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Country Critter Sitters

  • April 10, 2019 - Just a few flurries after the storm.

    The morning got off to a busy start beginning with the early arrival of Kali followed by Hunter's appearance at the gate, Stephanie was busy getting our breakfast ready so she told them that they would have to amuse themselves for a while until things settled down a bit.

    We marched into the mudroom in groups of two or three and gobbled down our food before heading outside with our dog biscuits. Just as the last of us had finished eating, Angle arrived to assist with the three additional day visitors, Oliver, Drake and Mika. After the meds were dispenses, Stephanie took us to the cabana so Angel could get started on the house cleaning and we had a great time racing around the North field in the snow that remained overnight. 

    Stephanie had to go and pick up Ellie at school so Angel took over dog sitting duties. Sam L was dropped off for his log vacation stay and he was very excited to be back so soon and to find his girlfriend, Heidi, waiting patiently for his return. The next excitement was the big oil truck backing up the driveway with a load of furnace oil and of course, this coincided with the arrival of Cuff's human who wanted to take Cuffs home and leave a box of homemade cookies in her place. Unfortunately, these were human cookies and not dog cookies so we didn't even get a whiff. 

    By the time all of these activities were taken care of and all of Sam's gourmet meals were put away, it was almost time to say goodbye to our day visitors. Kali, Oliver, Drake and Mika got picked up and returned home so we could concentrate on dinner which was well prepared and tasty as usual.  After Hunter left, Angel departed and we all headed inside, out of the snow showers that continue to fall. Mary says the weather forecast for tomorrow looks good and the tide will be low in the morning so we should be getting rested up for a beach hike.  That sounded good to us so we didn't need any stronger incentive to get to bed early.  Lumie looks like she was already asleep when this photo was taken earlier. 



  • April 9, 2019 - Old Man Winter returns.

    Old man winter paid us a visit overnight. We were all eager to get out and see everything that had a fresh blanket of snow covering it. We hear the humans grumbling about it now and then, but we love to see the snow. The regular plow guy, Rollie, called to tell Mary that he just got his foot operated on so he wasn't going to be able to clear the snow. His back-up guy, Bugsie, wouldn't be able to get here until the afternoon so we called in Kaptain Keegan, the snow plowing super hero/handyman. He sent word that he had a flat tire and would be much later than hoped for, so once Baxter R was dropped off for his day of fun, Stephanie closed the gate and started feeding us our breakfast. Once she got about half way through – SURPRISE, the plow guy showed up, so she and Mary had to scurry around and get us all safely inside so the gate could be opened for him. Once the plowing was done, she resumed feeding us our breakfast.

    The excitement continued when Nikku arrived for his long stay and all his homemade meals had to be packed into the freezer. Soon it was Baxter W and Daisy at the gate, eager to join their friends for a day of fun. They were both excited to be back despite having just gone home a few days before after ten day stay. They were both bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

    Due to the bad weather, the schools were delayed in opening by two hours, which meant the school bus was two hours later than usual, so Ellie missed it because of all the commotion around here.  As soon as everyone was settled and Stephanie had the horses fed and turned out to play in the fresh snow, she drove Ellie to school. Upon her return we could got out to play while she was busy shoveling all the gates, veranda and the pathways to the manure pile and the North field. We do love playing in the snow as you can see.





    We were all surprised when Mary announced that Inky was going home after his long winter vacation, He seemed to be a permanent fixture, like Atticus, but twenty minutes later he and his bag of food were picked up by his human. So long Inky! Then it was Luke, Rudi and Charly's turn to depart with their humans and their excitement was a sight to see, especially since the three of them had to all squeeze into the back seat of a small car. The day was fast moving as the snow needed to be cleared before it got too cold tonight  and Marley was the next one to get a call and head back to her family. This mass exodus continued when Baxter W and Daisy were picked up and after dinner, Baxter R left to go home as well. 

