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Country Critter Sitters


    July 29, 2020 - The heat wave continues and the cool ocean water is a big relief.

    Angel, the human, arrived just after breakfast and she was keen to go to the beach with Stephanie and the rest of us particularly as we had to keep a close eye on the two rookies who were making their first beach trip with us. Bella     and Rico  weren't sure what we were getting so excited about but once they got to the beach, they had loads of fun. Lucy had arrived early this morning and she wouldn't sit still until the race down the hill got underway with Angel, the dog, trying to beat her into the waves. The new kid, Rico was right in his element and he enjoyed watching all his new friends splash and chase one another. 


    Bella, the other first-timer, got right into the spirit of things as she waded in and escorted Robbie and Remington back to shore.  



    The trip back up the hill was a lot slower and we were all keen to get a cold drink and find some shade. Kelty's human arrived to pick him up and our friends, Pace   and Enzo   were dropped off for an overnight stay. After lunch, we got to meet Abby, a Wheaten Terrier gal who would like to come for a visit in August. Abby had been here about ten years ago but family members were always available to care for her so she never got stay and it looks like this time she will finally get to enjoy  the full Critter Sitter experience.

    Stephanie managed to grab a few more photos for her collection and most of us were happy to pose. Not what you might call action shots, eh?  




    The afternoon seemed to race by and we said goodbye to Rico and Bella before having dinner after which Angle and Hercules went home. After the hot sun had set, Mary took an opportunity to give some of her vegetables a good drink of water since it doesn't look like there is much rain in the forecast.  


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