showing up early, but no, it was a surprise arrival by the name of Tessa who wasn't expected until tomorrow morning. Someone got their dates confused but no problem,  we were all wide awake. 

    We gathered around to say hello and make her feel welcome and she was very happy to see all of us. Tessa is a Lagotto Romangnolo with a lovely curly coat similar to mine.  I suggested that she should be my first 'honorary' member of the Oodle Club.  Isn’t she just the prettiest gal? I think I'm in love. 

    Stephanie did arrive, right on time and got busy preparing our delicious breakfast. Everyone ate in the mudroom except me as I like to have breakfast in the dining room with Mary, like any civilized creature. Once the breakfast service was all finished, we waited for our daycare friends, Benson, Kali and Clover and Tilley to get here. Tilley  is regular member of the Oodle Club by virtue of being a, Labradoodle and he's always full of fun and enjoys games of chase.

    Once everyone was settled in, Stephanie took all of us for a stroll around the fields and picked up dog blossoms along the way. 



    Tilley and I had a meeting and decided that we would also add Clover  and Benson   as honorary members of the Oodle club as they were feeling somewhat left out.  They are both cute and have curly hair, so why not, its close enough. We all came inside to warm up and soon the beach gang were off again, dashing through the snow off to see what the tide had washed up. I appointed Tilley to be the official gossip getter as I only enjoy the beach when it is warm and sunny so I didn't go. I figured Mary might need me for something important so I opted to stay behind with her as well as Rory, Zag, Inky and Atticus. 

    When they returned from the beach, Tilley's report wasn't very detailed but I suppose it got the message across. It read as follows and I added the punctuation to make it more readable: 

    "Fun! Chasing! Ocean! Ice on rocks! Everyone well behaved, took turns fetching balls and listening to Stephanie. Many treats handed out! Walk back up hill harder than usual because of slippery snow. Fun.”

     Stephanie took lots of pictures which helped to illustrate Tilley’s report.



    Everyone decided to warm up inside and take a nap while Stephanie did some computer work and made her lunch. Mary decided to run a few errands in Porters Lake while we were napping and when Mary arrived back, she was happy to report she scored two ‘ fifty percent off ’ lamb roasts. Soon after that Kelsea arrived for her afternoon shift and we joined her on a nice stroll through the East field. There were lots of good smells in there to keep us busy for a while, then we supervised as Kelsea and Stephanie did some work on a low hanging gate. Next it was time for the three day-care friends to depart and we could then enjoy a delicious dinner  while Ellie beat Mary at Crazy Eights, four games to two before Stephanie, Ellie and Kelsea left to go home. After all that outdoor time and fresh air, everyone except me was soon fast asleep.  I was very busy editing this DogBlog posting which I'm sure will be remembered as one of the 'best-written and most informative' ones ever posted. 

  • January 22, 2020 - More support for the troops.

    Today, Wednesday, was a sunny day and the temperature climbed above freezing which was a  welcome change. Oliver and Drake were dropped off with us for the day, followed by that wild youngster, Nala J and then Mika. Nala got busy right away showing off her speed and fast turns and Drake was happy to give chase. Mika also thought that Nala was good fun so she got into the action as well and the geese flew over honing their encouragement.   



    All of this activity took place over at the cabana since this was house cleaning day and we have been known to get in the way of that process. Robbie was having lots of fun skimming over those frozen snow banks and his brother Rory, was with Mary enjoying some quiet time.  


    Duke was giving Oliver some pointers on perimeter patrol in the North Field and Atticus had elected to stay over at the house so he could stand guard over the food in the fridge. 


    About mid-morning, the most senior officer of the Little Dog Troop, Zag , was driven up to the gate by his handler and he promptly reviewed the  troops and declared that he had to collect some hair samples for his DNA program after noticing the new day visitor, Nala. Nala was quite perplexed when she began to feel the hair in her tail being grabbed every time she ran by Zag so she soon decided the best place to be was somewhere else.  

    That's when Stephanie announced the beach trip and she gathered her group and off they went to enjoy the surf and the sand. 



    Nala enjoyed her second beach visit even more than the first since she kind of knew what to expect and she enjoyed splashing around with all her friends and catching a few orange balls. 

