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  • October 3, 2019 - They say a picture paints a thousand words ...

    It's late on Friday evening and we're all really tired and we can't seem to bring Thursday's events into focus so we're just going to give you some photos to enjoy. We'll try to do better tomorrow. 



    I do recall that we weren't sure whether we would be able to get Halle and Leo out of the water.  They're a couple of swimming junkies. 





  • October 2, 2019 - Eat, play, live. We should write a book. .

     We had an extra early start to the day as our favourite Entlebucher Mountain dog, Kali   ( actually the only one we know) was dropped off well before breakfast time. Angel and a few of the others were nice enough to entertain her while the rest of us waited patiently for Stephanie to get here and start handing out our grub. Major Marty   is always at the front of the queue as he has mastered the art of vocalizing consecutive barks, as loud as he can, without fainting, and the only way to stop him is to put his bowl of hamburger, rice, sweet potato and blueberries in front of him. Stephanie then made her way through the other critters, starting with the most eager eaters, like Saki, Maggey and Max, and ending with the more discerning ones, like Oliver  and Buttercup .  Holly    wanted to mention that she is treated like the princess she is and always gets to eat in the dining room, like any civilized being, while Mary has her breakfast and reads the paper. 

    After breakfast, we went outside and accompanied Angel, the human, on a poop patrol while Stephanie and Mary waited for Luke to go home. Mika    was dropped off followed by Marlea and her little sister Mylea     and today is Mylea’s first play day with us so it will be interesting to see how she gets on.  Well it was pretty clear that she was the most adorable puppy we have seen in a while but she was a bit overwhelmed by the bigger, exuberant dogs. Mary  kept both she and Marlea over at the house with the smaller and less-lively dogs, while Stephanie took the others over to the cabana since it’s house cleaning day. 

    We also had to re-introduce ourselves to our friend Leo    who hasn’t been here in a while.  He is such a strapping, young lad we all took our time getting to know him one by one. Soon he was having a great time bounding through the fields with us and everyone was getting along great.  Of course, Stephanie had her camera ready to catch some of the silly antics we got up to and to get some nice shots of Leo.  Later, she also caught some nice ones of baby Mylea.






    Mid-morning  we said 'so long' to Sweet Sara   and she seemed happy to be going home where she could catch up on some missed sleep.

    After lunch we welcomed a Flat Coated Retriever, Halle, who looked as if she had build-in springs on all four feet judging by the way she would jump up and over us as we ran towards her.  After we all met her and she had a chance to race around with Mika for a while, she calmed down and had a drink and a little nap with us.  It was decided that there would be no beach walk today as the surf was too rough and the tide was very high. We played our favorite games and hung out until it was time for Marlea, Mylea and Mika to go home and the we waited patiently for our favourite time of day. Mealtime!

    Stephanie had to prepare and serve

    • three raw food meals,
    • six home cooked meals and
    • ten different traditional kibble meals
    • not to mention adding all the different supplements and required special toppings. 

    We think she should consider becoming a contestant on Master Chef Canada, but she says human food preparation is a whole different ball game and declined our suggestion.  After dinner was all done, the dishes were washed and Tallen was brought in for the night, Stephanie left for home and we resumed our naps until Angel, the dog, got here for her overnight stay.  Later we said waved goodbye to Maggey and Max, but we were all too tired to make much of a fuss about them leaving.

  • October 1, 2019 - Better late than never, eh?

    Tuesday started off with a beautiful sunrise which we were all awake to see but the hoped for rain didn't materialize, just a few showers. The sky was so clear that the camera was able to pick up Jeddore Rock, which is about twenty miles east of here.  

    Mary had some appointments in the city today so she was rushing around with her various lists trying to get on the road early enough to fit everything into her agenda. So we got to hang out with Angel and Stephanie ...


    Well, that was just peachy! It's ten o'clock on Wednesday night and I was all finished typing the DogBlog entry and adding the photos when the Web Hosting Service went down and all the work I had done since my last SAVE was lost. 

