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  • August 10 & 11, 2019 - Say hello to Sammy, the Parti Poodle.

    Hi, I'm Sammy  , I'm nine months old and I've been dropped off here in Seaforth to stay with with a bunch of new friends so I'll introduce them to you and give you my initial impressions. Oh, that's not a typo, I am a Parti Poodle, not a Party Poodle. This name refers to my black and white colouring. 

    I did get introduced to the two cool dudes that live here all the time, Owen    and

    Arthur  , but to tell you the truth they didn't pay much attention to me except to make sure I knew who the boss dogs were and lecture me on a bunch of other rules that I immediately forgot.

    There are some senior critters staying here,  in fact I thought that maybe this was a senior dog home when I was first being introduced. These guys are all ten years or older on the calendar. 

    Saki, , a very dignified and friendly Black Lab  who never misses a trip to the beach and loves to eat. He also sleeps a lot and doesn't hear so well.  

    Lumie , a Lemon Beagle, who really likes to howl and she doesn't socialize much. Like Saki, she also sleeps a lot but never misses the beach or a meal.  

    Lupin  , the Greyhound, has very long legs and he can run very fast covering a short distace. He does not like anyone to get too close to his bed when he is lying down and he is very quick to remind us of this many times a day. He aso sleeps a lot. I thought this was a characteristic of all seniors until I met Riley. 

    Now Riley , the Schnoodle, is technically a senior based on his year of birth,  but he's got more energy than I do, particularly when it comes to chasing his ball and demanding his food at mealtimes. I think he grabs little catnaps during the day when no one is looking.

    Maya , a big Grey Doodle, is tall, fit and aloof. She doesn't mix with the other dogs very much, preferring to chum around with her younger brother Winston . The antics of much younger dogs doesn't impress her and she did think I was being a smarty-pants when I didn't give her a proper greeting. 

    Now the last three seniors were not quiet, sleepy or aloof. They were noisy, brash, rude and scary. They are Leroy  ,

    Lola     and Cletus  , all Basset Hounds and they think that proper introductions are for wimps.  They rushed up to me, howled in my face and then began circling me like they were thinking  about having me for dinner. They stuck their noses between my back legs and commented on my personal parts.  I soon learned how to stay out of their way. 

    Moving out of the senior's residence, I did get to meet some other neat critters, like 

    Kali , an Entlebucher Mountain Dog and a very focused gal who doesn't seem to be impressed with my size or my intellect. She's always busy with her own agenda. 

    Pi,  , also known as Mini Pi, is a Toller mix and he likes to wrestle and play so we got along great as long as I let him win. 

    Benji, , a Terrier mix, isn't a player but he always likes to be watching the games and howling at the participants. 

    Caper, , a Yellow Lab, loves the water and then always wants to roll and dig in the dirt once he is wet. Personally, I found him to be a little too macho and that dirt seemed to follow him everywhere.  

    Rusty, ,  Doodle, loved to hang out with us but he didn't like being touched so spectator sports were his bag. He also likes showing me his lovely front teeth which look like they were all capped.  

    Ruby, , a Shih Tzu mix, may have been small but she didn't hesitate to boss us around if we got too noisy and rambunctious in the house which she considered her personal kingdom. She also does a neat spin on her haunches when she gets excited.   

    Karter, , a Shepherd mix, is kind of bossy and thinks he owns the best sleeping spots, like the sofas. He has a narrow focus, the beach and eating. but I think he would protect any of us if there was a threat.    

    Naga,   the Golden Girl, is kind of hard to figure out. Most of the time she is very placid and almost friendly, though she thinks she's much too sophisticated to play with any of us. But you don't want to get between her and a dog biscuit if you know what's good for you.   

    Dory,  is one of these Black Labs, but for the life of me, I can't tell which is which. I think that's her on the left. She's a pleasant gal but loves her quiet time so don't interrupt her nap unless you want a nip on the bum.  

    Tucker, , a Golden Lab, is an all-round nice guy who seems to like everyone and never loses his cool. While he may not  be a player, he's always ready to cheer on anyone who is having a wrestling match. 

    Winston,, a  Doodle, is Maya's chosen younger brother and while he always wants to know where Maya is he did enjoy a few games of chase and some long walks with the younger crowd. 

