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Country Critter Sitters


    February 3, 2019 - Marley and Tali join the fun for the day..

    It continued cold and a stiff north-westerly wind was blowing when we raced outside to check out the snowfall.  It wasn't anything to  write home about, just a dusting really but certainly enough for Charlie to start a  personal, snowball collection. 


    We welcomed Marley and Tali to spend the day with us and the introductions seem to go on forever. Mary had to tape up one of the sunroom windows which seemed to have developed a crack on the inside pane for some unknown reason. We went for a long Poop Patrol walk with Kelsea and enjoyed snuffling through the snow and playing chase. 

    As the day started to get warmer, Mary was able to turn the horses out in their fields and Kelsea organized a beach hike for most of us just before dinner. We had a great time racing around and the really brave ones, like Tali and Piper went swimming. Kelsea worked up a sweat on the way back to the house and she had to shed her heavy jacket and we all enjoyed a long cold drink from the newly-filled water buckets.

    Kelsea got our dinner ready and after we ate and the dishes and floor were cleaned up, she headed home.  Mary brought the horses in and fed them just before Henry arrived back for his week's stay and it wasn't long after, that we said goodbye to Tali and then Marley.  All that fresh air and exercise sure made all of us very tired including Mary who nodded off in her chair in front of the TV.   


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