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    January 22, 2020 - More support for the troops.

    Today, Wednesday, was a sunny day and the temperature climbed above freezing which was a  welcome change. Oliver and Drake were dropped off with us for the day, followed by that wild youngster, Nala J and then Mika. Nala got busy right away showing off her speed and fast turns and Drake was happy to give chase. Mika also thought that Nala was good fun so she got into the action as well and the geese flew over honing their encouragement.   



    All of this activity took place over at the cabana since this was house cleaning day and we have been known to get in the way of that process. Robbie was having lots of fun skimming over those frozen snow banks and his brother Rory, was with Mary enjoying some quiet time.  


    Duke was giving Oliver some pointers on perimeter patrol in the North Field and Atticus had elected to stay over at the house so he could stand guard over the food in the fridge. 


    About mid-morning, the most senior officer of the Little Dog Troop, Zag , was driven up to the gate by his handler and he promptly reviewed the  troops and declared that he had to collect some hair samples for his DNA program after noticing the new day visitor, Nala. Nala was quite perplexed when she began to feel the hair in her tail being grabbed every time she ran by Zag so she soon decided the best place to be was somewhere else.  

    That's when Stephanie announced the beach trip and she gathered her group and off they went to enjoy the surf and the sand. 



    Nala enjoyed her second beach visit even more than the first since she kind of knew what to expect and she enjoyed splashing around with all her friends and catching a few orange balls. 

    We returned to the house, tired, thirsty and wet and we only got a short break before we all got to meet a new friend, named Molly. She inherited the family of Guiness who was one of the very first dogs to ever stay  here about thirteen years ago. Molly was a very pleasant guest and she enjoyed playing with us and going for walks with us while Stephanie took some photos of our games of chase. 


    Archie, who looked like a mini-me of Molly, fell madly in love with her and he tried his best to keep up with her but his short little legs let him down. He made it clear to Drake that Molly didn't fancy him and he should look elsewhere for his romantic interest. 


    After Molly left, Mary put some Cabbage Patch Soup on the table for lunch and we settled down to enjoy the warm sunshine in the sunroom while Stephanie uploaded her photos. Before we knew it, it was time for Mika, Nala ,Oliver and Drake to go home and then dinner was served and dusk settled over Seaforth. 







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