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    January 23, 2020 - Archie chimes in and gives us a great report.

    Hello there. My name is Archie  and I've offered to write the DogBlog report for today. First I wanted to show you the this morning’s sunrise which produced a very dramatic effect which Stephanie captured on her way to Ellie’s bus stop.

    We were all ‘ up and at em’  earlier than usual as we had a pre-breakfast arrival by the name of Marcy who has stayed with us many times so it didn't take her long to get settled. She had eaten her breakfast in the car on her way to see us so she got busy doing a perimeter check and waiting for Stephanie to arrive. Then we all heard a car climbing the driveway and we thought it was Stephanie trying to surprise Mary by showing up early, but no, it was a surprise arrival by the name of Tessa who wasn't expected until tomorrow morning. Someone got their dates confused but no problem,  we were all wide awake. 

    We gathered around to say hello and make her feel welcome and she was very happy to see all of us. Tessa is a Lagotto Romangnolo with a lovely curly coat similar to mine.  I suggested that she should be my first 'honorary' member of the Oodle Club.  Isn’t she just the prettiest gal? I think I'm in love. 

    Stephanie did arrive, right on time and got busy preparing our delicious breakfast. Everyone ate in the mudroom except me as I like to have breakfast in the dining room with Mary, like any civilized creature. Once the breakfast service was all finished, we waited for our daycare friends, Benson, Kali and Clover and Tilley to get here. Tilley  is regular member of the Oodle Club by virtue of being a, Labradoodle and he's always full of fun and enjoys games of chase.

    Once everyone was settled in, Stephanie took all of us for a stroll around the fields and picked up dog blossoms along the way. 



    Tilley and I had a meeting and decided that we would also add Clover  and Benson   as honorary members of the Oodle club as they were feeling somewhat left out.  They are both cute and have curly hair, so why not, its close enough. We all came inside to warm up and soon the beach gang were off again, dashing through the snow off to see what the tide had washed up. I appointed Tilley to be the official gossip getter as I only enjoy the beach when it is warm and sunny so I didn't go. I figured Mary might need me for something important so I opted to stay behind with her as well as Rory, Zag, Inky and Atticus. 

    When they returned from the beach, Tilley's report wasn't very detailed but I suppose it got the message across. It read as follows and I added the punctuation to make it more readable: 

    "Fun! Chasing! Ocean! Ice on rocks! Everyone well behaved, took turns fetching balls and listening to Stephanie. Many treats handed out! Walk back up hill harder than usual because of slippery snow. Fun.”

     Stephanie took lots of pictures which helped to illustrate Tilley’s report.



    Everyone decided to warm up inside and take a nap while Stephanie did some computer work and made her lunch. Mary decided to run a few errands in Porters Lake while we were napping and when Mary arrived back, she was happy to report she scored two ‘ fifty percent off ’ lamb roasts. Soon after that Kelsea arrived for her afternoon shift and we joined her on a nice stroll through the East field. There were lots of good smells in there to keep us busy for a while, then we supervised as Kelsea and Stephanie did some work on a low hanging gate. Next it was time for the three day-care friends to depart and we could then enjoy a delicious dinner  while Ellie beat Mary at Crazy Eights, four games to two before Stephanie, Ellie and Kelsea left to go home. After all that outdoor time and fresh air, everyone except me was soon fast asleep.  I was very busy editing this DogBlog posting which I'm sure will be remembered as one of the 'best-written and most informative' ones ever posted. 


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