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    July 30, 2019 - Hali bids us farewell.

    Tuesday, a busy time and the heat/humidity continues. We're Felim   and Jora   and we wanted to make sure we got a chance to say how much we are enjoying our visit.  

    We were last here a couple of years ago and while many of today's guests are new to us, there are many who we know well and enjoy seeing again. Of course, that includes Owen and Arthur, Mary's critters and our English cousins, Saki, Lucy, Naga and Benny. 

    Kelsea and Angel took us to the beach in the morning which made Felim really happy and he swam the whole time he was there. Jora elected to stay back at the house with Mary, Saphira and Hali. It was a big crowd that raced down the hill, in spite of the heat,  dashing into the surf to get a quick cool off. The regular Tuesday gang, Oliver, Drake, Benny, Baxter W and Nala lead the way and were chasing balls as soon as they Kelsea got the chucker out. Lucy climbed into the waves and did her usual laps up and down, parallel to the shoreline while Saki found the perfect tidal pool for bathing. Baxter W, Kali, Naga, Auggie, Sophia and Riley competed for the ball fetching title and Baxter R, Nala, Roxy, Lexie and Chella chased one another, rolled in the piles of seaweed and splashed in the surf. Felim couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear as he did his best to join in every game and not miss one minute of fun.  

    Once the beach group returned to the house, there was a lot of water lapped and the best spots for napping were claimed while Kelsea began mowing the front and back yards. Mary got Hali's bags packed and they left in the car to get Hali to her grooming appointment in Bedford from where she would be picked up by her humans. Mary was surprised that when she left Seaforth the temperature was twenty-two degrees and when she got to Bedford about an hour later, the temperature was thirty-three degrees. It was a real treat to drive back home and see the thermometer drop steadily to a more comfortable twenty degrees.  

    Stephanie did get the camera out and took lots of photos of the new guests as well as catching some of the others in playful poses. 



    Once the day-visitors departed for home along with Baxter R, we had our dinner and said goodbye to Kelsea, Angel and Stephanie so we could return to our long naps.  



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