    There was one arrival after dinner to make up for the sudden reduction in our numbers. Ollie, the Shih Tzu, arrived for a stay and he was pretty excited to be here and couldn't resist heading out into the snowy front yard to explore and bark at the stars.   


  • April 8, 2019 - Thunder rolled in to Seaforth today.

    We awoke to a lovely sunny morning and couldn't resist dashing outside to greet the day so Mary could get ready for another trip to the hospital to have her eye checked out. Stephanie was on-duty for breakfast this morning and Angel arrived just as we were finishing our meal so she could organize us to greet Shelby who arrived to spend the day. Once the introductions were done, we set off with Angel to take care of the Poop Patrol and Mary's ride got here to pick her up.  The level of excitement increased a short while later, when Luke was dropped off for the day and as usual he raced around giving all of us a big wet kiss. His way of saying he loves it here. It wasn't long after this that the Thunder arrived; that's Thunder the Shelty dog   who loves all his friends and he was particularly keen on playing with Luke and Carlos and Shelby.



    We had lots of fun playing and as the day progressed it did get overcast with a winter storm forecast to arrive this evening. Mary arrived back just in time for Stephanie and Angel to take us to the beach before Shelby and Luke had to go home. 

    Here we are enjoying our beach hike. 



    As the dinner hour approached, we headed back to the house and said goodbye to Luke and Shelby before settling down to eat dinner and enjoy a quiet evening after a busy day. 


  • April 6 & 7, 2019 - Introducing Dylan and Jordy.

    Saturday morning brought us two new friends to show around and get to know. The first was Dylan, a friendly nine-year-old  guy who just moved to Nova Scotia from Ottawa. He would like to come and stay here while his human is doing some touring with friends and we all agreed that he would be welcome. We took Dylan for a stroll around the yards and he seemed to relax once we had done all the proper introductions. 

    Once Dylan left, it wasn't long before another new friend, Jordy, the Greyhound, dressed in a bright ,orange jacket drove up to the gate and we were back on welcome duty.  Like most Greyhounds, Jordy doesn't get an opportunity to play off-leash so he was pretty excited to be able to run around the yards with us and his prancing gait was very impressive. Jordy was also very friendly and he will fit in here without a problem so his human will begin planning a Spring trip.

    We headed back into the house for a while to get warmed up since the cold, drizzle is continuing and we were expecting our buddy, Reggie, the Golden Boy, to get here for his vacation. Reggie arrived right on time and he was very excited to see all of us and wanted to go out and play, regardless of the cold and wet. Poor guy, he had a hard time convincing any of us to head back outside until Pace relented and went out to play with him.  The afternoon was quiet and we waited patiently for our dinner, after which, Stephanie took us for a nice walk since the cold rain had finally moved off. Later, Oliver was reunited with his human who brought Mary a lovely bouquet of tulips to brighten up the house. 

    Sunday dawned sunny and much warmer and we raced outside to begin the day in our usual, noisy fashion, checking to see if any interesting critters visited during the night. Kelsea arrived to get our breakfast and we gave her our boisterous welcome before cleaning up every last morsel. That's when Daisy and Baxter got the call to say they were going home and within half an hour they were walking up the ramp and into the back of their jeep. We're going to miss those two big love-puppies. We spent some time outside with Kelsea waiting for the tide to fall so she could take us to the beach. Briar Rose got here in time to enjoy the beach with us and when the time came, we were all very excited and the race down the hill was epic.

    While we were gone, Remington was picked up by his human and he departed for home, looking forward to being able to sleep for an extended period of time.  When we returned from the beach, wet and tired, we all agreed that a nap in the sunroom was in order until dinner time. Briar Rose was the next to make herself scarce and then Kelsea started getting our food ready and serving us our rations. After dinner, we took a walk and then settled down for a nap while Mary fell asleep in front of the TV.      

  • April 5, 2019 - Friday Fun.

