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    January 10 & 11, 2018 - Technical difficulties, please stand by. 

    Wednesday was a typical January day here in Seaforth and house cleaning was on the agenda. Mary decided to get her desk and its contents thoroughly wiped clean today which meant that the computer and all the peripherals had to be unplugged and disconnected. When she sees all the wires that needs to be reassembled into the power bars, she muses that the term ‘wireless’ is a hoax and she prays that everything will work once it’s put back together. 

    We are happy to hear that our buddy Norman is coming to play for the day since he's a lot of fun. Lola and Winnie F both arrive just as we are finishing up the breakfast dishes and little LaVie gets dropped off so she can play while Kelsea is at school. Hurricane Winnie, the yellow Lab is super excited to see her little sidekick and off they go to run and wrestle with one another.

    Stephanie takes us over to the cabana so we won’t be in the way of the vacuum and mop and once Mary has the desk stripped, she joins us and we spend the morning playing inside and going out for some walks until the North-West wind sends us racing back to the warm beds. While we are napping, Mary and Stephanie, put Tallen’s new winter turnout rug on him to make sure it’s the right fit and then he an Thor get to go out in their paddocks to enjoy their bag of hay. The morning passes quickly and once the cleaning is finished, we move back to the house and Mary and Stephanie grab a quick bite of lunch before Stephanie has to go and pick up Ellie from the school bus. The sun warmed up the sunroom such that we couldn’t resist finding a spot and stretching out for a sleep while Mary started putting her desk back together.  Everything seemed to be going well until the internet/TV connection didn’t put in an appearance so Mary had Stephanie double check all the plugs and cables just in case she had missed something. All the plugging, unplugging and re-plugging didn’t help Mary find her internet. Even though she didn’t want to, she was forced to call Bell-Aliant Technical Support where Corey, sounding very chipper and up-beat assured her that he would get to the bottom of the problem.

    First thing, unplug and re-plug the ‘wireless’ modem, tell Corey which lights are blinking, double check that all the cables are connected to the various ‘white boxes’ scattered around the house and then back down the basement stairs to confirm the white boxes in the basement are lit up and working. Try re-booting the modem again, this time leaving it unplugged for twenty seconds instead of ten. Check to see if the cellphone can connect to the internet and on and on it went for nearly an hour while Stephanie took care of getting Norman and Winnie back to their humans and started our dinner preparations. In the end, still no Internet/TV service in the house and Corey has to make an appointment for a Service Technician to visit us, but it won’t be until Friday. Mary is trying her best to remain calm and reasonable but it’s taking a lot of effort. 

    Meanwhile, we could care less about the Internet/TV as long as we get fed and soon it’s time for Stephanie and Ellie to head home and we all settle in the front room while Mary gets her book and starts to read. Lola gets picked up at six o’clock and Mary resumes her reading trying not to think about yesterday’s unfinished DogBlog. Two and a half hours later we all wake up so Mary decides to draft today’s DogBlog using Word so it at least will be ready to go when she can get back on the Web Site Editor. 

    Thursday brought us Caper, Benson and Oliver for the day but no Internet or TV so Mary is trying to read and reply to the emails on that little out-of-date cell phone. Her Fat Finger Syndrome and the auto-correct is driving her round the bend while we enjoy the mild weather and an early trip to the beach with Stephanie and Kelsea. Today little LaVie gets to make her first trip with us and she has loads of fun racing around with the big guys. While we are down at the beach, our latest guest, Max  , the Westie, arrives for his stay and he has a big shopping bag of home cooked meals to go into the freezer. Right away he begins to make friends and Benson, who's best buddy is a Westie called Kelty, adopts Max as his protege   and they can't agree on who will lead when it's time for a tango  . Later Benson has to go home but he'll get to play with Max next week and Oliver departs as well. Time for dinner and then Stephanie brings her IPAD up so Mary can use it to do some work and watch a couple of favorite TV shows. It's a little easier to type on it compared to that little cell phone but Mary gets a little carried away and Stephanie exceeds her data allowance and has to buy a top up to keep Mary in busness. The service technician is supposed to come tomorrow so hopefully the technical problems will be solved and we can go back to our usual blogging.                    


Don't forget to hug a critter today.

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