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    May 13, 2019 - Monty bids us a fond farewell

    Monday dawned sunny and bright. The wind was a bit cool, but that didn't stop us from getting out and enjoying the sunshine. It's still pretty quiet around here.  There were only six guests for Stephanie to feed when she arrived. The quiet and lazy feeling didn't last long though as we had three party animals arrive at nine o'clock for day care. 

    The first to hop out of their car was Angel, a new friend who wanted to give us a try for the day


    Gracie ,the Border Collie and then Shelby, the Valley Bulldog were hot on her heels

    Once all the introductions were done, we accompanied Stephanie over to the cabana so Angel, the human, could start the house cleaning.  We all had a great time running around and wrestling.  Angel, the dog, fit in with our group right away. 

    Later in the morning Mary and Stephanie started the process of constructing a few new cavaletti horse jumps, which are not high and used as a brain challenge more than physical challenge, for Stephanie to use when she is exercising Tallen in the North field.  Things weren't quite going as planned. They were using some hardwood lumber and the screws didn't want to go all the way through the thickness. We heard some new expressions but we won't repeat them here. Mary decided it would be a good time to break for lunch as Angel was finished with the house cleaning and sometimes it's best to step away and rethink the approach.  

    After lunch Stephanie gathered all the beach goers up and headed down to play by the seashore. She discovered that Angel, the dog, loved the water and was a better retriever than the Labrador Retrievers. We also got to watch Angel's odd pastime of herding big beach rocks with her nose and screaming at them.  Of course Dylan was very happy to come along and feel the sand on his toes and he was happy the channel is all filled in now so he didn't have to jump over it .


    While we were living it up at the beach, Monty was back at the house being reunited with his family. Once he was gone, Owen and Arthur made their way down the hill to meet us on our hike.  By the time we returned, the sun was beaming down on the front veranda and it was the perfect time to laze around and have a nap while Mary and Stephanie finished their construction project. Predrilling the holes in the lumber seemed to solve the problems.  When Ellie returned from school, she offered to try the jumps out and she was happy with the result. Once all the tools were put away, it was time for Angel (the dog) and Shelby to depart.  Angel's human was happy to hear she had such a successful day and assured us she would be back soon.

    Dinner service only took about five minutes again today, so once that was done, we accompanied Angel, the human, around the fields for a walk before she had to leave for the day.   Gracie left just as Mary was finishing her dinner and then we all had our after- dinner naps until it was time for our late-night walk.





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