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    July 27, 2020 - Things were hopping busy today.

    Both Stephanie and Kelsea were on duty today with Mary and it's a good thing because it was very busy with lots of comings and goings. The regular Monday gang was here including Gracie, Nala Jr. and Joey and Hunter also arrived for an overnight stay. Then the handyman arrived to continue work on the fence repairs and once he was on the job, we spied little Teddy , the Cairn Terrier, at the gate wanting to stay for a week. He was very excited to see so many of his old friends, including Hali, Benji and Rusty and then he got even more excited when he heard that we were going to the beach. Since we already have a pup called Teddy staying with us, we are going to call them Teddy Sr. and Teddy Jr. We raced down the hill and Teddy Sr. had a blast playing chase with all his buddies and making the acquaintance of some other like-minded critters, including Bella, Charlie and Joey.  



    There was so much action, Stephanie had a hard time getting her camera focused on those little speed demons.

    The rest of us were enjoying some swims as we went after the balls tossed into the waves. That Teddy Jr. is quite the swimmer and she would stay in the water all the time if she could. 


    Our oldest guest in residence today is Lumie and that little Beagle, who will soon be fifteen years old,  wouldn't miss a beach hike no matter how old she gets. 



    We returned to the house as the morning temperature and the humidex climbed and we continued to hang out on the veranda and play some Hide and Seek in the garden until Roxy, the Whoodle, was dropped off for a short stay.  




    So now, just to make things interesting, there are two Teddys, Two Roxys and two Nalas. Since both Roxys are about the same age, we are going to call them Roxy A and Roxy C. 

    The day was filled with more camaraderie and some naps and a couple of dips in the pool and Hunter   waited patiently for the squirrel to pay him a visit. At three o'clock the handyman quit for the day and some of us followed Mary and Kelsea to the barn where they were hanging up some tools and trying to keep stuff organized. That's something that humans do spend a lot of time doing and it's a job that never seems to be finished. Joey, Karter, Nala Jr. and Rooney all went home during the afternoon and then it was one of our favorite times. Dinner, which we watched Stephanie prepare with such care and love and  a few sprinkles of dried Beef Liver bits.  Tonight, we're all kind of tired after such a busy day and we'll soon be taking our late walk before we go to bed. 


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