    We returned to the house, tired, thirsty and wet and we only got a short break before we all got to meet a new friend, named Molly. She inherited the family of Guiness who was one of the very first dogs to ever stay  here about thirteen years ago. Molly was a very pleasant guest and she enjoyed playing with us and going for walks with us while Stephanie took some photos of our games of chase. 


    Archie, who looked like a mini-me of Molly, fell madly in love with her and he tried his best to keep up with her but his short little legs let him down. He made it clear to Drake that Molly didn't fancy him and he should look elsewhere for his romantic interest. 


    After Molly left, Mary put some Cabbage Patch Soup on the table for lunch and we settled down to enjoy the warm sunshine in the sunroom while Stephanie uploaded her photos. Before we knew it, it was time for Mika, Nala ,Oliver and Drake to go home and then dinner was served and dusk settled over Seaforth. 






  • January 21, 2020 - Little Critters Rule!

    Hi to all my fans out there in cyberspace. It's me, Duke , the Pug, bringing you the lowdown on today's action.  Tuesday started out much every Tuesday,  with the return of Baxter and Nala and the arrival of Benny for the day. The other pair that usually come on Tuesday, Oliver and Drake, opted to switch to Wednesday this week.  It was a cold morning but the sun was shining and that was enough to get us outside, posing for the camera.  I was busy, getting all my fellow guests lined up including these fine feathered guys who perch on the barn roof.  



    Mid-morning, I   spied a car at the gate and told Hubble to get up on the picnic table   to see who it was. He told me it looked like a potential pick-up so I alerted Stephanie who gathered up our friend, Hunter, so he could have a noisy reunion with his humans.  After such a hectic morning, I needed a chance to rest up so I would be ready for the afternoon treat. 

    I helped Stephanie and Angel get everyone assembled for a beach walk and as usual we all made a big fuss racing ahead and howling at nothing. The beach was covered with lots of icy rocks and tree roots but we had lots of fun on the open sandy parts and splashing in the tidal pools. 





    After we had our fun, I hustled everyone up the hill and back to the house where I promptly found my favorite dog bed and fell fast asleep. All that fresh air and sunshine really promotes napping before dinner.  Our busy day wasn't over yet, as our two Cairn Terrierists, Rory   and Robbie   drove up to the gate and hopped out of their limo accompanied by their chauffeur and a good supply of food. Don't let those sweet expressions fool you, those two can really kick off some wild times and they usually spend the first hour marking every tree, shrub and snow bank.  They were just getting settled in and had been introduced to everyone, when another little buddy arrived. This time it was Archie,   and he was ready to get out there and mingle with some old friends as well as make some new ones. He didn't have much time to get to know Hubble as his human arrived to get him and the Baxter and Nala were also escorted through the gate to go home. Stephanie started dinner and Benny departed and then we ate a beautifully prepared repast. Tonight, I have finally signed off duty and with only six little guests to keep track of, Mary should be able to handle things without me.   

  • January 20, 2020 -

    Monday was a day spent having fun with a few of our good friends and Gracie. Yes, Gracie comes to join us on Mondays but she has no interest in being friends with any of us, she only wants to get down to the beach and fetch balls. That's okay, we don't take it personally. Gracie is a Border Collie, enough said. Karter got the call to say he would be heading home and his human arrived as promised and departed with his buddy.   

    The unexpected surprise was the arrival of Baxter and Nala who usually come on Tuesdays but they really wanted to enjoy an extra play day and they both love being with us, with or without a beach hike. We hung out at the cabana for most of the morning while the snow shoveling was done around the house to clear some of the snow and ice off the veranda and steps and to get the numerous gates freed from the frozen white stuff. 

    At lunch time, once all the snow removal was finished, we returned to the house and relaxed in the sunroom while Angel made a trip down the beach path to check it out for ice and deep snow. The 'go-or-no-go' decision would be based upon her findings since Mary didn't want us to  slip and fall or get hung up in the crusty snow but angel returned with a positive report so we assembled for our hike and enjoyed a good time checking out the beach for the next hour. 

    After we returned to the house, Kelsea arrived and Angel departed for the day and we hung out with Kelsea while she did some barn work until it was time for Baxter, Nala and Gracie to go home. Dinner was yummy and we enjoyed our naps until Mary roused us to take our late walk.           

  • January 18 & 19, 2020 - The downs and ups of a Nova Scotia winter weekend.

