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    May 20, 2020 - Another Doodle reunion and a little excitement in the dark.

    There was a lot of activity and people around today as more work was done on broken fences and some house repairs. Before any of that got started, Lucy and Rusty arrived for an overnight stay so Hali and Tilley, were happy to have another Doodle for company. 


    After breakfast our day visitors arrived so the pack grew as Nala Jr., Baxter, Nala Sr, Kali and Gracie joined the ranks with Stephanie at the cabana while the other workers started getting their equipment set up. 

    Later, Stephanie and Kelsea took us down to the beach which was a very popular move particularly with Lucy who gets very excited at the prospect of an ocean visit. Believe me when I say that you don't want to be standing in the way when a very motivated Newfoundland dog like Lucy comes barrelling down the hill at full speed. For one so big, she is surprisingly sure-footed.


    The Doodle gang had a great time racing around and investigating all the choice bits that end up on the beach and Hali might be the smallest of the trio but she's also the fastest.   



    The rest of the day progressed as it usually does and it was during our last walk of the evening that we encountered an unexpected trespasser in the North field. Fortunately, Mary was wearing her head lamp as we started our usual jaunt about ten thirty and the light showed a dark shape in our path about thirty feet ahead. Wow! It was big porcupine who was just as surprised to see us as we were to see him/her. Arthur walked right by the prickly one without even noticing it and Lucy noticed it, but turned around and headed in the other direction. Smart girl! Mary backed up and called for all of us to follow her, closing the gate to the North field behind us. The Porcupine had beat a hasty retreat and Mary ventured back in to the field to be sure he had exited and upon finding no sign of him, she took us for our walk in another direction. Most of us hadn't even noticed the trespasser but knowing how dogs and porcupines can be a bad combination, there was no way we were going to investigate any closer. When we got back to the house, Mary gave us a a lecture on the problems that could ensue if we ever decided to grab one of these rodents and showed us some photos which were a major deterrent.


    We all hope that the oversized pin cushion decides to move to a new neighbourhood where there won't be any dogs.   


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