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    January 21, 2020 - Little Critters Rule!

    Hi to all my fans out there in cyberspace. It's me, Duke , the Pug, bringing you the lowdown on today's action.  Tuesday started out much every Tuesday,  with the return of Baxter and Nala and the arrival of Benny for the day. The other pair that usually come on Tuesday, Oliver and Drake, opted to switch to Wednesday this week.  It was a cold morning but the sun was shining and that was enough to get us outside, posing for the camera.  I was busy, getting all my fellow guests lined up including these fine feathered guys who perch on the barn roof.  



    Mid-morning, I   spied a car at the gate and told Hubble to get up on the picnic table   to see who it was. He told me it looked like a potential pick-up so I alerted Stephanie who gathered up our friend, Hunter, so he could have a noisy reunion with his humans.  After such a hectic morning, I needed a chance to rest up so I would be ready for the afternoon treat. 

    I helped Stephanie and Angel get everyone assembled for a beach walk and as usual we all made a big fuss racing ahead and howling at nothing. The beach was covered with lots of icy rocks and tree roots but we had lots of fun on the open sandy parts and splashing in the tidal pools. 





    After we had our fun, I hustled everyone up the hill and back to the house where I promptly found my favorite dog bed and fell fast asleep. All that fresh air and sunshine really promotes napping before dinner.  Our busy day wasn't over yet, as our two Cairn Terrierists, Rory   and Robbie   drove up to the gate and hopped out of their limo accompanied by their chauffeur and a good supply of food. Don't let those sweet expressions fool you, those two can really kick off some wild times and they usually spend the first hour marking every tree, shrub and snow bank.  They were just getting settled in and had been introduced to everyone, when another little buddy arrived. This time it was Archie,   and he was ready to get out there and mingle with some old friends as well as make some new ones. He didn't have much time to get to know Hubble as his human arrived to get him and the Baxter and Nala were also escorted through the gate to go home. Stephanie started dinner and Benny departed and then we ate a beautifully prepared repast. Tonight, I have finally signed off duty and with only six little guests to keep track of, Mary should be able to handle things without me.   


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