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    March 25, 2020 - Whoopee! We have our play buddies back today.

    Yes, the four of us were just thrilled to see eight of our buddies arriving today and they really livened the place up. The line-up for today includes

    Hunter ,

    Baxter  ,

    Nala Sr. ,

    Nala Jr. ,

    Oliver ,

    Kali ,

    Finnigan   and

    Karter .

    We played outside the cabana all morning while Angel was cleaning the house and then we got a big surprise when Fritz   arrived to spend the afternoon playing with us. He was thrilled to hear that he hadn't missed the beach walk and Stephanie began making plans to take us to the seashore. We had to wait until Stephanie got back from the grocery store since she is the designated shopper and once the provisions were put away, we were primed for this adventure. Hold it! A visual check of the beach revealed that another bunch of walkers and dogs were already enjoying it. We had to wait a bit longer until the other group departed. Once the coast was clear, off we raced with Angel and Stephanie to find out who these strange dogs and humans were and to see if yesterday's storm surf left behind any surprises. 

    The first thing that we found was that the channel to the pond was racing with water so we had to stay on the west bank but that didn't hinder our fun. 



    There was lots of splashing and Fritz got his beard very wet which made him look a lot like Fu Manchu.  



    Once we tired ourselves out and managed to get thoroughly soaked, we knew the time was getting short. Soon the day visitors would have to depart so we trudged back up the hill and, after saying goodbye to the four o'clock gang, we had dinner. What a great day! 


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