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    January 24, 2020 - Now there's a Brachy Bunch.

    Yes, you guessed it, with all of the noise about the Oodle Club and how exclusive it seemed to be, some other guests have petitioned to form a club of their own. They are a unique group, distinguishable by their facial structure. Here are some photos, including that well-known 'Brachy Blogger', the original Big Boss himself, Cocoa ( may he rest in peace ).

    Atticus and Chloe                                            Cocoa                                                             Duke


    Are you seeing it? Brachycephalic is the scientific word that vets use to describe short-nosed or flat-faced dogs. Duke, Atticus and Chloe have made it clear that their 'Brachy Bunch' will have an exclusive membership and they have reached out to some others who would be eligible, like Stanley  , the Brussels Griffon, Willis,  , the Boston Terrier, Finnigan , the French Bulldog , Rocky  , the Shih Tzu and Shelby  , the Valley Bull Dog. There was a comment from someone in the peanut gallery about eligibility being based upon the snoring talent of the member but this was dismissed as probably coming from a Brachy wannabe. Anyway, enough of that, back to our day. 

    It was another dramatic sunrise and the inland patches of fog made for some interesting photos. 


    Our Friday regulars arrived, Baxter, Nala and Shelby, who, as soon as she heard about the Brachy Bunch, wanted to join. We spent the day with Stephanie because Mary had to go into the city for another appointment and we played a lot while Stephanie got some chores done and took some photos. The coast guard vessel sat off the beach and a helicopter kept flying overhead and the ravens were watching us, hoping we might drop a dog biscuit and forget to come back for it. Ha! Fat chance that'll ever happen.  





    After Mary got back from the city, Stephanie took Owen, Baxter, Nala, Tessa and Shelby to the beach for a hike and the waves were a little bigger than they expected but that didn't keep the intrepid adventurers from dashing into the surf a few times. When that bunch got back, Kelsea had arrived and she gathered up Marcy, Tilley, Robbie and Duke and they got to race down the hill ahead of Arthur and Chloe while the first group enjoyed a rest in the sunroom.

    When the second group got back to the house, it was time for Tilley to be picked up and then Baxter, Nala and Shelby said goodbye till next week. Dinner was yummy and the naps after dinner resonated to the rumbling snores of, you guessed it, the Brachy Bunch.   


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