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Country Critter Sitters

  • February 3, 2019 - Marley and Tali join the fun for the day..

    It continued cold and a stiff north-westerly wind was blowing when we raced outside to check out the snowfall.  It wasn't anything to  write home about, just a dusting really but certainly enough for Charlie to start a  personal, snowball collection. 


    We welcomed Marley and Tali to spend the day with us and the introductions seem to go on forever. Mary had to tape up one of the sunroom windows which seemed to have developed a crack on the inside pane for some unknown reason. We went for a long Poop Patrol walk with Kelsea and enjoyed snuffling through the snow and playing chase. 

    As the day started to get warmer, Mary was able to turn the horses out in their fields and Kelsea organized a beach hike for most of us just before dinner. We had a great time racing around and the really brave ones, like Tali and Piper went swimming. Kelsea worked up a sweat on the way back to the house and she had to shed her heavy jacket and we all enjoyed a long cold drink from the newly-filled water buckets.

    Kelsea got our dinner ready and after we ate and the dishes and floor were cleaned up, she headed home.  Mary brought the horses in and fed them just before Henry arrived back for his week's stay and it wasn't long after, that we said goodbye to Tali and then Marley.  All that fresh air and exercise sure made all of us very tired including Mary who nodded off in her chair in front of the TV.   

  • February 2, 2019 - Watson,come here,we want to see you.

    This is Watson.   He arrived this morning to meet us and since he seemed to like it here , he ended up staying. He'll be six months old tomorrow and he's a Miniature Labradoodle and he's loads of fun. It was still pretty cold and windy but that didn't stop Watson from playing with his new friends Benson and Charlie.  


    They chased one another from one end of the yard to the other for most of the afternoon which might explain why he's so sleepy tonight.  The rest of the gang watched the puppy play and sometimes they joined in but, overall, we were all pretty impressed with the way Watson fit in here.





    He even ate his dinner and after, we all took a walk with Mary while Stephanie brought the horses into the barn and gave them their dinner.  It was snowing when we had to go for our late walk and the forecast says it will snow all night so we'll have to wait and see how much will be on the ground in the morning. One thing we know for sure, those pups will be having fun rolling around in it. 

  • February 1, 2019 - Febrrrruary's here and we're feeling the love.

    Well, the change from January to February was very subtle; it might have been one degree warmer today than yesterday but the wind chill still puts us at minus eighteen. Nick    arrived early and he was very excited to be back for another visit and to find the two charming Black Labs, Piper and LaVie on hand to welcome him. A little while later, the place was under seige by the two Golden's, Daisy and Baxter, who wanted to say hello to everyone and be best friends within the first five minutes of their arrival. It made all of us feel good to have so much happiness and joy being spread around. To feel the love, if you get our drift. 

    Kelsea was dressed warmly so she took us on a big Poop Patrol and Mary decided to leave the horses in the barn until it warmed up a bit. No complaints from them, as long as they had a bag of hay to eat. We all returned to the warm house and Mary suggested that baking bread might be a good plan so she and Kelsea collaborated on a four loaf batch of Whole Wheat Raisin and it turned out just right. 

    While it was baking, we waited for the arrival of an old friend who hadn't been here for a few years. Scamp  , the little gal who would confound any DNA test, was dropped off for a three week stay and she made sure that there was a big bag of treats for all of us which made her even more popular. Look at those ears and that curly tail, eyes so quick and bright, they didn't miss a trick. After the initial introductions and bum sniffs, Scamp was off to the races, running circles around the rest of us and showing off her sharp turns. Some of us tried to keep up with her but we soon ran out of steam. 

    After lunch, we had a great time investigating the East pasture field with Kelsea and Benson found the remains of an old wasp hive so Kelsea brought it back to the house for Ellie to check out the next time she's here. Mary and Kelsea turned the horses out in their paddocks with their winter rugs on so they could get a bit of fresh air and exercise   while we hung out in front of the barn.  


    The bread turned out perfect and was left to cool, carefully locked away from Arthur's attention. The next excitement involved two more Golden's, Bear and Rosie,  who touched down here like two golden tornados.  They were so excited to see all of us that they couldn't stop racing from one side of the house to the other as Mary let us out to say hello to them.  They wanted to hear all the news and we were happy to pass along as much as we could but we knew that as soon as they got into the house, Zag would want to collect a few hair samples from each of them for his collection. Henry got picked up by his humans and went home while Daisy and Baxter were soon on their way as well. 

