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Country Critter Sitters


    May 12, 2019 - Dylan's back for another stay.

    The morning was sunny and we could feel the warm breeze of an early summer day as we waited for Kelsea to get our breakfast ready. Stephanie was also here early so she could saddle up Tallen and take him out for a ride. 

    After we ate and followed Kelsea around while she did a poop patrol, we were treated to an early beach hike where Piper spent more time swimming than she did walking on dry land. That girl sure does love the fetching. When we got back to the house, our buddy Dylan   was just being dropped off and we were anxious to say hello to him. After the introductions , he was keen to go for some walks and explore and he even played a few games of chase with us. 

    The next arrival was our girl Marley who was going to spend the day with us but mostly she just hung out with Mary  while she did some work at the computer. Mary made a Beef Goulash for lunch and then she and Kelsea got busy doing some work on the vegetable garden beds and boxes. Today they planted Pumpkin, Butternut Squash and Buttercup Squash. and prepared a bed for Zucchini. 

    The afternoon just drifted along without any real direction as we waited for dinner and after we had eaten, Marley got picked up by her human and said her goodbyes. We returned to our dog beds and napped until it was time for our last walk under the stars.  


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