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    July 31, 2019 - Goodbye July !

    Yes, Wednesday we said goodbye to July which may be over but has left behind the hot and humid weather. though the morning dawned foggy and cooler. We all rushed out to greet the first arrival of the day, Hunter the Brittany Spaniel, who is a regular Wednesday guest.

    Once Stephanie and her niece, Mariah, arrived we could begin our usual morning routine. After the breakfast meal was done and dusted, it was a very busy hour between nine and ten as we had seven critters arrive. Angel, Luke, Parker, Ollie, Marlea, Mika and finally Enzo, were all very happy to be here and join in the fun and games.  Chella and Luke especially hit it off and spent the whole morning wrestling, chasing and then finally napping with each other.

    It was house cleaning day so once Angel, the human, was all set to begin, most of us headed over to the cabana with Stephanie and Mariah.  Later Mary brought the new sunshade over that was just delivered from Amazon. It looked very easy to assemble, but unfortunately that is precisely why it didn’t work out. It just wasn’t cut out for the wind up here and it was designed to have the poles stuck deep in the sand.  Back in the box it went and Mary and Stephanie started cooking up a plan to build something a bit more rugged. Stay tuned for the final plans.

    While all this sun shade rigmarole was underway, we did what we do best .... play, wtch the play  or nap. 




    Our friend Clover got here about lunch time and she kept asking when we were going to the beach. Soon Clover, and about ten others, got their wish and it was beach time.  A nice breeze was blowing off the water and the fog had rolled back in, so it wasn’t too hot on the path down to the shore.  The big brown horse, Tallen, was a bothered by the flies and, on our way by, he put on quite a show and was screeching at Stephanie. He wanted to go to the barn to escape the heat and the flies so she promised him as soon as we got back from our hike she would do as he wished. 

    We had our usual fun times at the beach and Ollie had a great time playing with Mariah. Stephanie got some great photos for you to enjoy. It's hard to relate just how refreshing it feels to jump into the waves and escape the hot sand. 



    We got back to the house and Angel, the human, took Winston and Maya for a swim to cool off and soon it was time to say goodbye to the day-visitors. Mika, Marlea, Angel, the dog, Luke and Parker rejoined their humans and headed for home while Stephanie began the dinner prep for the rest of us. We were all hungry and and anxious to finish our meal so we could climb into our favorite dog bed and nap for a long stretch after such a busy day. 




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