    Dinner was a noisy affair and then it was time for a walk and the horses needed to come back in the barn to have their dinner after which Kelsea took her loaf of bread and  went home for the day. Tonight, after our last walk under the stars, we're all tired and wanting to get some sleep so soon we'll be off to bed.   


  • January 31, 2019 - Saying goodbrrr to January.

    Wow, this cold snap, accompanied by strong north-west winds is keeping us indoors more than we like. Baxter and Shelby both arrived for their day visits and they didn't stand still long enough to let the cold catch them and Charlie was just tickled pink to have two energetic playmates to chase around. 


    The cold also didn't  keep Flash, the GSP, from coming for his second visit and while he did do a tour around with us and Kelsea while Stephanie took some photos, he's just not interested in making friends with anyone. 


    Once we began to feel the cold in our paws we raced indoors to warm up in the sunroom and we had to listen to Flash whine and complain, because he wanted to go home. He would go from one door to the other and look for a car to come up the driveway and rescue him. We tried to show him that we're really a pretty nice bunch of critters but he just didn't want to be here. None of us can understand him but we did hear Mary say that in the past fifteen years, having looked after more than five hundred dogs, she could only remember three or four acting like Flash.

    In the afternoon, Piper , our Black Lab girlfriend, arrived loaded down with all her special meals, snack bananas, liver treats and a big bag of dog biscuits that she is supposed to share with us. Oh, yeah, her human also sent some delicious cookies for the humans here but they didn't last long. Piper wanted to check out all of the hot spots so we took her for a tour around the place but the cold eventually drove us all back inside where we had to listen to Flash moan and whine and bark. Shelby got a reprieve when her human arrived to get her and then it was time for dinner and that as pretty much the only time Flash wasn't complaining.  He ate his dinner and then took up his post at the door until his human arrived to get him. Once he was in the car and rolling down the driveway, Mary could hear him barking until his car disappeared from sight. He was probably trying to tell his human that he really didn't want to come back for another visit. 

    Penny was the last departure for the day and she was very excited to see her humans and they were happy to have her back with them as well. The evening passed quietly with only eight of us wanting to nap until it was time for our late walk in the cold wind and then to bed.   

  • January 30, 2019 - Snow and rain pay us a visit,

    It started to snow right after breakfast this morning but Hunter had already arrived to spend the day so he didn't miss his weekly fun. Kali also arrived and Angel took us out for a good walk while Stephanie got the cabana warmed up. It was house cleaning day so we all went to the cabana with Stephanie while Angel got busy in the house and Mary started the day-long process of cleaning up the old laptop computer. 

    It was a regular blizzard all morning so that just before lunch Rollie arrived with the plow to push the accumulated snow and slush out of the way before it changed over to rain. Here's the best suggestion we have for a day like today.  



    Once the house  cleaning was finished Mary put lunch on the table and we all raced back to the house .


    At two o'clock, Mary's friend Beth drove up to the house and dropped off her Charlie    to stay here for a week or so. Charlie is the seven month old Wheaten Terrier cutie and we all figured that Benson     would start romancing her right away. He did introduce himself but they didn't seem to click so no true love stories to pass along today. We figured that blonds weren't Benson's type and he might have felt vertically challenged as she was quite a bit taller.

      He tried standing on his hind legs but that was too much work..   

    Charlie had lots of fun racing around in the rain with the other critters while Angel kept a close watch on her to be sure she understood the fences and gates and that she would come when she was called. She passed all the tests with flying colours and she's going to be a good playmate. Stephanie and Angel worked hard to clean the snow off the verandas and steps before the temperature dropped below freezing and they spread some gravel on the icy bits so the walking would be safer. We had another visit from Onyx, the Greyhound who lives next door but this time his human was hot on his trail and arrived to pick him up before he could get to the gate. Auggie had a happy reunion with his human and departed for home just before Kali got picked up. Then we had dinner and Hunter was the next to say goodbye but it was Pi who was the last to leave for the day. 

    Tonight we just had our last walk and while it has stopped raining, there is more snow in the forecast and the westerly wind makes it colder so we don't stay out too long. .    


  • January 29, 2019 - Puppy love in Seaforth.

