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    February 8 & 9, 2020 - After the storm and a lovely weekend.

    Well, we survived another one of those wicked wind storms and when we got out of bed on Saturday morning we surveyed the damage. Missing roof shingles always tops the list and this time the wind tossed our big garbage bin off the veranda, just missing Mary's car. Repairs will have to wait until the wind stops blowing and it warms up a bit.


    Three of our regular Friday visitors, Shelby, Baxter and Nala,  who couldn't come yesterday because of the ice storm, arrived this morning to spend the day and Shelby's human helped May and Stephanie get the broken garbage box back on the veranda so Mary could move her car.  We did a quick inspection tour with Stephanie to check if there were any sections of fence blown down or ice damage. We were fortunate not to have lost power in this storm as more than fifty thousand other folks in the province were dealing with this problem. 

    Mid-morning brought Cuffs   and her big food supply since she's going to be here for an extended stay and then at noon, little Queen Ruby     was dropped off along with our new friend, Molly . Mary and Stephanie dug out a sweater for each of them as the wind was very cold and they both wanted to stay outside and enjoy the day. 

    We had lots of fun showing Molly and Ruby around and Molly really enjoyed the games of chase as we explored the East pasture. 


    Eventually, it was time for Shelby, Baxter and Nala to head for home and for us to enjoy our dinner. The moon put on quite a show as it rose in the East before the sun had set in the West.


    After dinner, we welcomed Angel back for her overnight stay and then we napped  until it was time to go and feed the horse and take our late walk in the minus fifteen windchill with that incredibly bright moon lighting our way. 

    Sunday dawned with moonlight on the west side of the house like a spotlight and then the sun joined the party on the East. We don't usually have day visitors on Sunday but today we had two of our good friends arrive, Beauty and Sam. They were both keen to follow Kelsea around outside and point out the dog blossoms for her to gather in her bucket. There were a lot of goodbyes today as Charley, Karter, Nick,, Packer, Lumie and Price all went home with their humans so Kelsea had a very small group to take down to the beach in the afternoon. Kelsea reported back that the path was very icy so we may have to stay put while we wait for that slippery footing to improve. 

    Stephanie and Mariah were here early in the morning to do some grooming on Tallen and to practise mane braiding for an upcoming fun show at Mariah's riding club. Braiding a horse's mane for show is not a task for the weak of heart as it takes a long time and requires the horse to be very patient and stand still for a long time. For Tallen, the standing still wasn't a big deal and he loved being made a fuss over but they had been at it for a couple of hours, when there was an unexpected visit from the blacksmith. Tallen needed to have his borium-calked winter shoes put on which meant another hour of standing on three legs, most of the time, which was very tiring for the old nag. 

    Meanwhile, we had a visit from Mary's niece Sheila, her partner Richard and their dog Fritz who is a very high energy terrier. Mary took her Blueberry Coffee Cake out of the oven to cool a bit while Sheila and Richard gave Fritz a run around the North field and then a game of fetch in the East pasture. Once Fritz had his exercise, Mary served some cake and all the visitors departed, things were pretty quiet until Beauty and Sam were picked up and we had our dinner.

    Tonight, the moon was again putting on a fabulous show as it rose over the water to the East and when we took our late walk, it was very bright and we didn't need any other lights to navigate our way around.       


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