    Well, it's late and I'm very tired and while there is lots more to tell you about, I really want to go to bed. 

  • August 9, 2019 - Lots of hellos and goodbyes.

    Friday started off foggy but turned into another hot and sunny day for us to enjoy with an even bigger bunch of friends as we gathered after breakfast to welcome the day visitors, Baxter, Nala and Shelby and then some overnight guests, like Rusty, Kali and Pi. This prompted a lot of bum sniffing and tail wagging and the usual barking as we had to give them a warm reception. 

    Here's a partial line-up of who is on hand today and were  willing to stand still long enough for a photo. 



    Once Jasper got picked up by his human, we were free to head down to the beach with Stephanie and Kelsea where the fog was hugging the shoreline and we had our usual lively fun swimming and fetching, running and chasing. 




    We returned to the house tried and thirsty and while we were napping on the veranda, our Greyhound buddy, Lupin, arrived for a short stay which required another round of bum sniffing and tail wagging. It was around this time that Shelby got picked up and Daisy had a noisy reunion with her humans. After we settled down for a nap, it seemed we had just closed our eyes when Baxter and Nala got the summons to the gate which signaled the start of dinner and our usual after dinner nap. Later, Nick got the call that he would be going home this evening and once he left, the gate could be closed until tomorrow.      




  • August 8, 2019 -Welcome back Kelsea!

    We sure did miss Kelsea while she was out in British Columbia so it was a lovely surprise to see her drive up to get our breakfast first thing this morning. Stephanie was also on hand so we got extra-fast service this morning which is always appreciated. Our early morning guest was Rocky who will stay for a couple of days and our regular Thursday day guests arrived. That included Baxter, Benson and Finnigan and later Tali also joined us for the day.  After we ate, the fun continued as Benji was dropped off and we hung out with Kelsea while she picked a big pile of red currents.

    Mary had to make a trip into Dartmouth for a funeral so we waited until she got back before heading down to the shore for our swims and stuff. When shew arrived she had Sophie  , the Doodle, with her who  we haven't seen in a while. She was happy to see some of her old friends, particularly Saki, Karter, Lumie, Naga, Owen and Arthur.

    We assembled for our beach hike and took off with Kelsea and Stephanie to enjoy the big surf that was pounding on the beach.  Here are the best shots for today. 




    Later the photo session continued back at the house. 



    The afternoon sped by until it was time to say goodbye to Sophie, Benson, Finnigan and Reggie, eat our dinner and then send Baxter and Tali on their way. But we have another arrival as Job was dropped off for a couple of days. Tonight, we just had our late walk and it is pouring rain outside which is welcome since the fire hazard was high in all of Nova Scotia and Mary's veggies needed watering.      



  • August 7, 2019 - The hot and sunny weather continues so we're doing the beach again.

    Wednesday dawned sunny and hot and brought us our usual day-visiting crowd starting with Hunter, followed by Angel, Luke, Kali, Parker, Marlea and Mika. So we have two trios, the three Bassets and the three Brittanys. Once Luke gets here Daisy has a non-stop, game-playing  buddy and they keep it up all day with only short breaks to catch their breath and have a drink. 


    It's house cleaning day so we have to get ourselves to the beach this morning so Angel will be able to get the house cleaned later. It had just gone low tide when we raced to the bottom of the hill and there were lots of things to investigate before the water crept back up over the sand to cover up the evidence. Mostly, we just enjoyed chasing balls and swimming while Stephanie took lots of photos. However, Tucker did have some fun encouraging the flock of Canada Geese  to get some exercise so they would be in shape for the Fall migration. 





    We returned to the house, wet and tired and just in time to meet a new friend, called Sammy. He is a black and white Parti Standard Poodle and they are pretty rare as none of us have ever met one before. He looks like he is wearing a tuxedo and he's only nine months old, so he's very playful and Daisy decided to show him around all her favorite haunts. He would like to stay with us for a week and after spending some time with him, we all agreed that he would be a welcome addition. 