    Saturday came with lots of sun but bitter cold with high winds. Our gal Daisy arrived to spend the day with us and she can really liven things up as she races around.  We did get to meet a new friend, Louie by name, who has come to live in the home of our old friend Maddy. He is a young Cockapoo and very friendly and full of fun. Louie would like to stay here for a week at the end of the month and after getting to meet all of us, we gave him a big 'thumb-up'. 

    After Louie's visit, we went back inside to warm up, Stephanie left for the day, Kelsea arrived to stay with us and Mary went into the city for a memorial service. We had fun on our brief outings and Tali was picked up by her human, grumbling because she didn't get to go to the beach today. Later Kelsea prepared us a lovely dinner and Mary arrived home with a carload of groceries which Kelsea helped her to move to the house. We could smell fresh beef liver so it wasn't safe to leave any of those bags unwatched, particularly when Atticus started to brag about how he would be having liver for dinner during the coming week. 

    It was still very cold, minus twelve, when we took our late walk but at least the winds had died down. When we woke on Sunday morning, everything had changed outside as the snow had been falling fast and furious for a few hours and the temperature had come up twelve degrees, so now it was just around zero but the East-South-East wind was howling at about fifty km/h, with gusts up to seventy km/h. This was causing some drifting in the driveway and around the house but we still raced outside to check out the situation. 

    Kelsea arrived to get us some breakfast and take us outside for some exercise which some of us appreciated but others did not and then Mary started cooking that yummy liver which smelled so good we all wanted to have a bit on our dinner tonight.  Rollie arrived to plow up the drifts from the driveway and Pippin and Breagha were reunited with their humans which was a very lively scene and soon they were loaded in the car and on their way home. We pretended that we wanted to go outside after that but once we all had a sniff of the plowed snow banks and slipped and slid on the ice, we were back at the door.

    Mary found a few photos from the last few days which didn't make it into the DogBlog so she wanted us to put them in today's report. 

    Chloe and Atticus                                                     Tali and Hubble


    Breagha and Pippin 

    Inky                                                                           Hunter 


    This photo present an optical illusion, of sorts, in that it appears that the distant islands are floating above the water. The big one is Jeddore Rock which is about twenty miles east of us and in the foreground is the abandoned fishermen's reserve in East Chezzetcook which is about half a mile from our beach.   



  • January 16 & 17, 2020

    Thursday was a snowy day from start to finish but the interesting thing about that was, there wasn't much snow on the ground at the end of the day. But by dinner time the wind had really picked up and what snow had fallen started to drift so it would require the plow by Friday morning. 

    So, the bottom line was we didn't do much on Thursday except welcome Maybelle and Skit who came to spend the day and a little later, Hunter, who arrived for a short vacation. The cold temperatures and the snow were not to the liking of Atticus, Inky and Duke so short trips outside were more to their liking, followed by a warm bed and a nap. Maybelle and Pippin, with their thick coats, did play a few games of chase but Breagha, Hunter and Karter preferred to watch through the windows while Skit stretched out on the sofa. 

    Dinner time rolled around, Maybelle and Skit were picked up by their human and the snow continued with high winds causing white-out conditions and that went on all night so that Thursday migrated into Friday and the snow continued, only now it was even windier. Most of the province's schools were closed but not those in the Halifax Regional Municipality. Shelby, who usually comes to spend the day on Friday, called to cancel her visit but Baxter and Nala braved the cold temperatures and arrived right on time. Stephanie had an appointment just after breakfast so after she got the horse fed, she drove up to Porters Lake while we enjoyed a quiet time with Mary until Stephanie got back and Mary had to leave for an appointment in Halifax. 

    Fortunately, Mary was able to get a drive into the city with Baxter and Nala's human in his Jeep, make her appointment on time and then get driven back home, after a stop at the LF Bakery. Thanks a bunch Wim, it was very kind of you to do this on such a nasty day. Baxter and Nala went home and the temperature kept dropping until it is now time for our late walk and it's minus thirteen, with a windchill factor that makes it feel like minus twenty-four.  No one wants to go for a walk ... what a surprise!    

  • January 15, 2020 - A little snow and a little Nala.

    Wednesday was a wintery kind of day. The gentle snow flakes started falling just before we had our breakfast and they continued all day however, they didn’t amount to much.