    I cannot adequately express my annoyance and I will not type some of the words that come to mind for fear of offending some readers. 

    So, here goes my effort to finish Tuesday's DogBlog on Thursday morning.

    ...  and welcome our day-visitors, Baxter, Benny, Parker and Nala. Luke was another arrival this morning but he's going to stay overnight and he wanted to cram as much fun into the twenty-four hours as he could so he started right away and it was hard to get a good photo of him as he was constantly on the move. Nala on the other hand is always ready to pose for her photo looking like a runway model. 


    We waited for most of the day to go to the beach because there was a big sea on and the waves looked pretty rough. Eventually we did get to go and we had lots of fun before returning to the house. Rocky has been a good boy at the beach and has not been eating everything he finds, so that's a plus. 


    Late afternoon rolled around before we knew it, the day-dogs, Nala and Benny were picked up and Mary arrived back, later than expected. It turned out that she was called by the hospital and asked to take Joe, the Handyman, home after his week as a patient and he needed some special prescriptions at the drug store. Later, Baxter and Parker went home and everyone was really tired after such a busy day so long naps seemed like a good idea.  

  • September 30, 2019 - Well programmed critters in Seaforth.

    Monday brought a cool start to the morning but what do we expect, it is the last day of September!  We all raced out outside just as the sun was rising and we could see a line of lights from all the Herring boats out to the East.  At two or tr three am., they have a real early start to their day and we think Mary relieved  we don’t want to start our day like they do.

    We had Hunter, Daisy and Gracie join us for a day of fun. Once they all settled in, we moved over to the cabana with Angel because there was a new lawn maintenance guy coming to have a trial run, so obviously we needed to be out of his way. If you’ll recall, a few weeks back Mary looked for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow she spotted. She had been pondering the idea of replacing the old lawn tractor which was dropping parts off every time it came out to cut grass. It turns out there wasn’t  a pot of gold to be found and after pricing some new mowers,  she decided to hire someone with their own equipment to do the job. Hopefully this will prove to be a good decision but we'll have to wait and see.  Stephanie suggested getting a flock of sheep as it was a more environmentally friendly option and they would give us hours of entertainment but somehow Mary didn’t see it that way. 

    We said goodbye to Ted and Sam today and we are sure they will both enjoy a long nap when they get home. Stephanie was strolling with her camera and she saw the Labs all gathered together, so here's what happened.  

    Sort by:           Breed    ( x )      Gender (   )     Colour  (    )  


    Sort by:   Breed    (   )    Gender (   )     Colour  ( x )

    Well-programmed critters, eh?  Believe it or not, they sorted themselves. 

    There was a big swell on at the beach so we had to wait until later when the tide dropped a bit to head down and enjoy the surf. Angel took group one, consisting of Nikku, Gracie, Maggie R, Maggey, Oliver, Drake and Rocky. Truth be told, she was supposed to take Max and leave Rocky for the second trip so Stephanie could get some good beach pictures of him but, as you can see from the Well Programmed Critters photos, its easy to get them confused. They had a smashing good time and everyone, especially Baby Rocky behaved really well.

    Kelsea reported for duty just as Angel was returning to the house with the first group so Kelsea and Stephanie rounded up their smaller second group, Max, LaVie, Buttercup, Owen and Arthur. Gracie was lucky enough to get a second trip just by her sheer persistence, Stephanie captured some nice photos of the little group as well as great shots of a Snowy Egret, a type of Heron. He's another one that got redirected here by Hurricane Dorian three weeks ago and it appears he/she is enjoying his/her stay and doesn't want to return to the Carolina's.





    Once the second group returned from their beach hike, it was pretty much time for Gracie and Daisy to go home for the day. Then it was time for our other favourite activity, feeding time!  We gobbled up our meals like good little doggies and then we were eager to have our after-dinner naps but we waited for Hunter to go home and for Angel, the German Shepherd Dog, to get here. 

