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Country Critter Sitters


    May 22, 2020 - Yippee, Odin's back for some fun.

    Our good buddy Odin arrived back this morning bright and early after being away for a few weeks. He was very excited to be with his friends, particularly Baxter and Ollie and of course, little Finnigan.  


    Queen Maudie arrived mid-morning so she could go to the beach with us and she wasted no time in parking herself by the gate and letting everyone know she wanted to get down to the shore. So Stephanie packed up her stuff and off we went and a short while later we were joined by Ellie, Mariah and Monica.  The orange balls were very much in demand today and Stephanie had a bagful so we could each have one to play with. It actually got hot for a while and both the kids as well as us critters enjoyed cooling off in the ocean. 




    It was also a blooming great day for the daffodils and Stephanie snapped a photo of this beautiful butterfly ( or maybe it's a moth ) resting in the sun near the wood chip pile. 



    We enjoyed a nice nap in the afternoon while Mary ventured into the city intending to pick up some groceries as well as new fittings and nozzles for the water hoses. Having left Seaforth when the temperature was just eighteen degrees, she got quite a surprise when she opened the car door to go to the hardware store and discovered it was thirty degrees. After getting her hardware, she stopped at the nearest grocery store only to see a very long line-up and no chance of finding any shade. Deciding that perhaps another store might have a shorter wait or some shade, she went to three others and found the same situation so the grocery shopping was put on hold and home she came to Seaforth where the temperature was a  pleasant sixteen degrees. Stephanie had already fed all of us and she was ready to head home, so we curled up on our favorite napping beds and stayed there until it was time for our late walk.  


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