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    January 18 & 19, 2020 - The downs and ups of a Nova Scotia winter weekend.

    Saturday came with lots of sun but bitter cold with high winds. Our gal Daisy arrived to spend the day with us and she can really liven things up as she races around.  We did get to meet a new friend, Louie by name, who has come to live in the home of our old friend Maddy. He is a young Cockapoo and very friendly and full of fun. Louie would like to stay here for a week at the end of the month and after getting to meet all of us, we gave him a big 'thumb-up'. 

    After Louie's visit, we went back inside to warm up, Stephanie left for the day, Kelsea arrived to stay with us and Mary went into the city for a memorial service. We had fun on our brief outings and Tali was picked up by her human, grumbling because she didn't get to go to the beach today. Later Kelsea prepared us a lovely dinner and Mary arrived home with a carload of groceries which Kelsea helped her to move to the house. We could smell fresh beef liver so it wasn't safe to leave any of those bags unwatched, particularly when Atticus started to brag about how he would be having liver for dinner during the coming week. 

    It was still very cold, minus twelve, when we took our late walk but at least the winds had died down. When we woke on Sunday morning, everything had changed outside as the snow had been falling fast and furious for a few hours and the temperature had come up twelve degrees, so now it was just around zero but the East-South-East wind was howling at about fifty km/h, with gusts up to seventy km/h. This was causing some drifting in the driveway and around the house but we still raced outside to check out the situation. 

    Kelsea arrived to get us some breakfast and take us outside for some exercise which some of us appreciated but others did not and then Mary started cooking that yummy liver which smelled so good we all wanted to have a bit on our dinner tonight.  Rollie arrived to plow up the drifts from the driveway and Pippin and Breagha were reunited with their humans which was a very lively scene and soon they were loaded in the car and on their way home. We pretended that we wanted to go outside after that but once we all had a sniff of the plowed snow banks and slipped and slid on the ice, we were back at the door.

    Mary found a few photos from the last few days which didn't make it into the DogBlog so she wanted us to put them in today's report. 

    Chloe and Atticus                                                     Tali and Hubble


    Breagha and Pippin 

    Inky                                                                           Hunter 


    This photo present an optical illusion, of sorts, in that it appears that the distant islands are floating above the water. The big one is Jeddore Rock which is about twenty miles east of us and in the foreground is the abandoned fishermen's reserve in East Chezzetcook which is about half a mile from our beach.   




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