  • September 28 & 29, 2019 - Rocky's got some thoughts he wants to share.

    Hi ! My name is Rocky  and I am seven and a half months old. I have been coming to Seaforth for one day visits or overnight in preparation for this extended stay. I really like coming here cause I get to play with a lot of fur buddies, big and small, all ages and all different types. Some of the older ones don't appreciate my overt displays of affection as I like to greet everyone with a big lick on the face. Some of them turn and run the other way when they see me coming and others give me their best 'BACK OFF" growl. I'm learning to pay heed to these warnings and avoid any further unpleasantness. 

    On Saturday, there were five Black Labs here and it was difficult to tell which was which until you got up close. I am the youngest, then there was Maggie, Cricket, Ellie and Saki. In fact, when Cricket's human came to pick her up, she spied me and thought I was her Cricket so everyone had a good laugh over that. There were also two Yellow Labs, Drake and Charlie and they loved to play, particularly 'Chase Me' and 'Branch Manager'. Drake and I start trying to tug a branch from one another but Drake always wins cause he outweighs me by lots of pounds. I really like playing with Drake but he gets kind of cranky with me when I try to climb on him so Mary usually lets me have a time out so I can calm down. Almost right away I fall asleep and have a lovely nap so it's all good. 

    There was a big beach walk with Stephanie in the afternoon and she took a bunch of photos and that Brittany Spaniel  you see is Remington and he sure does love to swim and fetch balls. 


    That's Maggie and Drake splashing one another, Sam waiting for the next throw and Charlie doing his version of Downward Dog.  


    On the way back to the house, the Jerusalem Artichokes were putting on quite a golden display . 


    Later, back at the house,  Stephanie snapped a few more photos of Zig, Marty and Holly. Zag was napping inside and couldn't be convinced to come out for a picture. 


    Sometimes, when she is in the mood, Holly will play wrestle with me but I have to play very gently since she only weighs about ten pounds and her legs are like toothpicks. But she can move faster than a fly and jump as high as a grasshopper so she's hard to pin down. 

     Overnight, there was a little rain but it had pretty much stopped by the time we made our first trip outside Sunday morning. It turned into a sunny day and two more Labs, one Yellow and another Black , Maggey and Max, joined us for a few days. They were both very excited to be back and wanted to play with everyone. Early afternoon brought us another guest, this time, a Basset Hound called Buttercup who hates having her bum sniffed so she didn't hesitate to give me a major 'BACK OFF' warning when I got too personal. The last one to join the fun after dinner, was Angel, the German Shepherd,  who was dropped off for her overnight stay and made the same mistake as me, when she sniffed Buttercup's posterior. She also got a very stern warning which set her back on her haunches. 

    Some of my buddies did have to leave which I always feel kind of sad about as I wonder if I'll ever get to play with Remington, Kelty, Charlie , Luna or Tommy again. We enjoyed a peaceful day so Stephanie could spend some time with her family and she returned later to get our dinners ready. We ate them with lots of enthusiasm.  So now, it's late, we've had our last walk and it's time to go to bed. I'm one very tired puppy.

  • September 27, 2019 - This place is for the birds.

    Hi everyone! I'm Tommy   and today I'm going to show you just how talented a Corgi can be by writing the post for our DogBlog. I think that, in addition to being a skilled herding dog, we Corgis are very good at finding dog biscuits and taking long naps in sunny spots. My herding skills have been put to the test this past week as I keep trying to round up all the Wooly Bear Cattlepitters  out in the yard and there are lots of them but they don't pay much attention to me. I get so tired following them around, I have to go and have a nap. 

    It was a hot summer-like day in Seaforth and we were up to our usual tricks. We were out early to see if we could flush any wayward pheasants or rabbits and when that got boring, we were back at the door asking for breakfast. Stephanie took us down to the beach for some fun and I was very interested in the Lesser Yellowlegs as well as these ones that I believe might be Black Skimmers. 

