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    May 11, 2019 - New friends visit and old ones go home.

    It was an unusually quiet day around here after the hectic pace of the past two. It started off very foggy but improving so that by evening we had blue skies and sunshine. We did get to meet two new friends, Angel, a big German Shepherd who is a friend of Stanley and Gracie and then Theo, another Shepherd mix. 

    Angel was very playful and really enjoyed her visit  with us and she would like to come for a regular day care visit each week. We gave her a thumbs up so she'll be back on Monday. Theo was a different kettle of fish as he was very worried about his humans not being with him all the time and he couldn't relax and enjoy himself. He will come back for an overnight test run next week to be sure he will be okay to stay here. 

    After lunch we hung out over at the barn and watched as Stephanie and Mary did some more Spring Cleaning and the warm sun started to make an appearance. Charlie and Cannon got a call to say they would be picked up in about an hour so Stephanie packed up their stuff so they would be ready to go. What will Mary do now that she doesn't have them or the Basset Hounds to howl their songs first thing in the morning. She might oversleep, Ha! Ha! 

    That Luke hasn't stop playing all day so he's going to crash when he goes home tonight. Rory   and Thunder   have been sharing the job of playing with him and both of them will be glad for a rest as well as Marty who feels he has to be the traffic cop when they are in the house. Marty    is looking great, by the way, as he is on a new eating plan which very much seems to agree with him. Trimmed down, nice coat, bright eyes ... he doesn't look or act his age. 

    Piper   is steering clear of the three wrestlers  and looking forward to getting back down to the beach where she can swim and fetch to her hearts content. After dinner, Luke is picked up by his humans and things settle down to the peaceful sounds of snoring dogs which manages to lull Mary to sleep as well as she sits in front of the TV. 





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