    Most of us went to the cabana while the house was being cleaned and we enjoyed getting dried off in the warm sun or resting under the shade. Our buddy, Luke, was dropped off for a short stay and he was happy to hang out with the little guys until later.  Stephanie got Ruby and Riley moving with a ball fetch and some games of chase which they enjoyed while Chloe watched and Karter peered through the fence hoping that the squeaky ball would somehow end up with him. . 



    The afternoon wound down and soon it was time to wave goodbye to our day visitors and have our dinner after which Stephanie and Angel headed home. The early evening was holding on to the heat from the afternoon sun when Mary took this photo of the weather station showing the temperature on the front veranda as 29.9 degrees. She also wanted to brag about her raised garden boxes and the good food they are producing so she picked a bunch of veggies to have for her dinner. Yellow and green beans and beet greens were cooked and served within an hour of being picked so they  are truly 'local' and the baby carrot was the appetiser.   




  • August 6, 2019 - Wasn't that a party!

    Yes, today was another party day, this time we celebrated Baxter W's   seventh birthday and there were a whole slew of his best friends on hand to party hard. His usual Tuesday buddies were here, Baxter R, Oliver, Drake, Benny and of course his sister, Nala.  Then the arrival of the three Basset Hounds, Leroy, Lola and Cletus     added to the excitement and when the Birthday boy arrived at the gate, we all sang the Happy Birthday song to him as he walked down his ramp to join us for the day. His human brought a big treat for all of us - a huge tray of dog biscuits and some squeaky green balls   as well as a package of cookies for our sitters.   

    We enjoyed the pool and the fun and games over at the cabana while Stephanie snapped loads of photos and Baxter went along with the silliness and wore his Birthday hat. 


    When Riley heard there were squeaky balls he decided to show off his fetching skills but he had to have  the yard all to himself as he wasn't keen on sharing his ball with anyone. As you can see he's very fast on his feet and would have made a great shortstop. After that workout, he needed to have a cool drink and a rest.   


    That was just the start of the festivities as they continued down at the beach where we ran and swam and had loads of fun with one another. We all agreed it was a great party and we'll look forward to the next one. On the way down, Stephanie checked on our newly hatched babies and took a photo but we still don't know what kind of bird they are.    






    Needless to say, we were all moving a little slower when we returned from the beach later and it was agreed that we should have a rest period  but that only lasted until Daisy arrived and she soon had us all on the move again with her high energy but even Daisy had to rest in the afternoon heat.  


    As it started to get closer to four o'clock, the day-visiting, party goers stated to depart including the Birthday Boy and we all agreed that it was a great day. After dinner, there was one more departure, Mr. Jones, and then the usual, long, evening nap was underway.

  • August 3, 4 & 5, 2019 - Playing catch up while we cool down.

    In these parts, we're in the tail end of the Natal Day Weekend and based on the number of guests in residence, it was a busy one.  There were five new arrivals on Saturday including Reggie, Hercules, Riley F, Parker and Tommy and the net gain was two as three others went home, Roxy, Lexie and Finnigan.  To add to the workload, Kelsea, our number three dog sitter, is on a week's vacation out in British Columbia so it's just Stephanie and Mary holding the fort. Consequently, some of the regular tasks have to move down on the list of priorities and one of those is the DogBlog where we've fallen behind by three days. 

    So, in order to catch up, we're going to give you just the highlights and lots of photos. 

    Saturday was hot and sunny and we had a 'New Pool Party' an everyone was invited to jump in and enjoy the cool water. Mary and Stephanie were also busy putting up a new shade awning nearby and the old pool was moved there to live out its last days. The pile of crusher dust proved to be irresistible to Caper who had to try and find what was underneath all that piled up bits of rock.  




    Later on Saturday afternoon, Stephanie took a bunch of us to the beach and we enjoyed the  salt water which was much cooler that the pool water. We also got to meet a couple of neighbour dogs, Skitch   , a senior Black Lab mix  his younger sister, Maybelle  , a Great Pyrenees. 




    They hung out with us for a while and then returned to their humans before we had to come back to the house. After dinner, we all laid down on our favorite dog beds and napped after such a busy day and Mary was just about ready to start keying our Friday DogBlog post when the lights went out. We heard fire engines racing to the scene of a house fire in West Chezzetcook and some of us joined our voices in the wailing of sirens. The power remained out until ten thirty and that's when we took our last walk and gave the horse his evening bag of hay. 