    Here is Stephanie's Photo, cropped.                                                           Here's one I googled. 


    These birds got blown here by Hurricane Dorian about three weeks ago and they like it so much, they are in no big hurry to go back to South Carolina and neither are the pair of Lesser Yellowlegs that hang with the Skimmers. 

    We played all our usual games of Chase and Catch Me and fetched balls and swam until it was time to return to the house. 



    The birds continued about their business and those seals out in the water, who thought we didn't notice them, seemed sad to see us leave. I had the feeling we provided them with some entertainment. 

    Just in case you were wondering, you did see a couple of the day's arrivals that I forgot to mention.  Kelty was with us, as well as Shelby and Baxter W. 

    Back at the house, we settled into our favorite, shady, napping spots and relaxed in the heat of the afternoon until it was time for Charlie, Shelby and Baxter to return home and then we had our dinners. After dinner, we were pleasantly surprised to have Charlie and Luna arrive for a weekend retreat as they prepare for the imminent arrival of a new baby in their household.  

  • September 26, 2019 - We say goodbye to Maya and Winston.

    Yes, after the excitement of the past two days, it was great to have a day where we could all just chillax and enjoy the return of summer weather. Four of our regular day visitors were all at the gate bright and early, looking forward to a beach walk without any fireworks or other melodramatics. 

    Here we are, enjoying the still-warm water and the rapidly-disappearing piles of kelp and seaweed with one of our feathered friends. A Lesser Yellowlegs, perhaps ? 




    While we were at the  beach, Major Marty  , one of our more bossy guests arrived and he immediately went on a full-property inspection before checking to make sure all of his meals were properly put away. We were all back at the house and on hand to see Maya and Winston reunited with their human after such a long separation and they were so happy to see him, they couldn't stop wiggling and smiling. Their human was smiling from ear to ear as well and they were very worried about letting him out of their sight. Once everything was stowed in the car, they climbed aboard for the trip home, and they finally looked content. 

    It was getting close to the dinner hour and that meant that Benson, Luke and Finnigan would be picked up and Stephanie would start preparing our meals. Of course, Major Marty, had to be fed first so he wouldn't deafen the rest of us and his bowl of grub was put on the veranda for him to enjoy.         


  • September 25, 2019 - Maybe a little too much drama in Seaforth!

    Today started out to be a routine kind of day compared to the excitement of yesterday as we welcomed our regular day visitors, Mika, Parker and Marlea who just want to have some fun. Marlea's little sister Mylea also stopped by with their human and, after having all her vaccinations, she can start coming for a play day with her sister next week. She is now seventeen weeks old and growing like a weed and very sweet, just like her sister.   

    We hung out with Stephanie for the morning while we waited for Mac to be picked up by his human and they were both very happy to see one another. Angel started doing some house cleaning and Stephanie began making plans to take us to the beach for a swim and some fun chasing balls so we were getting pretty excited.

    Then there were a couple of loud booms from the direction of Grand Desert Beach and Mary grabbed the spy glasses to check what was going on.  She saw a tell-tale cloud of smoke and knew right away that the military folks were over there detonating a collection of old ordnance. Each year the military send a bunch of people to Grand Desert, which is the sight of a bombing range last used back in the 1960's, so they can scan the beach for any old bomb debris. They get rid of it, by blowing it up. Hence, the booms! 

    There is never any warning about how many of these detonations there will be so our beach walk got cancelled. Stephanie was worried another detonation might startle some of us or even scare us enough so we might take off. So, we hung out and played with each other and said goodbye to Redford who was reunited with his human and happy to be returning home. Stephanie did take some photos of us as well as some of our feathered  and hooved friends to share with you. 