    It wasn't nearly as windy today as it has been so the surf was much calmer and we heard Mary and Kelsea discussing the plans for our beach hike. Otis and Ted were excited to see their human arrive just after breakfast and she brought a box of chocolate croissants for Mary, Stephanie and Kelsea. We had to wait for Winnie and Rosie to get here before going to the beach so while we waited we followed Kelsea around as she did some clean up jobs outside. 

    As soon as the car arrived and Winnie and Rosie disembarked, we started getting ready for our beach fun and it wasn't long before we were racing down the hill to the shore. It was a great adventure as the heavy surf and rain had washed everything and there was lots to explore.  We chased balls and splashed in the surf and had some great swims  before heading back to the house. There we enjoyed a long, cold drink of fresh water and searched out our favorite napping spots. The rest of the afternoon sped by and soon it was time for Sam to go home with his humans and Kelsea started getting our dinner ready. 

    After dinner, Mary took us for a walk around the East pasture and soon it was time  for Kelsea to head home and we had a sleepy time while Mary got caught up on some correspondence. Stephanie was back around ten o'clock to take us for our last walk and feed the horses and we were all more than willing to retire for the night once we got back to the house. 








  • April 4, 2019 - Caper's Spa Treatment

    Thursday was a nice change after the heavy rains of yesterday and a few people took advantage of their rain checks so we had six , day visitors arrive early. Most notable was Luke who was so tightly wound up it took him until late afternoon to slow down even a little bit.  Fortunately, Mika was here and she loves to play chase with him and wrestle, so she kept him busy. 

    In addition to the day visitors, our old buddy Saki arrived and our dear sweetie, Jasper, left to return home. We were happy to follow Kelsea and Stephanie around as they worked on setting things back in order after that vicious wind storm yesterday. The wind today is still blowing hard but the direction has changed to the North-West which gives us a little bit more of a break. 

    Our girl, Pace, drove up to the gate just before lunch and she was very excited to be back amongst her friends and she played all afternoon. The surf was still very wild down at the shore, even when the low tide arrived, so a beach hike was not in the cards today. This meant that Caper had to seek his entertainment elsewhere and here is his story. He was very proud of his handiwork. 



    In the late afternoon, Heidi's boyfriend Sam was dropped off for an overnight stay and they were very excited to see one another again. Mary on the other hand, though she was seeing quadruple again as these two are so similar. 


    The two of them tried to take a nice stroll together but that wind just drove them back to the house. Soon it was time for the day visitors to head home so we could have our dinner and then relax inside away from the unrelenting wind. The last, busy part of the day was to say goodbye to Beta and Dickens as they were reunited with their humans and didn't hesitate to hop in the car.   


  • April 3, 2019 - Rain, rain and more rain

    Today's activities were mostly governed by precipitation which started right at breakfast and lasted until after dinner. Our three, day visitors, Kali, Hunter and Mika, cancelled their visits and two of them took a rain check for tomorrow. After we ate, Stephanie loaded Owen and Arthur into the car so she could deliver them to their grooming appointment at Scruff to Fluff. In their case, the scruff is going to take most of the day to wash and clip so they look a little more civilized. 

    We hung out with Angel and Mary until Stephanie got back and then our other two Cairn Terrors, Rory and Robbie arrived for their spring vacation. Rory and Otis look so much alike, Mary is sure she's now seeing quadruple instead of just double, so it's a good thing that Robbie and Ted are different colours. 



    After Rory and Robbie got introduced to everyone, we had to move over to the cabana so Angel could get the house cleaning done and it was raining very hard over there with no windbreak. Stephanie took some photos of us, mostly relaxing and napping while the bad weather continued. 



    Lunch time rolled around and we returned to the house with Stephanie where the main course was Hamburger Soup.  Soon it was time to pick up Owen and Arthur  and Angel too us out for a while she did a poop patrol but the break in the rain was very short lived so we stayed outside just long enough to welcome the two well trimmed Setters back home. 

