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    February 8, 2019 - Slip, sliding away today.

    Today started out with freezing rain that had everything covered in a thin layer of ice. This meant we had to heed Mary's warnings to slow down when we usually dash out the door to greet the day.  There wasn't any traction on the veranda or the steps but we all managed to avoid any falls while Mary got the slip-grip stuff out and started spreading it  

    In spite of the ice conditions, Kelsea managed to get up the driveway so we had our breakfast on time and Mary figured that Zig and Zag wouldn't be leaving right after breakfast. She was sure that their human's plane would have been late arriving but he showed up at the gate right on time to collect the two little ones. She was wrong again because  Daisy and Baxter arrived a short while later and their human said she was a little worried about the icy conditions but not enough to postpone their day with their friends. 

    So, Kelsea tried keeping us busy but soon the freezing rain turned to regular rain and it pretty much rained all day. We got lots of pats, ear scratches and belly rubs and we watched as Mary and Kelsea made a batch of Salt Cod Fish Cakes along with a big Bread Pudding.  When there were some breaks in the heavy rain we did go for some walks and after lunch, our buddy Wujek, was dropped off for a short stay.

    Late in the afternoon we had to say goodbye to Daisy and Baxter and after dinner Henry went home as well. The rain continued all evening but we still took our late walk and waited for Mary outside the barn while she fed the horses.  We're all hoping the rain will have gone by tomorrow so we can get outside for some fresh air and more fun.  


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