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    February 6, 2019 - Lots of excitement with Luke at the beach.

    Hunter, our regular Wednesday playmate, was the first to arrive this morning. His human stopped and gave Stephanie and Chloe a lift up the hill which made Chloe happy since she hates walking up that hill.  Once everyone had finished breakfast, we went out and did a Poop Patrol with Angel while we waited for our other day players to get here.  Soon Kali and then Luke were at the gate wanting to come in and play.  Stephanie got the cabana all warmed up and everyone moved over there so Angel could start cleaning the house, which she does every Wednesday.

    The sun was shining and there wasn’t much wind, so we enjoyed a lot of time outside today.  Luke, who is five months old, enjoyed playing games of chase and wrestle with just about everyone who was willing to play with him.  Watson, Charley, Hunter and Kali were the popular choice since they are all young and exuberant, but Scamp, Piper, Nick and Henry would join in now and then. Chloe, Atticus, Zig and Zag preferred sleeping in the sun.  Inky was on patrol in the North Field when he spied something on the other side of the fence.  He tried and tried to get through, but he was wearing his e-collar and couldn’t do it so no big adventure for him today. He gave Stephanie the stink eye once he realized he had been thwarted  by that pesky neck adornment .




    Once Angel was all finished cleaning , it was time for the humans to have their lunch, so we all moved back over to the house and settled down for a nap while the humans ate. Today's aromatic offering was Chili Mac'n'Cheese folowed by bananas topped with chocolate pudding and whipped cream. Soon another friend was at the gate begging to come in and play. It was Remington, a lovely liver and white Brittany Spaniel.  He had only one thing on his mind,  B-E-A-C-H. Mary & Stephanie assured him that as soon as Stephanie got back from picking Ellie up from the school bus, that’s exactly where they would be heading.  First Mary had to send Charley on her way home, but she will be back next week for another vacation. Hopefully her buddy, Watson, will not miss her too much.

    Since there would be two puppies with us today, Angel offered to go along to help keep an eye on Luke and Watson.  Even though it was his first time, Luke acted like he had been to the beach a hundred times before.  He followed along with the pack, he went in the water and chased for the balls.  Watson also had a lot of fun again, but he was still unsure of the whole water thing and had to work up a lot of courage to go across the channel. Remington swam pretty much the whole way from one end of the beach to the other, which is par for the course.  Once in a while he would dart up to the grass or into the woods, but he always came right back to the pack.  Of course, Stephanie’s camera battery had died, again, so there were no photos to document just how much fun everyone was having.

    Once we returned to the house, it was nearing four o’clock and Luke’s human was waiting for him.  She was so happy to hear how well he did today.  Next to depart was Kali and then Stephanie got our dinner prepared.  We were all so hungry from all the fresh air and exercise, we ate in no time flat. Even Watson, who until now was a bit of a grazer, ate double the amount he had been eating and in record time.

    After dinner, Hunter had a very noisy reunion with his human and they set off home.  Once Stephanie had the horses in their stalls and fed, she and Ellie went to the grocery store to get their dinner and pick something up for Mary as well. They returned with a rotisserie chicken, taters and a coleslaw.  It sure smelled good we even delayed our usual evening naps to sit around the dining room table and drool. Once Mary was finished eating, we resumed our naps and she sat down in front of the TV and fell asleep as well until it was time for our ten o‘clock walk when Mary tends to the horses.


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