    Hi, I'm Pi  and I'm going to tell you a tale about  the short-lived love affair between my little friend, Benson    and one of the guests that arrived to spend the day with us, Bella  .  There were six other day visitors today including, Baxter R, Oliver, Drake, Benny, Daisy and Baxter W but it was little Bella that captured Benson's heart the minute he spied her strutting around the front yard.  He ran over to introduce himself to her   and she tried to give him the brushoff but he was smitten. He followed her around while she said hello to all of the other critters and he got real jealous when Inky tried to put the moves on her. That's what Inky     told me later when we were relaxing in the sunroom. He said she was a little doll but he didn't want her to come between him and his buddy Benson, so he told her he already taken and she would have to give up any romantic notions. Of course, being the little minx that she was, she invited Benson to run away with her  . The two of them had a great time at the beach racing on the sand and splashing in  the tide pools and that poor little sap Benson never left her side for the rest of the day. He was besotted. I tried to tell him that this romance just wasn't going to work;, she lives in Chezzetcook  and he lives in Lawrencetown but he just wouldn't listen.

    The rest of the critters along with myself, enjoyed a good hike on the beach with Angel and we showed Benny, the Baxters,  Oliver and Drake a good time, so much so, they all fell asleep as soon as they got back to the sunroom.  Later Angel made another trip down to the shore with Penny, Owen and Arthur and although we were not happy about it, we were too tired to kick up much of a fuss. 

    Soon, that dreaded time came ... Bella's human arrived to pick her up and she didn't give Benson a backward glance, she just hopped in the car and headed home. We all waited for poor Benson to start wailing and crying about his lost love but, being a dog, he forgot about her as soon as the car was out of sight.  I think he heard Stephanie say that there was a seven-month-old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier honey arriving tomorrow so he says he'll be back in the game, the little Romeo.   

  • January 28, 2019 - Another week gets underway and more beach fun.

    We had to say goodbye to Karter, Thunder and Archie this morning as the three of them were picked up by their humans amid a lot of tail wagging and face licking. To help us deal with these departures, we welcomed Gracie Mc back for a day of fun and as usual all she's interested in is getting down to the beach. 

    Angel took Penny and Arthur down for the first walk to check out how heavy the fog was and they had a lot of fun playing and being silly until she returned with them an hour later. Then it was time for Gracie, Auggie, Pi, Henry, Benson and Owen to go with her for another hike into the fog and we had a barrel of fun chasing lots of balls and getting wet and full of sand. 

    Once we got back to the house, we really needed a drink of water and a nap and the rest of the day zipped by with a couple of nice walks with Angel before Gracie went home and we started demanding our dinner. Tonight, it is kind of cold with a brisk wind out of the East which always gets us stirred up as it brings lots of interesting smells off the ocean which we feel obliged to bark at before Mary ushers us back into the house so we can get to bed. 

  • January 26 & 27, 2019 - A welcome break in the middle of Winter.

    Saturday was another lovely day for us to enjoy and it was also a busy one. We were very excited at the prospect of having a day visit with Luke,  the puppy from down the shore thinking that we would be able to show him all the favorite spots for playing and demonstrate  how well- behaved dogs get along here. Ha, did we underestimate the pure puppy energy or what? He arrived around ten o'clock and truth be told, he did not stop running and playing except for a ten minute break  mid-afternoon. Poor Thunder was his choice of best buddy and ,while Thunder had been giving the others a hard time all week when he wanted to play, he wasn't ready when the shoe was on the other paw. 



    Inky   stayed close by to be a referee and the play went on for most of the day. 

    Other news to report ... Pippin was reunited with her  humans after her long stay and she was very excited to see them and looking forward to getting home where she would catch up on her missed sleep. Then we had a visit from a new little guy, Jax, who was thinking about staying here but he wasn't too keen on the presence of other critters. I guess he thought he would have the place to himself and since he only weighed about five pounds, it was tough to find someone that wouldn't intimidate him. His humans will have to give this some more thought after seeing how uncomfortable he was with just a few of us gentle ones trying to be friends with him. 

    After  lunch, Henry, Baxter and Daisy got a call to say they would be headed home today and shortly after, that little dynamo, Luke, was snapped onto his leash by his human and taken home where he would no doubt collapse and sleep for hours. 

    Sunday was another great day of warm temperatures and sun that beckoned us outdoors as soon as it rose above the horizon. Kelsea was on duty today and here as usual to feed us our breakfast and get us outside for a walk and lots of pats. Her dog, LaVie, was with her today so that was another reason to celebrate since she's always so much fun. Benson, our Havanese buddy from down the road was dropped off for a stay and he's quite the little bossy pants who really loves LaVie. She led him on a merry game of chase around the yard while the rest of us watched and waited for them to rejoin us on our Poop Patrol. 

    After the horses were fed and turned out in their paddocks, Kelsea, took Arthur, Karter and Penny to the beach for a good run and some swims and after they got back, the rest of us got to organize ourselves for another beach adventure. Kelsea got some great photos with her camera and even managed to get some close ups. 



