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    February 7, 2020 - Did you here we got some ice today ?

    Yes, the freezing rain came at us overnight and this morning everything was coated but that was just a start. It kept building and building until there was a half inch of ice coating pretty much everything. The willow trees couldn't hold themsleves upright with all that extra weight and Mary and Stephanie had to chop a lot of ice away from the verandas and steps while we watched. School was cancelled so Ellie tried to enjoy the outdoors but that freezing rain made it tough.



    The freezing rain was supposed to change to rain in the afternoon with a rise in the temperature but the thermometer was holding around zero degrees most of the day. Rollie came and tried to plow some of the crusty ice/snow from the driveway so cars could get up and down, but in the end the day visitors stayed home and two longer term guests cancelled their visits. Mary got hold of Bugsie and he arrived after lunch with a big load of crusher dust on board his spreader and he coated the ice with a thick layer of grit so that cars and feet could get some traction. By dinner time the, Packer had been dropped off for a weekend visit and it was still hovering around the zero mark with freezing drizzle. Stephanie gave us our dinner and she and Ellie headed home, on foot, down the driveway. 

    Then something very strange happened. In a matter of a few minutes, the wind shifted from north-east to south-west and more than doubled its speed, the temperature jumped from zero to ten degrees and some heavy rain started falling. The roar of the wind couldn't drown out the crashing noises of big ice chunks falling from the roof and the clattery sound of the icy branches on the trees as they were tossed around. 

    In the midst of this, our buddies Maya and Winston arrived at the gate and the winds just about pushed them off their feet and a little later it was Angel's turn to battle her way from the car to the house. We are all lying around now trying to ignore these massive gusts of wind that are approaching a hundred and ten km/h and shaking the house from top  to bottom. We're wondering just how scary it will be when the time comes to take our late walk.             



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