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    February 4, 2019 - Swimming lessons and news about Mr.Seal. .

    Monday morning got off to a busy start with the arrival of Shelby after breakfast. Normally, she only comes for a day of fun on Thursday but her humans decided that she should start coming two days a week so that she can use up some of that excess energy of hers. We take her out in the back yard for some running and playing until Gracie, the other Monday regular, arrives and over the next hour or so, we follow Angel around on her Poop Patrol. Once Shelby has started to unwind, we enjoy the warmer temperatures which allow us to stay outside without freezing our paws. 

    Stephanie was busy fussing over the horses and then when she was done that job, she got started on dog bed washing that needed to be done. Since the tide was falling, the decision was made to take us to the beach which was the only thing that was going to keep Gracie from whining and pacing. Today was going to be a special event since both Watson and Charlie, the two pups, were going to go as well and we weren't sure just how they would handle the snow and ice and the frozen sand. Needless to say, there was plenty of excitement and things got a little too rambunctious so Stephanie was trying to slow us down when we ran into her and she fell on the ice. Oops, big no-no! For a minute we were worried the trip might be called off but Stephanie  bounced back to her feet and off we raced to the shore. Both Stephanie and Angel kept a close eye on us, particularly the pups, who raced back and forth in the sand having a great time jumping over the big chunks of ice.



    The water proved to be too irresistible and there was a mad dash to see who would swim first and to our surprise and hers, Charlie, found herself in over her head and she had her first swimming lesson. 


    She showed off her perfect dog paddle getting back to the shore and Watson seemed to be very impressed with her ability. He decided not to try it himself but perhaps he'll take the plunge  next time. The games continued until we were all wet and tired and we all agreed that it was a great adventure so back to the house we went. 



    For those who read our DogBlog back on January 11h, you will recall that a young seal was on the beach when we went for our hike that day and he appeared to have been injured. To make a long story short, The Hope For Wildlife folks were called, they came and rescued him and took him back to their sanctuary where his wounds were treated and he plenty to eat so he could get better.  Well yesterday Mr. Seal was well enough to go back to the sea and he was released near our beach where he was found.  

    Here is a link to the video posted by the folks at Hope for Wildlife and a photo Kelsea took of him when we found him.   Good work on the part of all those who helped. 

      Mr. Seal returns to the wild.   




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