    Now Sunday was something of a departure from our usual hustle as Mary declared we would have a day of rest allowing Stephanie to spend the afternoon with her family. Honestly, since it was hot and humid, we were all kind of relieved that we could just lay around in the shade while Mary tried to do some reading. If we felt ambitious we could wander over to the pool and have a dip and later in the afternoon we went with Mary to inspect the red current bushes which are loaded with fruit and ready for picking. Parker was claimed his humans and Stephanie returned to get our dinner ready and after we ate , we enjoyed a log and lazy evening until it was time to say goodbye to Ollie. 

    That bring us to today, Monday, which was again hot and sunny but we were back into the usual action as nine of our buddies were scheduled to go home today which meant lots of noisy send-offs. We also got to welcome back, Tucker  , our Yellow Lab buddy and little Ruby  , the Shih Tzu. After Rory, Robbie, Felim, Jora, Enzo and Riley C were all loaded into their crs and driven home by their humans, we headed down to the beach and on the way we met some newborns in their nest right next to our path.   We're not sure of what their breeding is but they sure are cute and hungry. Here are some more photos in case anyone has any ideas about these little birdies. 


    Angel was here today so Stephanie included Jasper in our group as an extra pair of eyes needs to keep a close watch on him if he starts to wander. But, that wasn't a problem today as he had a quick dip in the water but his dislike of the beach flies sent him scurrying back to the house. 



    That surf certainly did the trick and cooled us off so the return trip wasn't too tiring and the fresh buckets of water were waiting for us on the veranda. It wasn't long after our return that Hercules was picked up, then Marty, followed by Scout and Nokia. All this traffic flow meant a much shorter wait for our dinners which was great. 

    One final bit of news was the arrival of the new Schnauzer pup, Fritz ,  who will make his home with Stephanie's sister Sheila, her partner Richard and the two girls Mariah and Monica. Here are a few photos of this adorable little guy who we will get to meet once his final vaccinations have been administered.








  • August 2, 2019 - Try to remember what we were up to on Friday.

    We must have been very busy on Friday since there seems to be a lot more of us to feed which adds to the noise and mayhem at mealtimes. Some critters don't have any patience when it comes to their meals, whereas the saintly Jora, Felim and Enzo lay quietly on their beds, never uttering a sound or rushing the gate. The rest of the gang are either howling, trying to crash through the gate to the mudroom or steal  someone else's after-dinner biscuit. I better not say anymore in case I get someone in trouble. 

    The arrivals gate on Friday was opened for Rory, Robbie, Marty, Lumie, Finnigan, Scout   

    Caper  , Nokia 

    and Jasper    then the departure gate swung shut behind Owen, Chella and Sophia. In addition, our regular day-visitors Baxter and Nala joined us. It was a very hot and humid day and this was relieved by the arrival of our new wading pool   .  Stephanie's sister Sheila with her partner Richard, came by to help move a load of crusher dust so that there would be a level area to set it up. In this heat, we really appreciated their contribution and, within minutes of the pool being filled,  there were five of us jumping in at the same time to test it out. 


    The new pool gets a big Paws Up and stay tuned for the official pool opening tomorrow. 

  • August 1, 2019 - August starts off hot, humid and thunder and lightning end the day.

    Yes, it was a busy start to the month so we're just going to touch on the highlights and give you a bunch of photos. Clover, Auggie, Saphira and Marley returned to their respective households and Mr. Jones, Karter and Dory came back for a visit. 

    We did get to go to the beach and we shared it with a flock of geese while a couple of eagles did frequent patrols over our heads watching our play. 





    The rest of the day was pretty much routine until the claps of thunder around dinner time put some of us on edge and we could see a lot of forked lightning all around.  When we took our late walk there were a few light rainshowers but it seems that the heavy downpours missed us entirely. 


  • July 31, 2019 - Goodbye July !

    Yes, Wednesday we said goodbye to July which may be over but has left behind the hot and humid weather. though the morning dawned foggy and cooler. We all rushed out to greet the first arrival of the day, Hunter the Brittany Spaniel, who is a regular Wednesday guest.