    We had quite a line up of daycare friends who came to join us for some fun today.  Kali   got here just before breakfast, then Benson   arrived after breakfast. A new Golden gal, who is also called Nala  , was next to drive up to start her day of fun. Boy was she raring to go.  We all raced out to meet her and every time one of us approached her, she would flip over on her back and play dead. The humans call this submissive behaviour but we know it's all just a big act.  Once she warmed up to all of us, she was racing around and playing games in no time.  The next day-player to arrive was Mika  , she and Nala hit it off right away and took off bounding through the fields  .   

    Mary had to go in to the city for an appointment this morning and, once she left, we all headed over to the barn so Angel could start the house cleaning. We had fun showing Nala all our favourite play spots and she got to sniff the horse as he put his head over the fence then she flipped over on her back until he walked away.  Our buddy Lupin’s human came to collect him around mid-morning and she left a big box of treats to say thanks for keeping him an extra day.  We heard her tell Stephanie about the cottage where she was staying. It was hit with the a heavy load of freezing rain and everything got encased in ice, including her car, so she had quite an ordeal trying to get home.  Next Tucker got the call that he would be going home today and he was quite excited at the prospect of his humans reading his report for yesterday's DogBlog. 

    Once Angel finished the house cleaning, she and Stephanie had some lunch and then Angel took a small group to the beach. Mika, Benson, Breagha, Kali and Nala snuck away to the seashore, while Stephanie distracted the rest of us with liver treats. 




    Since it was Nala’s first beach tip Angel wanted to be able to keep a close eye on her and didn’t want her to be intimidated by anyone, so that’s why the rest of us stayed back with Stephanie.  We didn’t mind and soon we were all cuddled up having a nap.


    When the beach gang returned it was time for Angel to head home for the day so the wet ones warmed up and dried off napping with the rest of us while they waited for their humans to collect them.  Eventually, the day visitors went home and we could finally have our dinner. Mary returned home with her friend, Beth, and they had a big bucket of KFC with them for dinner. We had to watch from behind the French doors of the living room as they enjoyed their tasty treat and the smell of that chicken made us drool puddles on the floor. After Beth left too go home, we settled down in front of the TV and Mary promptly fell asleep, only waking when Stephanie arrived back to take us for our late walk.    

  • January 14,2020- A day of fun and games

    Hello I'm Tucker .I will be reporting on today's activities but if you're looking for juicy tidbits of gossip or salacious hearsay, you'll have to go elsewhere. 

    Tuesday was a little more exciting because the day players, Oliver, Drake and Benny rolled in just after breakfast was served and they seem to have boundless energy when they first arrive. Angel reported for duty around the same time and got started with that daily task which is necessary, but not so glamorous, Poop Patrol.  We all went out to fraternize with the newcomers and accompany Angel on her task. Soon most of us moved over to the cabana to play with Angel while Mary and Stephanie met three little dogs thaat have never been here before.

    There were two Havaneese and a Yochon (Bichon/Yorkie mix)   The two Havaneese were a bit overwhelmed, and not so crazy about being out of their owners’ sight, so it was agreed that a test stay of a few hours should be set up.  Once that was all wrapped up, lunch was prepared and served to the humans.  Even though we all pleaded a good case as to why we should all get a yummy tuna melt, it was a no-go.  Next, Charlie was reunited with his human and told him all about the fun birthday party he had while he was here. We are sure he will have some sleep to catch up on when he gets home.

    As a trade off for not getting a tuna melt, we got a fun beach hike instead.  Baxter, Nala and Maya headed down first with Angel so they wouldn’t get trampled by the keeners like Oliver, Drake, Benny, Breagha and Duke.  Once they were down the path, Stephanie followed with the keeners and Owen.  





    Fun was had by all and once all the balls were put away, Arthur and Karter were allowed to race down to meet everyone at the waters edge. Stephanie said it was a tie, but judging from the photo, I’d say Karter was the winner. 

    Once we got back from the beach it was nap time while we waited for the day-dogs plus Baxter and Nala, who had a double sleepover this week, to be picked up. Once they all went their separate ways, we got to eat dinner, then after dinner, Maya was picked up by her human and the rest of us continued on our napping duties. All in all a very pleasant day for me and all my friends.  

  • January 14, 2020 - Meeting new friends is fun.

    Today, Tuesday, started off as usual with the arrival of Oliver and Drake and then Benny. 

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