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Country Critter Sitters


    March 24, 2020 - Stormy day that ends in sunshine and big surf.

    We awoke to heavy rain and wind and figured today would be one of those lazy days that we all enjoy, now and again, although I have to say that it's been a quiet ten days or so.  There were no day visits or other arrivals and Tali went home just before dinner, so tonight we are back to the four critters that, due to circumstances, remain in place. Not that we're complaining, mind you, as long as we continue to get our meals, have a comfy place to sleep and plenty of pats and belly rubs.

    The rain lashed against the windows all day and soaked the ground, so our walks were brief and Mary, Stephanie and Ellie kept themselves busy with washing/repairing dog beds, cooking meals for Atticus, teaching Ellie how to play Scrabble and Tri-Ominos and keeping up with the e-mails. We did go for a wet walk which led to some toweling off in the mudroom but we enjoyed the massage if not the embarrassing photos. While we were outside, Stephanie caught sight of Poe on the post and snapped his photo and after we were dried off, Ellie wanted to give us all a biscuit for being such good critters. As you can see, she had us spellbound.


     Late in the afternoon, the sun broke through the clouds, the rain stopped and we saw this spectacular display of spindrift. 



    Here is a short video so you can enjoy the combined sound of the ocean and the wind. 





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