    Mary had to depart soon after to go and visit Joe, the fellow who works here, as he is in the hospital for some tests after a couple of falls at home. The little Italian Greyhound, Holly , arrived later and although she doesn't weigh much, she doesn't hesitate to start throwing that weight around and being bossy with many of us.  Tali and Hubble got picked up by their humans and Mary arrived back just in time to help with the departure of the day visitors and the dinner preparations. It seems that Joe won't be able to come home until maybe tomorrow or the next day so Mary also went to feed his cats so he wouldn't worry about them. 

    After dinner, we had another flurry of activity as Oliver and Drake arrived for their vacation stay and then Felim and Jora were dropped off for a short stay just ahead of Angel's appearance for her overnight stay. 

  • September 24, 2019 - Just a little excitement to liven things up.

    Tuesday started out to be a pretty average day except it did look like it might actually rain today which would be a welcome change. The two Baxters arrived to spend the day with us and our little spaniel friend, Sara, arrived to spend a week. Isn't she a cutie?


    We welcomed Nikku back and Angel went home for the day as she is just staying for the nights while her human works.  

    Although it was kind of foggy, Stephanie took us down to the beach for some fun and games and we were all ready for our usual swimming and fetching. 



    Stephanie was busy snapping photos of us when she spotted this off shore in the bay 


    and that's when things got kind of interesting.  She called us so we were close to her and she kept taking photos trying to figure out what was out there. 


    It didn't help that earlier in the day there was a facebook post put out by the OCEARCH group that highlighted a location near Seaforth. 

    UPDATE: The Device has been found! Huge thank you to Fisheries and Oceans Canada for their help retrieving it. We will be able to get tons of extremely valuable data out of it now.
    We need your help. A special tag called a PSAT has popped off white shark Nova like it is designed to do. It has sent lots of data up to a satellite but we can learn even more if we can find the actual tag. It is sending detections from a peninsula east of Halifax across the bay from Seaforth. It’s a bulb-shaped device that fits in your hand.

    We followed Stephanie back up the hill while a familiar tune kept replaying in her mind. She was in a hurry to have a closer look at her photos and see if she could answer the question about what was out there. No swimming for us today. 

    Well, as it turned out the images that she captured showed that we were being stalked by a curious seal and nothing more sinister. Maybe he gets a kick out of doing imitations and having a laugh at the reaction. 

    There were a few more arrivals today as well as some departures so we had lots of time to sniff some bums and say our goodbyes. Rocky was dropped off for his first long stay and  Lupin's human arrived to get him, bringing a favorite treat, knowing how much Mary likes those croissant from the LF Bakery. Rooney departed before dinner and Tali arrived just as it was done. Tonight, it has taken a little longer to pull together all of these pieces for the DogBlog so we hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventure.  








  • September 23, 2019 - A great day for photos.

    Monday seemed to reverse the decision about Autumn as we awoke to a warm, humid summer day in Seaforth when we were expecting a cool, crisp entry into Fall. It looks like we'll finally get some photos as Stephanie is going to go to the beach with us once Gracie, Baxter and Nala arrive after breakfast. But first, there is a horse that needs riding so we hung out with Angel and did a thorough Poop Patrol while Stephanie saddled up Tallen and gave him some exercise. 

    Finally it was time for us to head down to the water and give Stephanie plenty of good action shots and here are the results. 







    You could look far and wide and not see a happier looking bunch of critters. 

    After lunch, Angel, the dog, was dropped off and that meant that Angel, the human, could take her, Winston, Maya and Arthur down to the beach and Gracie got to go for a second trip.  This made Gracie very, very happy. Meanwhile, Kelsea came to relieve Angel, the human, so she could go and pick up her daughter at the school bus. 

    Sammie got a call to say that her human was on her way to pick her up and when she saw her at the gate, Sammie was overcome with joy. So was her human and they hopped in the car and headed for home. Next to leave were Baxter and Nala followed by the still-wet Gracie and then Kelsea started dinner, got us fed and headed home herself. All in all, a great day.  


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