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Country Critter Sitters


    February 6, 2020 - Winter storm arrives and Price along with it.

    It's Thursday, Nala's back for another day and very happy to see Odin. Odin was thrilled to have his excellent playmate with him for the day. The games of chase, my stick, hide-n-seek, etc. got underway and they pretty much continued the whole day. Benson also joined us but he wasn't interested in getting run over by those two so he elected to hang out with those more his size, like Scamp and Inky.


    The big orange ball played a big part in the days activities as we took turns knocking it around in the snow. Our buddy, Price, the Black Lab, was dropped off just as the snow started to fly and he tried to be a ball hog but LaVie convinced him to share. 


    We enjoyed the day and it snowed on and off but not much accumulated on the ground. The next thing to catch our attention was the arrival of Jake who is going to be here for an extended stay. He quickly made friends with all of us and enjoyed a nice walkabout with Stephanie and the gang.


    The afternoon was quiet as we watched the weather get more and more miserable and we said goodbye to Odin, Benson and Nala before settling down to eat our dinner. Our after-dinner nap was interrupted by the arrival of one of our oldest friends, Lumie, who is here just for a long weekend.  Lumie wanted to go out and explore in spite of the freezing rain that had started to coat everything but she made sure we heard her when she wanted to come in the house.   


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