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    July 28, 2020 - All-day grass cutting projects.

    The day dawned warm and breezy and the usual Tuesday visitors arrived beginning with Oliver, Odin, Sam, Angel, Benny and Luke. The six of them really got things stirred up and it was very noisy and busy while we waited for Hercules to get here as well. The Handyman was back today and he got busy with the Whipper-Snipping while Mary took Owen and Arthur to the dog groomer at Scruff to Fluff.  Mary and Stephanie were agreed that clipping the two of them again was not in their plans as it would take most of the day so off they went to be bathed and clipped and when Mary returned, Stephanie announced we would go to the beach  before it got too much hotter. 

    Off we raced down the hill while some of us stayed behind with Mary. Before long we heard the familiar rumble of the big tractor / bush hog mower coming up the driveway and the mower guy had decided he would do some cutting in the big pastures.  Mary got him situated and shut the big gate behind him so none of us could run in this field on our way back from the beach.  

    We were all having a great time down at the shore so another guy cutting grass didn't seem important when we had so much fun. 





    We returned to the house and we drank buckets of fresh water which Stephanie and Mary had to keep refilling and then we settled down in the shade of the veranda. After a quick lunch, Stephanie departed to run a few errands which would include picking up Owen and Arthur from the groomer. Shelley came to pick-up Odin and Sam, Kelty arrived for an overnight stay and then our Cairn Terrierist, Robbie was dropped off to spend a few days. Mary introduced him to Teddy Sr. thinking he might want to catch up on the Cairn Terrier news but soon he was off exploring the fields. Hunter's humans drove up to the gate to pick up their boy and take him home and just as they were departing, Stephanie arrived with Owen and Arthur, both looking very sleek and smelling great.

    Both of the grass mowing guys quit work but one of them announced he would be back tomorrow to finish the South-East pasture. We hung out waiting in line to get in the pool or just posing for photos. Roxy C was busy watching the horse in case he did something interesting besides eat grass and Hali was caught surfing the web while Rusty relaxed in his bed.  




    After Benny and Luke went home, we had dinner and later Oliver and Angel were both picked up. The third lawn mower guy arrived and spent the next couple of hours mowing the lawns while we relaxed inside and, when he was finished, we went outside to inspect his job. All in all, it was a very busy day and tonight we are all very tired so we should soon be heading to bed.  



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