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    February 9 & 10, 2019 - A cold, cold, very cold weekend.

    Saturday, morning temperature minus ten and winds out of the North-West gusting to 70 km/h which adds up to a wind chill temperature of minus twenty. We dashed outside this morning only long enough to take care of our bodily functions and then we were back at the door howling to get back inside. After breakfast, Charlie and Luna were picked up by their humans and they headed home and Stephanie left the horses in the barn with their hay. 

    Later we got to meet two new friends who would like to come and stay here. The first was Baby, and she was very excited to have a bunch of average size dogs to play with. She told us that she only gets to hang out with little toy dogs, none of whom want to play with her so this was a big event. She can run very fast and she took full advantage of her short visit, not stopping for a minute. We gave her a thumbs up to come back for a stay in May. 

    The second new friend was a guy named Nikku, a big furry Golden/Aussie mix  with a silky black coat and soft brown eyes.  He was super chill and enjoyed meeting all of us and taking a walk around the property. His human left him with us for the remainder of the afternoon to ensure that he would be content and he's going to come back next week for an overnight stay. He also got our seal of approval. Our little gal Haylee was picked up by her human and she departed for home after which we had our dinner and stayed inside where it was warm. 

    Sunday was almost a copy of Saturday with very cold temperatures and winds out of the West gusting to sixty km/h. There was more sunshine which warmed up the sunroom and Atticus along with Inky spent most of the day soaking up that heat. Nick and Watson were both reunited with their humans and Mary made a trip to the grocery store while Kelsea kept us entertained. Kelsea was also busy cooking up meat and veggies for Atticus' meals and these were all ready to package and freeze by the time Mary got back. 

    Marley was dropped off to spend the day with us as her family were going to head to the ski hill and we did take her outside for some chase games in the back of the house, out of the bitter cold winds. Kelsea and Mary had a Pasta-Sausage Meat casserole for lunch and we had a couple of vigorous walks while the horses were turned out in the fields for a couple of hours. We did have an unexpected visit from our girl Penny who lives down in Chezzetcook. She drove up in her bright red truck with her human and a big bag of dog food that she wouldn't eat. Penny figured Mary would make good use of it  because she remembered that any leftover dog food went to feed the  birds. In this cold, any extra protein and fat is greatly appreciated by the ravens, crows, seagulls, starlings, etc. 

    Dinner time rolled around again and then Henry arrived back for a few days so we gave him our usual warm welcome before we settled down for our naps. It is less windy tonight and the temperature is a balmy minus six degrees so our late walk wasn't too unpleasant.        


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