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    May 18, 2020 - A picture perfect day in Seaforth and guess who got a haircut.

    It was a lovely spring day and Stephanie took so many photos, I don't know if we can fit them all into today's DogBlog. At every turn, there was another bird or cloud or critter just begging to be photographed. 

    Our regular Monday visitors, Gracie, Baxter and Nala arrived on time and right away the beach campaign started.  But first, the horse needed to be taken care of and the barn cleaned up so Tali and Gracie had to cool their heels. Mary got busy restarting the fire in the firepit so she could continue to get rid of that old lumber pile and we just hung out waiting for the signal from Stephanie that we were on our way to the shore. 


    When we got there we saw that our neighbours, Maybelle and Skit were already enjoying themselves and we all had a good time catching up on their news. 


    Gracie and Tali had loads of fun chasing balls while the rest of us posed for some group shots.  



    Later on, back at the house, the camera was busy capturing some of our funnier moments as well as capturing the brief moments when the birds stopped to rest. 




    Relaxing on the veranda was a popular pastime as we watched the clouds roll by while Mary fed more wood into the pit. 


    Later, we got a big surprise when Mary suggested that Stephanie give her a haircut and Stephanie agreed, so, she gathered up the dog grooming kit that she used on Owen and Arthur and set to work on her first human head. Mary felt a great relief as the hair was cut away from her ears, neck and forehead and the effort was deemed a success. 


    Once the haircut was done, it was time to send Tali home with her humans and soon Karter, Baxter, Nala, Gracie and Parker bid us adieu and dinner was served. The day wound down, as we did, and soon we were sound asleep and Mary made sure the fire was also put to bed.


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