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    February 5 2020, A little sunshine goes a long way.

    Wednesday was another sunny day with temperatures above zero so we spent a great deal of time outside playing with our buddies. Hunter, Kali and Mika arrived to spend the day and Karter was dropped off for a long weekend so once everyone was in place and our breakfast had digested, we were off to the beach with Stephanie. 

    There was a lot of air traffic today, but not in the form of helicopters or planes, but eagles and ravens. 


    Stephanie watched them closely to be sure they didn’t drop any tidbits or bones for us to devour.  LaVie and Scamp were the top water-dogs today but Owen, Kali and Mika had their fair share of balls to retrieve on shore. 





    Once Stephanie had all the balls rounded up and put away, Arthur and his gang, which included Karter, Nikku and Chloe got the call that they were allowed to run down and join us, however, Karter and Arthur were the only ones who actually made the trip today. Nikku and Chloe opted to sit beside the mudroom door and wait for Stephanie to show up.

    Upon our return from the beach, most of us headed over to the cabana with Stephanie for some R&R as well as fun and games. Since today is Angel’s house cleaning day, Hunter and Charlie came over to join us, while Inky and Atticus opted to stay with Mary over at the house, just in case she needed any help editing the video she was working on.

    The rest of the day was pretty uneventful until Jasper made his presence known and we all rushed out to see him.


    We had a nice stroll through the fields in the lovely sunshine until it was time for our daycare pals, Kali and Mika, to set off for the day.  Everyone was very hungry after all that fresh air and exercise, so Stephanie had our dinner prepared and served to us, lickitysplit. After dinner, Hunter made his exit followed by Stephanie, once she had Tallen in the barn and fed. 

    On the subject of creature comforts, Stephanie washed all our dog bed covers today, so it was cozy and warm to curl up on a freshly washed bed and snooze until Mary made us all go out in the cold for our late-night walk. 


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