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    July 31, 2020 - More heat and humidity and more critters.

    Friday was the start of the Holiday Weekend and for the first time in months we were bursting at the seams. The usual day-visitors arrived, Marlea, Mylea, Quiver and Oliver and then throughout the morning we had more overnight guests being dropped off. First at the gate were Gracie and Stanley and then Reggie so once they were here and introduced to everyone, Stephanie suggested that we head to the beach before it got too hot. 

    The beach is always a reason to get excited and we never tire of it so today was no different. Stephanie always has her camera ready and she can usually get some great photos. 

    Who told these guys to stick their tongues out? 


    Wet, what do mean? Who's wet? 


    We were not told that there would be a wild goose chase? 


    There were more arrivals including Flynn, Owen T, Karter and Hercules and the remainder of the day was filled with our usual play time, nap time and time to say goodbye as we gave Benji a warm send off when his humans arrived to get him. Mylea and Marlea got picked up in their sporty, red convertible, dinner was served and then Quiver and Oliver went home. There was a short rain shower and Mary dashed into the house to grab the camera, certain there would be a rainbow behind the house and she was right. Not a real spectacular one but very close to the house. Later when we took our last walk of the day, the moon was very bright and Stephanie had her camera ready as she wanted to capture the sight from her house looking up to the top of the hill.  



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