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    February 5, 2019 - A foggy start and finish to the day.

    We woke up to a very thick purple fog and the rush to get through the door was noisy and pushy as we each wanted to be the first one out. We dispersed to check the entire front yard and report on any intruders through the night and Mary waited for our first morning arrival to drive up to the gate. It was Tali, back for the day and interested in only one thing, getting to the beach.  Shortly after she got here, Baxter R was dropped off and Stephanie arrived at the same time so we knew we were going to eat in short order.

    After the morning feed, we had three more arrivals as Benny, Daisy and Baxter W were dropped off for their day of play. Before we could even finish all the introductions, everyone wanted to know why Oliver and Drake weren't joining us as Tuesday is their regular weekly visit. Rumour has it that Drake was getting tutored and we all agreed he could stand to learn a few more manners so we look forward to checking him out  the next time he comes for a visit. 

    Bear and Rosie departed for home with their human and we all proceeded to take a long walk with Angel before it started to rain and once it got too wet, we all headed over to the cabana with Stephanie so Angel could do some house cleaning. Here's some photos of us relaxing and playing throughout the morning. 



    We returned to the house at lunch time and it was raining in earnest so we didn't spend much time outside, we just watched the rain from the sunroom. There were some naps and a lot of belly rubs and back scratches handing out through the afternoon and all too soon we had to say goodbye to Daisy and Baxter W, Benny and then line up for our evening meal. After we ate, Tali and Baxter R were both picked up and then Stephanie, Ellie and Angel went home as well. 

    Tonight we just had our late walk in the thick fog and then we watched as Mary got the horses fed and watered and settled down for the night. Once we were back in the house, it was getting close to bedtime so we finished off the DogBlog and retired to our beds.  




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