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Country Critter Sitters


    May 19, 2020 - Lots of fun today with lots of company.

    Tuesday was a sunny day, trying to warm up but the North wind had other plans. It was a busy day for both critters as well as workers starting with Oliver's arrival before breakfast and then Sam, Hunter, Finnigan, Benny, Baxter and Nala, all here to enjoy this great day with their friends. Harley and Tilley were both dropped off for an overnight stay and they were both very excited to see so many of their buddies. 

    The additional humans arrived to work on the fence as well as the house where the old cedar siding needs to be replaced on the two front dormers. We kept out of the way over at the cabana with Stephanie until it was time to head down to the beach. 



    The beach was lovely today with fabulous skies that seemed to go on forever and lots of warm tidal pools for us to wade in like communal baths. 


    More shore birds watching our antics and lots of racing around and checking out the stuff that washes up overnight and then lots of swimming.  




    The remainder of our day seemed to fly by as we enjoyed the sunshine, our afternoon naps and lots more playtime. Sam was the first guy to be picked up by his human and the rest of the day visiting bunch departed then we could enjoy our dinner while the fence work and house repairs wound down for the day. The work will resume tomorrow taking advantage of the fine weather forecast for the better part of this week. 






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