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Country Critter Sitters


    May 21, 2020 - The good weather continues so lots of beach fun.

    Thursday was sunny, warm and windy so our streak of good weather continues. We had four regular day visitors arrive, Oliver, Drake, Marlea and Mylea as well as Briar Rose who will stay overnight. The morning was chock full of fun as we followed Stephanie around doing a Poop Patrol and watching as she brought the horse   out and let him into the front pasture to eat some grass. We only did a token amount of barking at him before wandering back to our other pursuits like watching the waves down at the beach and the numerous swallows swooping in and out of the barn. 


    We waited until Fritz   got here before going to the beach because he really enjoys these trips and he had almost his whole family with him including Sheila, Mariah and Monica but Richard had to work at home today. Stephanie and Ellie were with us as well so there was quite a parade racing down the hill. We had loads of fun chasing one another in and out of the water and the kids took off their shoes and socks and waded in as well.


    Once we were back at the house, we enjoyed an afternoon nap   while we waited for the day visitors to get picked up and then we had dinner after which we said goodbye to Lucy and Rusty. Later when we took our late walk, Mary took the big light and checked out the North field so she could spot the porcupine intruder but there was no sign of him. Perhaps he decided to move to a more peaceful location. We can only hope and Mary will remain vigilant to ensure there are no unforeseen meetings. 



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