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    May 16, 2019 - A deluge of dogs dropped in for a visit.

    Wow, suddenly it got very busy around here after the five of us got up this morning. Here's the schedule of activity:

    08:00: Hunter R and Baxter R both dropped by before breakfast  to spend the day

    08:01: Yippee, Stephanie 's here, breakfast can't be far behind

    08:02: Feed Marty before he collapses from hunger 

    08:05: Feed the rest of us. 

    08:55: Yay, Kelsea's here. 

    09:00: Welcome Benson, Luke and Parker for a day of fun 

    09:05: Try to coax the Lucy, the Newf, to leave the back seat of the car

    09:10: Still working on Lucy's extraction

    09:15: Finally, with extra help, Lucy is on the ground and ready for her weekend stay

    10:15: The Cairn Terrierists, Rory and Robbie join the fun for a week or so 

    10:45: The Dynamic  Duo of Zig and Zag are dropped off for  a short stay

    So our little pack of five was now a mob of fifteen and it was taking forever to get all the introductions done and all those new bums sniffed. Stephanie took the car down to meet Joe who was arriving on the bus so we followed Kelsea around while she did a Poop Patrol.  The beach goers got excited at the prospect of a beach hike  just after Kelsea and Stephanie had some lunch and there was lots of chasing, fetching and splashing as we made the most of our visit and provided Stephanie with plenty of photos.




    There was one more addition to our mob in the afternoon when Rupert, the Poodle, was reluctantly handed over by his human who will miss him to bits. It didn't take long for Rupert to get into the swing of things and the game of 'Chase Me' seemed to be at the top of his to-do list. While Rupert was busy racing around, the day visitors started the usual departure routine and we said goodbye to Baxter, Luke, Benson and Parker before having our dinner and then giving Hunter a send off.  



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