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    March 23, 2020 - Day-visitors rescue us from boredom.

    It was a lovely morning with lots of sunshine and we were up and out the door early to wait for Stephanie and Ellie to arrive. Breakfast was the first thing on the agenda but, with only four guests to feed, that usually, lengthy task was over and done in a few wags of a dog's tail.  We hung around outside the barn while Stephanie fed the horse and then we waited  for our day-visitors to get here. Baxter and Nala arrived and then Gracie so we had a brief greeting before going off to follow Stephanie while she did a Poop Patrol and wait for Odin to get here. When he arrived, there was another burst of excitement and soon Stephanie and Ellie suggested a beach walk which was a very popular idea. 

    The water was much calmer today than it had been so we enjoyed racing in the shallows and swimming in the pools close to the shore while Stephanie kept us well supplied with orange balls. That white stuff you see in a couple of pictures is the result of the minus twelve-degree temperature last night and the spume from the waves washing onto the shore. When the tide started to fall, these patches of frozen foam were left behind.  



    Gracie and Tali were very happy girls to have so many balls to fetch and Nala Sr. enjoyed sitting in the frozen foam which helped to cool off her recently shaved bottom. Both Odin and Nala Jr. were right in the thick of things and most of the time they just got in Gracie and Tali's way while Baxter did his best to supervise everyone. 

    Later we strolled up the hill in a very leisurely fashion, enjoyed a big drink of water and went looking for our favorite dog bed. To our surprise, most of the dog beds had their covers off and were being washed but we figured it made sense not to have twenty-plus dogs beds scattered around if there were so few of us to use them. Stephanie put the clean ones away upstairs so they would be ready when things go back to our old normal. 

    After the Nala Jr. and the day-visitors departed for home, we had our dinner and Mary sat down to enjoy a plate of spaghetti and meatballs with a piece of yesterday's Birthday Cake   for dessert. When an unattended moment presented itself, we figured that Levi couldn't resist all that butter cream and he tried to get the slice off Mary's plate but he could only get a small piece before Mary chased him from the kitchen. He had been doing so well up to this point that Mary figured she wouldn't have to give his humans a bad manners report but he just couldn't help himself. We all agreed that given the opportunity to escape detection, we might have given in to temptation and made a try for the cake as well.   


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