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    January 14,2020- A day of fun and games

    Hello I'm Tucker .I will be reporting on today's activities but if you're looking for juicy tidbits of gossip or salacious hearsay, you'll have to go elsewhere. 

    Tuesday was a little more exciting because the day players, Oliver, Drake and Benny rolled in just after breakfast was served and they seem to have boundless energy when they first arrive. Angel reported for duty around the same time and got started with that daily task which is necessary, but not so glamorous, Poop Patrol.  We all went out to fraternize with the newcomers and accompany Angel on her task. Soon most of us moved over to the cabana to play with Angel while Mary and Stephanie met three little dogs thaat have never been here before.

    There were two Havaneese and a Yochon (Bichon/Yorkie mix)   The two Havaneese were a bit overwhelmed, and not so crazy about being out of their owners’ sight, so it was agreed that a test stay of a few hours should be set up.  Once that was all wrapped up, lunch was prepared and served to the humans.  Even though we all pleaded a good case as to why we should all get a yummy tuna melt, it was a no-go.  Next, Charlie was reunited with his human and told him all about the fun birthday party he had while he was here. We are sure he will have some sleep to catch up on when he gets home.

    As a trade off for not getting a tuna melt, we got a fun beach hike instead.  Baxter, Nala and Maya headed down first with Angel so they wouldn’t get trampled by the keeners like Oliver, Drake, Benny, Breagha and Duke.  Once they were down the path, Stephanie followed with the keeners and Owen.  





    Fun was had by all and once all the balls were put away, Arthur and Karter were allowed to race down to meet everyone at the waters edge. Stephanie said it was a tie, but judging from the photo, I’d say Karter was the winner. 

    Once we got back from the beach it was nap time while we waited for the day-dogs plus Baxter and Nala, who had a double sleepover this week, to be picked up. Once they all went their separate ways, we got to eat dinner, then after dinner, Maya was picked up by her human and the rest of us continued on our napping duties. All in all a very pleasant day for me and all my friends.  


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