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    January 15, 2020 - A little snow and a little Nala.

    Wednesday was a wintery kind of day. The gentle snow flakes started falling just before we had our breakfast and they continued all day however, they didn’t amount to much.

    We had quite a line up of daycare friends who came to join us for some fun today.  Kali   got here just before breakfast, then Benson   arrived after breakfast. A new Golden gal, who is also called Nala  , was next to drive up to start her day of fun. Boy was she raring to go.  We all raced out to meet her and every time one of us approached her, she would flip over on her back and play dead. The humans call this submissive behaviour but we know it's all just a big act.  Once she warmed up to all of us, she was racing around and playing games in no time.  The next day-player to arrive was Mika  , she and Nala hit it off right away and took off bounding through the fields  .   

    Mary had to go in to the city for an appointment this morning and, once she left, we all headed over to the barn so Angel could start the house cleaning. We had fun showing Nala all our favourite play spots and she got to sniff the horse as he put his head over the fence then she flipped over on her back until he walked away.  Our buddy Lupin’s human came to collect him around mid-morning and she left a big box of treats to say thanks for keeping him an extra day.  We heard her tell Stephanie about the cottage where she was staying. It was hit with the a heavy load of freezing rain and everything got encased in ice, including her car, so she had quite an ordeal trying to get home.  Next Tucker got the call that he would be going home today and he was quite excited at the prospect of his humans reading his report for yesterday's DogBlog. 

    Once Angel finished the house cleaning, she and Stephanie had some lunch and then Angel took a small group to the beach. Mika, Benson, Breagha, Kali and Nala snuck away to the seashore, while Stephanie distracted the rest of us with liver treats. 




    Since it was Nala’s first beach tip Angel wanted to be able to keep a close eye on her and didn’t want her to be intimidated by anyone, so that’s why the rest of us stayed back with Stephanie.  We didn’t mind and soon we were all cuddled up having a nap.


    When the beach gang returned it was time for Angel to head home for the day so the wet ones warmed up and dried off napping with the rest of us while they waited for their humans to collect them.  Eventually, the day visitors went home and we could finally have our dinner. Mary returned home with her friend, Beth, and they had a big bucket of KFC with them for dinner. We had to watch from behind the French doors of the living room as they enjoyed their tasty treat and the smell of that chicken made us drool puddles on the floor. After Beth left too go home, we settled down in front of the TV and Mary promptly fell asleep, only waking when Stephanie arrived back to take us for our late walk.    


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