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Country Critter Sitters


    May 15, 2019- What was that white and orange streak that just passed by?

    Well we promised you more action today, so here it is. 

    The adorable miss, Daisy  , was here for her daycare visit and just like most other Brittany Spaniel puppies, she was non-stop most of the day. Lucky for her, Marlea, Mika, Oliver and Drake were also here for a day of fun, and that’s just what they had. Lots of fun playing tug of war with sticks, playing chase and hide behind the bushes and rolling around in the mud. Mary had things to do in the city today, so we stayed close to the house with Stephanie mostly because it was cold, rainy and miserable.

    We said 'so long' to our little buddy Thunder mid-morning and we're pretty sure he was happy to get home where he could catch up on his beauty sleep after his long vacation.

    Just after Stephanie had her lunch, our dear friend Jasper    arrived for his vacation. Jasper is so well behaved you wouldn’t even know he was in the house. The only time we see him is mealtime or beach time, the rest of the day he just sits on the stairs or perches himself on the front veranda and watches the sights.

    Once Mary returned from the city, we met a sweet gal named Sara, a thirteen year old Cocker Spaniel who just moved to this area. She was very friendly and despite being blind in one eye and a bit deaf, she got along just fine, so we will be happy to welcome her back later in the spring for her vacation. 

    After Sara left, it was time for our daycare friends to depart and  we had our dinner. Then things were very quiet again, so we took up our favourite napping spots until Mary made us go out with her late in the evening to tend to the horse.


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