    Once Stephanie and her niece, Mariah, arrived we could begin our usual morning routine. After the breakfast meal was done and dusted, it was a very busy hour between nine and ten as we had seven critters arrive. Angel, Luke, Parker, Ollie, Marlea, Mika and finally Enzo, were all very happy to be here and join in the fun and games.  Chella and Luke especially hit it off and spent the whole morning wrestling, chasing and then finally napping with each other.

    It was house cleaning day so once Angel, the human, was all set to begin, most of us headed over to the cabana with Stephanie and Mariah.  Later Mary brought the new sunshade over that was just delivered from Amazon. It looked very easy to assemble, but unfortunately that is precisely why it didn’t work out. It just wasn’t cut out for the wind up here and it was designed to have the poles stuck deep in the sand.  Back in the box it went and Mary and Stephanie started cooking up a plan to build something a bit more rugged. Stay tuned for the final plans.

    While all this sun shade rigmarole was underway, we did what we do best .... play, wtch the play  or nap. 




    Our friend Clover got here about lunch time and she kept asking when we were going to the beach. Soon Clover, and about ten others, got their wish and it was beach time.  A nice breeze was blowing off the water and the fog had rolled back in, so it wasn’t too hot on the path down to the shore.  The big brown horse, Tallen, was a bothered by the flies and, on our way by, he put on quite a show and was screeching at Stephanie. He wanted to go to the barn to escape the heat and the flies so she promised him as soon as we got back from our hike she would do as he wished. 

    We had our usual fun times at the beach and Ollie had a great time playing with Mariah. Stephanie got some great photos for you to enjoy. It's hard to relate just how refreshing it feels to jump into the waves and escape the hot sand. 



    We got back to the house and Angel, the human, took Winston and Maya for a swim to cool off and soon it was time to say goodbye to the day-visitors. Mika, Marlea, Angel, the dog, Luke and Parker rejoined their humans and headed for home while Stephanie began the dinner prep for the rest of us. We were all hungry and and anxious to finish our meal so we could climb into our favorite dog bed and nap for a long stretch after such a busy day. 



  • July 30, 2019 - Hali bids us farewell.

    Tuesday, a busy time and the heat/humidity continues. We're Felim   and Jora   and we wanted to make sure we got a chance to say how much we are enjoying our visit.  

    We were last here a couple of years ago and while many of today's guests are new to us, there are many who we know well and enjoy seeing again. Of course, that includes Owen and Arthur, Mary's critters and our English cousins, Saki, Lucy, Naga and Benny. 

    Kelsea and Angel took us to the beach in the morning which made Felim really happy and he swam the whole time he was there. Jora elected to stay back at the house with Mary, Saphira and Hali. It was a big crowd that raced down the hill, in spite of the heat,  dashing into the surf to get a quick cool off. The regular Tuesday gang, Oliver, Drake, Benny, Baxter W and Nala lead the way and were chasing balls as soon as they Kelsea got the chucker out. Lucy climbed into the waves and did her usual laps up and down, parallel to the shoreline while Saki found the perfect tidal pool for bathing. Baxter W, Kali, Naga, Auggie, Sophia and Riley competed for the ball fetching title and Baxter R, Nala, Roxy, Lexie and Chella chased one another, rolled in the piles of seaweed and splashed in the surf. Felim couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear as he did his best to join in every game and not miss one minute of fun.  

    Once the beach group returned to the house, there was a lot of water lapped and the best spots for napping were claimed while Kelsea began mowing the front and back yards. Mary got Hali's bags packed and they left in the car to get Hali to her grooming appointment in Bedford from where she would be picked up by her humans. Mary was surprised that when she left Seaforth the temperature was twenty-two degrees and when she got to Bedford about an hour later, the temperature was thirty-three degrees. It was a real treat to drive back home and see the thermometer drop steadily to a more comfortable twenty degrees.  

    Stephanie did get the camera out and took lots of photos of the new guests as well as catching some of the others in playful poses. 



    Once the day-visitors departed for home along with Baxter R, we had our dinner and said goodbye to Kelsea, Angel and Stephanie so we could return to our long naps.  


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