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    March 26, 2020 - Let's have a big welcome for Mago.

    Here he is, our newest friend,  Mago  ,  who arrived from Costa Rica and has been adopted into Max's    family.  He's a real neat guy and seems to love the snow as you can see from these photos. It doesn't look like he's had any problem switching from an equitorial climate to a more northern one. 



    Max has been a super older brother ever since Mago arrived and enjoys showing him all the best places and reviewing the fence perimeter so he knows what his boundaries are. 

    The snow started this morning and fell pretty much all day with almost white-out conditions at times as the North-East winds blew it around. Odin also joined us for another day of play and he was just thrilled to see his best-friend Nala Jr. here so they spent most of the day outside with Levi playing in the snow. No beach walk on the agenda today with this nasty weather so the rest of us enjoyed our naps and watched Mary make a pot of Chili for lunch. Max, Mago, Odin and Nala Jr. were picked up by their humans later as well as Karter and they all agreed that they appreciated their short stay, jammed pack with so much activity and  paws-on socializing.  Levi got a big surprise a short while later when his human drove up to the gate to take him home after his lengthy stay and they were very happy to see one another. 

    So now, we're down to just three guest critters and it's eerily quiet especially with this heavy blanket of snow covering everything. The wind is still howling out there so we are hoping that our late walk won't have to be too energetic or lengthly.   


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