    Dinner was soon in front of us  as the day started to wind down and Angel, Stephanie and Ellie departed for home. There was a short period around eight o'clock when the winds, which had been blowing hard from the south-east died down but the respite was only long enough for a shift westerly . That's when we felt the house shake a few times as some gusts must have been reaching ninety km/h.

  • April 2, 2019 - Tuesday and a double beach run is in order.

    Tuesday, sunny but still cool and lots of early arrivals. Baxter R, Drake, Oliver and Benny are all here to have a good time, Angel has to do some house cleaning so we make ourselves scarce over to the cabana with Stephanie and we enjoy a great beach hike as well. Today, we do two groups and Angel takes the second group after the first ones get back.  Stephanie had the big dogs in her group and they had loads of fun chasing one another around in the sand and the surf. Henry, Oliver, Caper Remington, Baxter R , Baxter W, Luke, Rudi, Charly ,Cuffs, Oliver, Drake and Benny raced down that hill like they were running the Kentucky Derby but the trip back to the house was much slower and less energetic. 

    Angel assembled her group which included Lumie, Otis, Ted and Jasper with Owen and Arthur invited to join them after they got to the shore . Otis and Ted were over the moon with excitement and they explored every inch of the beach before returning with Angel  so she could have some lunch. Joe was here today to continue the job of cleaning the winter paddocks and Stephanie drove him home before picking up Ellie at the bus stop after school. Meanwhile, we enjoyed taking a few walks with Angel before the day visitors Oliver, Drake and Benny had to depart. and Stephanie prepared  our dinner which was delicious as usual. After the clean up, Angel, Baxter, Stephanie and Ellie  went home and we enjoyed a quiet evening napping in our favorite spots until Stephanie arrived back to take us for our late walk under the stars.   

  • April 1, 2019 - No one remembered it was April Fool's Day.

    Monday had a dreary start, which was a welcome d by Mary as she had to travel back into the city to visit the eye doctor, yet again, and sitting in a sunny car for an hour would be torture Today, she is very grateful to Hunter R’s human for the drive to her appointment and even more so for the drive back home. Hunter was excited because he got to spend the day with his friends .

    Since it was raining, Shelby decided to stay at home but our little buddy Luke joined us, hoping that the weather would improve. Watson was reunited with his human and they were both very happy to one another. Luke’s hopes were granted as the skies started to clear and Angel gathered us together for a beach adventure.

    Off we went, racing one another to see who would be the first one to hit the surf and that little Lumie was the winner again. There’s no fooling around in Lumie’s beach plans and ,while the others are barking, acting silly and jumping around one another, she is making a beeline for the shore line. They all had a great time and later on Stephanie got the camera out and took a few photos.

    Sunday arrivals, Carlos, Heidi and Marley M.


    Monday arrivals Otis, Teddy, Henry and Luke. 



    Dickens and Beta are enjoying themselves and Jasper kept Daisy company. 



    Bauer was picked up by his human and he was more than ready for a good long rest after his busy beach visits. Luke went home just before dinner and then Mary arrived back with a carload of groceries. Once the groceries were moved into the house, Hunter could reclaim his hatch and let his human know that he was in a hurry to get home and have his dinner. Stephanie and Ellie headed home for their dinner after such a busy day, and Mary sat down in her chair and promptly fell asleep. 

    Fortunately, the groceries remained untouched on the kitchen counter ( a late April Fools Joke ? ) until Mary woke up and then it was Gracie's turn to race to the gate and say hello to her humans and goodbye to the rest of us. 

  • March 30 & 31, 2019 - March is leaving like a lamb.

    Today , Sunday,  brought us our warmest day so far in 2019 with sunny skies when we went to the beach this morning. Yesterday, Saturday was also sunny but not quite as warm though we did enjoy a great hike to the beach with Stephanie.  Here are bunches of photos for you to enjoy. 









    Over the weekend Theo, Marley R, and Lily returned to their respective homes and  we welcomed the arrival of Caper, Hedi, Carlos and Marley M. It looks like it's going to be a busy week so lets hope the warm sunny weather continues. 




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