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    July 30, 2020 - Another hot and humid day and lots of stuff happening.

    The morning brought us the return of Daisy   , the Brittany Spaniel, who we haven't see in over four months. She was very excited to be back with her friends and wanted to play all day. Kali also arrived for a weekend stay and the usual day-visitors, Oliver, Drake and Benson were dropped off along with Joey. A new Black Lab gal, Storm   , arrived just as we were getting ready to race down the hill to the beach. Storm inherited the family of an old friend of ours, Finn, who used to come here and dig up beach rocks many moons ago and she is just as friendly as he was so she'll get along fine.

    Here we are enjoying ourselves at the beach before the temperature climbs too high. 



    Pace and Enzo knew just how to keep cool.  



    Back to the house we plodded as the sun kept getting hotter so that Teddy Sr. and Little Bella   were lagging behind but they kept encouraging one another with talk of the big buckets of cold water that were waiting on the veranda.

    We were relaxing on the veranda in the shade when we had a visit from Fritz who lives with Stephanie's sister Sheila and her family. Fritz   was keen to play and while most of us gave that a pass, Daisy, Kali, Roxy C and Storm were more than willing to mix it up with him.   


    Lucy got her summons to return to the city with her human and then Joey was the next one ushered through the gate, more than ready to go home and have his lunch and a good nap. The next activity was Pace and Enzo being picked up by Bev who very kindly arrived with Croissant and Vanilla Custard Tarts from the LF Bakery for Mary and Stephanie to enjoy. Mary made sure that they were well hidden from the roaming eye and nose of Arthur before going with Stephanie to move a gate in Tallen's field and that's when they spied Baxter and Nala's human, Marian, driving up to get her fur kids after being away for a few days and missing them like crazy. Marian didn't come empty-handed as she handed over a box containing a Blueberry Pie along with a pint of fresh, wild blueberries. Mary and Stephanie are going to enjoy these treats without having to do any baking themselves. The departure of Oliver and Drake signaled the dinner hour and after we ate Benson and Rusty went home. 

    So, having gone from a pack size of twenty-five critters down to fifteen it was a lot more peaceful and that encouraged all of us to settled down and enjoy a long nap before we took our late walk in the heavy fog.      


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