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    January 16 & 17, 2020

    Thursday was a snowy day from start to finish but the interesting thing about that was, there wasn't much snow on the ground at the end of the day. But by dinner time the wind had really picked up and what snow had fallen started to drift so it would require the plow by Friday morning. 

    So, the bottom line was we didn't do much on Thursday except welcome Maybelle and Skit who came to spend the day and a little later, Hunter, who arrived for a short vacation. The cold temperatures and the snow were not to the liking of Atticus, Inky and Duke so short trips outside were more to their liking, followed by a warm bed and a nap. Maybelle and Pippin, with their thick coats, did play a few games of chase but Breagha, Hunter and Karter preferred to watch through the windows while Skit stretched out on the sofa. 

    Dinner time rolled around, Maybelle and Skit were picked up by their human and the snow continued with high winds causing white-out conditions and that went on all night so that Thursday migrated into Friday and the snow continued, only now it was even windier. Most of the province's schools were closed but not those in the Halifax Regional Municipality. Shelby, who usually comes to spend the day on Friday, called to cancel her visit but Baxter and Nala braved the cold temperatures and arrived right on time. Stephanie had an appointment just after breakfast so after she got the horse fed, she drove up to Porters Lake while we enjoyed a quiet time with Mary until Stephanie got back and Mary had to leave for an appointment in Halifax. 

    Fortunately, Mary was able to get a drive into the city with Baxter and Nala's human in his Jeep, make her appointment on time and then get driven back home, after a stop at the LF Bakery. Thanks a bunch Wim, it was very kind of you to do this on such a nasty day. Baxter and Nala went home and the temperature kept dropping until it is now time for our late walk and it's minus thirteen, with a windchill factor that makes it feel like minus twenty-four.  No one wants to go for a walk ... what a surprise!    


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