    After we got back to the house, Kelsea and Mary got busy making Mary's favorite Apple Cake as a special treat to enjoy after the Beef Stew with Dumplings which Mary had prepared for lunch. While Mary mixed the batter, Kelsea peeled and sliced up six Spartan apples and the mouth-watering smell of apples and cinnamon wafted through the house. The cake took a little longer to bake than planned, so after they had their plate of stew, the cake was set on a rack to cool. while the Recycling, Compost, Box Board  and other stuff was loaded in the car to go down to the roadside box  for Tuesday's pick-up.  We were all supposed to be enjoying another walk with Kelsey and when it was discovered that this guy  had managed to slip back into the house without Mary noticing, Kelsea knew that disaster had struck. When she went into the house, Arthur had eaten about half of the Apple Cake. This was how it looked after Mary performed a surgical debridement of the gnawed off cake parts.   

    Arthur had been banished to his room by Kelsea and he stayed there until it was time for dinner, knowing full well that his name was mud. In spite of the assault,  what remained of the cake was very tasty and was safely stored in the fridge and the ravens were very happy to get the cut-off portions of cake as a mid-afternoon snack. We all figure that Arthur's exploits will  be recounted by future generations of critters since he doesn't intend to give up this habit and Mary will, no doubt, slip up again.  

    Henry arrived to spend the week with us, we had dinner and we were still discussing the cake fiasco when Onyx, the neighbour Greyhound, appeared at the gate and seemed to want to visit for a while. We all gave him a noisy greeting but Kelsey volunteered to take him back to his house where the human who was taking care of him, didn't know he had even left the yard. Perhaps he'll get to come for a longer visit real soon.    

  • January 25, 2019 - What a Spring-like day!

    Yes, it was a warm and sunny day and we could almost imagine it was Spring. Maudie and Briar Rose had to go home after we finished breakfast and the rest of us got to hang out with Stephanie while Kelsea and Mary drove into Halifax.  Stephanie took lots  of pictures of us enjoying the warm sun and playing together. 





    The best part of the day was our beach walks, Karter and Penny getting to enjoy themselves in the morning


    and later in the afternoon the rest of us went with Stephanie and Kelsea. We fetched, splashed, swam and chased one another until it was time to go back for dinner. That's when the call of spring got to Arthur and Owen and they took a detour into the alders to investigate something and mostly just finding a lot of mud. We had finished our dinner by the time they dragged their dirty butts back to the house looking for a drink of water and their bowls of food. Mary was so proud of her handsome pair.  


  • January 24, 2019 - A puppy visit makes us feel great.

    Today was Kelsea’s day to come hang out with us and she is always so much fun!

    Our day players, Benson, Shelby, Baxter R and Kali all showed up just after breakfast and they were all raring to go.  Tilley and Baxter are basically a mirror image of each other. They even have all the same moves when they are playing. They were so excited to take off alone and talk about Doodle things.

    Kelsea took the rest of us for a circuit of the fields doing poop patrol, then she took the more rambunctious group over to the cabana to play since the weather was a bit damp, rainy and cold.

    While they were over there, the rest of the little ones, Daisy, Owen and Arthur got to meet a new puppy friend called Luke. His predecessor Norman used to come here, but sadly Norman met an untimely death back in the fall and his owners just didn’t feel right without a four-legged friend.  When they came upon Luke and they fell in love.  He is a pug mix of some kind but very slender and cute as a button.  He hadn’t been around many dogs before, but Thunder and Stephanie took him for a little walk and soon he was tearing around through mud puddles and playing chase with Thunder. He will be back on Saturday for a full play day.

    After all the excitement of the puppy, Marty got all packed up to go home as his owners had called to say they were on their way. Maudie and Briar Rose, got here just before lunch and Briar started asking when the beach walk was going to take place. Since the tide was still quite high, Kelsea told her she would have to wait until later in the afternoon to go. Robbie and Rory also got the call to say they would be going home after lunch. Just before they went home, Tilley’s humans showed up at the gate and Tilley had to tear himself away from Baxter and his other friends.

    Finally, it was time to head down to the beach and Kelsea took a few photos of the three Border Collies, Maudie, Briar Rose and Auggie when they were congregated together waiting for a ball to fetch.



    Everyone else had just as much fun chasing bits of seaweed blowing down the stretch of sand and splashing in the water until it was time to head back to the house for the day visitors pick up and dinner for the rest of us. Wow, this day just seemed to go by in an instant and tonight we are all ready for a good nap.

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