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    January 20, 2020 -

    Monday was a day spent having fun with a few of our good friends and Gracie. Yes, Gracie comes to join us on Mondays but she has no interest in being friends with any of us, she only wants to get down to the beach and fetch balls. That's okay, we don't take it personally. Gracie is a Border Collie, enough said. Karter got the call to say he would be heading home and his human arrived as promised and departed with his buddy.   

    The unexpected surprise was the arrival of Baxter and Nala who usually come on Tuesdays but they really wanted to enjoy an extra play day and they both love being with us, with or without a beach hike. We hung out at the cabana for most of the morning while the snow shoveling was done around the house to clear some of the snow and ice off the veranda and steps and to get the numerous gates freed from the frozen white stuff. 

    At lunch time, once all the snow removal was finished, we returned to the house and relaxed in the sunroom while Angel made a trip down the beach path to check it out for ice and deep snow. The 'go-or-no-go' decision would be based upon her findings since Mary didn't want us to  slip and fall or get hung up in the crusty snow but angel returned with a positive report so we assembled for our hike and enjoyed a good time checking out the beach for the next hour. 

    After we returned to the house, Kelsea arrived and Angel departed for the day and we hung out with Kelsea while she did some barn work until it was time for Baxter, Nala and Gracie to go home. Dinner was yummy and we enjoyed our naps until Mary roused us to take our late walk.           


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